From me to you Friday- Tamara- It’s just like riding a bike

It’s just like riding a bike, they say…So easy, you never forget. Right? They are liars! Liars! (Do you hear the witch from The Princess Bride yelling? I do)

It has been at least twenty years since I rode a bike, and let me tell you, I have forgotten how. My darling daughter number one conned me into babysitting for grandsons over the summer this year. Grandson number 2, Aiden, the five year old, graduated pre-K on Tuesday, so Nana started babysitting Wednesday. A-bug has just learned to ride his bike and it is ALL he wants to do.

My daughter lives on busy street, but she has a big beautiful yard, so Nana sits on the big porch swing and Aiden rides in circle around the big oak tree in the front yard. I’ve been walking a lot on the weekends at my day job and thought…Mandy(DD1) has a bike, I could ride with Aiden and get a little exercise. It will be fun. Right?

Now, first off, I used to be 5’2 and 3/4″ tall (never forget that 3/4″) I am now about 5’1″. If nobody has told you, you shrink when you get older. My daughter is 5’6″. So I’m straddling this purple monstrosity with my toes barely brushing the ground, but I’m determined, I can do this. I start to peddle and am wobbling like a drunken sailor, but after about half way around the circle I’m doing okay. Then I hit the gravel drive–SPLAT! Nana goes down like a novice sailor on a catamaran in high seas.

Aiden comes running over. “Nana, nana, are you okay? Is there blood?” Because we all know you aren’t really hurt unless there’s blood! That’s what we tell him. No blood? Shake it off and get up. Thank goodness there is no blood. Just a scraped elbow and my wounded pride.

So, I wheel the bike back up to the porch and sit back on the swing. Thinking I’m pretty much non the worse for wear. HA! Today I feel like I have been beaten with a sack of nickles. Every bone and muscle in my body aches.




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