Review ~ Ask For It by Selena Blake

Ask for ItAsk For It (Contemporary Romance)
by Selena Blake

Trevor Wyatt has lusted for journalist JJ Fairchild since before he retired from the NFL. Now she’s back in his life and he’s not going to miss the opportunity to show her just how good they could be together.

Words may be JJ’s tool of trade, but when it comes to the bedroom, words escape her. Trevor’s an excellent teacher and before she knows it, she’s asking for what she wants.

But when outside forces threaten to expose dark secrets from Trevor’s past, can he overcome his suspicions and trust the woman in his bed?

ASK FOR IT is a full length contemporary romance novel from bestselling author Selena Blake. Get the associated short story free at

JJ wasn’t going in. She wasn’t.

She should just head on to her hotel and figure out what to do for dinner. But as she clutched her handbag and stared at the colorful display of sneakers behind the large window, she felt her irritation rise. Why shouldn’t she go in? She hadn’t done anything wrong.

Straightening her spine, she reached for the door handle and pulled. JJ didn’t know what she expected to find in the shoe store. Obviously shoes, but certainly not the gorgeous salesman behind the counter.

He stood with his back to her, a phone pressed against his right ear. He was tall with broad shoulders and plenty of chiseled muscle filling out the navy t-shirt and well-worn jeans.

Staring is rude, her mother’s voice whispered through her mind. JJ knew that but she couldn’t help herself.

There was something familiar about the man and she found it nearly impossible to tear her gaze away. Those muscles made her tingle in some very important places and it’d been a long time since her body had reacted so strongly, so quickly. There was no denying the increased heart rate, the sweaty palms, the way her knees trembled or her breasts tightened.

Stopping next to a display of walking shoes she forced herself to look at the colorful laces and take a deep breath. The scent of synthetic material and rubber soles was thick in the air.

Where did she know him from? A covert glance from the corner of her eye let her take in his profile. Holy smokes. At this rate she’d need a glass of ice water before he even turned around.

As if she’d called his name, whatever it was, he hung up the phone and turned toward her. JJ bit back a gasp as she took in the golden blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She’d know that handsome face anywhere…his strong jaw, full lips, and that sexy dimple in his cheek.

Trevor Wyatt was only one of the best looking men to have ever played in the NFL. Not to mention, one of the cockiest. At least until his accident.

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Crystal’s Review:
Julia (JJ) Fairchild has a job that I would love to have. She writes for a sports magazine and interviews sports players. She also flips houses with her brother and has written two books. She tries to keep her personal and private life seperate. She has always had daydreams about Trevor Wyatt since she first interviewed him. He has asked her out but she knows that he is just playing around.

Trevor used to be a great football player until he hurt his leg and then he couldn’t play anymore. What people don’t know is the way he hurt his leg. He is going to keep that out of the papers for as long as he can. Since that night he has lost his best friend. He meets Julia again and he knows the job that she has and he is scared that she wants an interview. He has always wanted to go out with her and he knows that he can never get over her.

I loved this book and I’m not saying that it was all about football, but that is what made it a little more interesting to me. I love football and I enjoyed reading a book that had an old football player in it. I also like how much all the girls got together. They have a date for every Thursday night. So Julia doesn’t tell her friends about everything and in a way that causes a little problem with her friend Cindy. I am hoping that there is a story about Cindy, so I can see if she ends up with her boyfriend or not.

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