Review – Seducing the Wolf – Marissa Chenery

Billie first met Royce at Wulf’s Den while there to drag her drunken brother home to his wife. Even though she knows he is attracted to her, Royce refuses to see her again. With four older brothers, and being a personal trainer at her family’s gym, Billie is not the type of woman to let a man she wants slip through her fingers.

Royce knows Billie is his mate, but with her being a mortal, he fights the attraction he feels for her. He already lost a mate who wasn’t a werewolf and doesn’t want to take the chance of getting hurt again.

As Royce’s feelings grow for Billie another male werewolf stalks Royce. Thinking Royce’s blood is the key to a magic spell, he will do anything to obtain it, even if he has to use Billie to get it.

Cara’s Review
I couldn’t wait to read this book when I found out it was about Royce. It is about time that he gets another mate after everything that he has been through. I can understand why he fights Bille and the mating at every turn. Only thing is he knows that there is nothing he can do. Once you find your mate you don’t have a moments peace until you mate with them.
Billie feels the connection the first time she see’s Royce and she takes fate into her own hands and doesn’t let Royce get away. She can’t understand why he runs hot and cold. Once she finds out what Royce is she takes it pretty good. (Paragraph) I am really loving the Wulf Den series and each one has a special place in my heart. Makes me wish that I had my own wolf so I could experience this for myself. Now that is what every woman dreams of. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens next.
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