Torque press


AUSTIN — Torquere Press is celebrating their 10-year anniversary in September with giveaways, special releases, and more.

Torquere Press, a royalty paying, full-service publisher of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual romance, began in 2003. The oldest ebook publisher for the GLBT community, Torquere has published several best-selling authors such as Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, Chris Owen, BA Tortuga, and Kiernan Kelly.

Torquere publishes every genre of romance, from paranormal to western to sci-fi, as long as the main characters are GLBT. They have also expanded with Prizm, the first YA GLBT publisher and a subsidiary of Torquere Press, which began in 2008 and targets a young and new adult audience.

To commemorate their anniversary, Torquere Press will be re-releasing five original books in hardback for a limited time only:
• Bareback by Chris Owen
• Stormy Weather Series by BA Tortuga
• Three Day Passes by Sean Michael
• Bent by Sean Michael
• Thatcher Brother Series by Julia Talbot.

Each day of the month of September, Torquere will be also be doing a book-a-day giveaway. For an hour every day, a book by your favorite GLBT romance author will be free through our website. A list of these titles can be found at

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