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Releasing the Panther ~ Josette Reuel


TITLE – Releasing the Panther
SERIES (& Book #) – Dásreach Council Novels
AUTHOR – Josette Reuel
GENRE – Paranormal Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 115K Words
PUBLISHER – Josette Reuel
COVER ARTIST – Evanlea Designs/ Christopher Reuel
NOTE – Books Must Be Read in Order


Charlie Gavin is a panther shifter and the Beta of the Thirteen — the group to become the next Dásreach Council. But, to become the council the Thirteen must find their mates. When his best friend and Alpha, Kai Darrow, called, Charlie was happy his friend found his mate, but a bit jealous too. That was until he saw Natalie on the side of the road with her friends after a blown tire. His panther’s natural instincts immediately took control and his passions rose with each interaction with the emotionally distanced ex-Marine.
Natalie Matthews, goes by Nat, decided a long time ago that living life only got you hurt. She devoted herself to the Marines and when she began to question her life as a soldier; she retired and began helping wounded soldiers that spoke to her own wounded heart. Her life was rewarding, but lonely, until the Book Worms. Control and logic ruled her life, but paranormal romance and her Book Worms gave her a place to release her deepest hidden desires. Desires that manifested in one cocky British Dásreach panther.
Unbeknownst to the Thirteen a darkness is working against them, preventing possible mates from coming into contact with them. Working in the shadows and using human pawns, the darkness has set its sights on Natalie and her friends.
Can they release the past before the future they’re building crumbles?



Nat sat on the bed in the room where she’d spent the night. She was in shock from what had happened in the kitchen. She was supposed to be on a trip with her girls, but instead of having fun they had been attacked and now kidnapped by crazy people who thought they could shift into animals. Deep breaths, she reminded herself. She was a trained professional who worked with those suffering from many disorders — sufferers and those that supported those who suffered — she could handle a few men with a delusional disorder.

What really bothered Nat was that she wasn’t so sure they were delusional. Logically, she knew they had to be, but deep down her heart whispered about possibilities. Was this one of the reasons that she enjoyed paranormal romance so much, was she a closet believer in the unexplained? Maybe she should call her friend from college and set up an appointment once she got the girls out of this mess — she obviously needed some psychoanalyzing.

Toeing off her shoes, she realized that she held her hand against her chest. It still buzzed from where Charlie had touched it and she felt the need to protect herself from whatever the electricity was that had moved through her body at his touch. Since the day she’d visited the psychic she hadn’t slept worth a damn. Dreams of panthers and of a man with blond hair had tormented her awake each night. Then she saw that tattoo. Since then, the dreams became even more detailed, and when she’d seen Charlie…

“Argh,” she yelled as she flung herself back on the bed and grabbed a pillow to cover her face.

The soft cotton was soaked in sandalwood, the earthy smell of the man that kept intruding on her thoughts. His blond hair and blue-green hazel eyes had haunted her from the moment she’d first seen him. Him and that damn panther tattoo. How she wished she’d fought against going to the tattoo shop now. Damn it, she should have talked Al and Rogue into going to one of the other book events in any other state than Louisiana. Then they wouldn’t be in this mess.

She groaned. Nat prided herself on always facing things head on, but today… all she wanted to do was hide under the blankets.

A knock on the door caused her to groan. She wasn’t ready to talk to her friends. She had no answers to give them.

The door creaked open, “Natalie? Can we talk?”

Fuck. It was him.



Josette Reuel spent many years in the corporate world writing stuffy computer software manuals, until one day a shape-shifting dragon kidnapped her and dragged her off to be his destined mate… as the words flowed on to the page, she realized that it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.
An avid reader from her earliest memories, Josette enjoys many genres; however her current passion is anything Romance. Her love of Fantasy and the Paranormal tends to come out in all of her writing with strong alpha heroes, each with a little something extra and always with a large dose of humanity.
Finding the Dragon — the first book in the Dásreach Council Novels — was her debut novel. She currently has three Dásreach novels and four short stories published on most major retailers. The future promises to be full of more great releases.



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My Best Friend’s Bride- Ginny Baird -Blog Tour

My Best Friends Bride - Banner


TITLE – My Best Friend’s Bride
AUTHOR – Ginny Baird
GENRE – Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 72K
PUBLISHER – Winter Wedding Press

my-best-friends-bride-e-reader BOOK SYNOPSIS

From New York Times Bestselling Author GINNY BAIRD, a new laugh-out-loud romantic comedy…

Relationship expert Jillian Jamison is in a bind. While her first book was a successful bestseller, her second tome tanked. Now, her publisher wants a spin on the third book, Married Love: Keeping Those Home Fires Burning, that’s up close and personal. With financial pressures mounting and sole responsibility for her aging grandfather, Jill feels forced into wedlock. But it’s only for a year and she’s devised a plan with her long-term friend. When Brad backs out, Jill fears she’ll be left standing at the altar. Then Brad offers a solution: Jill can marry the one man on earth she despises…his handsome best friend.

Hunter Delany is a confirmed bachelor and that’s how he likes it. When his best friend Brad approaches him with an unusual contract, he’s determined to run for the hills, especially since the name on the paperwork is international celebrity Jillian Jamison, the woman who spurned him in high school. Hunter would rather do anything than spend twelve months of his life saddled with her. But he has a soft spot for Brad who’s in a predicament, so Hunter agrees to consider Brad’s proposal. When Hunter learns he’s getting passed over for a job promotion, because the client only wants to work with those in a family way, this clinches the deal.

Hunter is “in” for as long as he can stand it. Jill is not thrilled with the arrangement either. But really, what choice does she have? Even if it has to look authentic on the outside, between her and Hunter it’s just pretend. Besides, she reasons rationally, she’s already got the dress…




Before Jill knew what was happening, he reached for her and clamped her against his chest in a big bear hug. His frame was rock solid and he smelled of musky cologne. Hunter’s arms wound around her securing her at the waist. “Sorry bud,” he whispered to Brad, “the press is watching.”

Jill stared up at him, her mind whirling. “Hunter! Just what are you doing?” She didn’t know why, but her knees felt weak and her mouth went dry. She was probably in a state of shock. It wasn’t like she recalled that old longing she’d held, when she’d hoped to be in Hunter’s arms, so many years ago. Then, she’d imagined him to be a different kind of guy…the sort who could really care for a girl, and sweep her off her feet with one kiss. Not that she’d let him try, especially after learning what sort of guy he really was. The type who was only in it for the moment, and wouldn’t have given her a second thought once she’d completely given him her heart. His dark eyes caught the sunlight as he dipped his chin toward hers.

“Making us public,” he said with a grin. At once, Jill felt transported in time and she was all of seventeen again, helplessly under Hunter’s spell. The next thing she knew, his mouth was on hers, all hot and heavy, his tongue sweeping in to taste hers. Jill sagged in his arms and he tightened his embrace. This was wrong. This is insane… But Jill found herself kissing him back, just a little at first—and then a lot. He felt so good and smelled so fine, she nearly forgot they were standing at the edge of a parking lot. Jill’s temperature spiked as her tennis racket crashed to the ground. Oh man, he was good. Better than good. Hunter’s skill was top-notch. Excellent. Why oh why, had she waited so long? Or perhaps it was good she’d waited, until the fruit of her desire had ripened to perfection. Was it Jill’s imagination, or was Hunter just as ravenous for her? Somehow her arms were around him, her wrists overlapping at the back of his neck. It was almost like she was enjoying this, wanting more of him… What? Hunter? Jill called herself up short and broke away, stepping back with a gasp. At least she hoped she was gasping and not panting. Whoa.

Hunter saucily cocked an eyebrow and spoke with a husky rasp.

“Can I take that to mean you missed me, too?”

My Best Friends Bride - Advert


Jillian (Jill) Jamison – The heroine from My Best Friend’s Bride, Jill Jamison, is a thirty-year-old relationship expert. She has shoulder-length brown hair and warm brown eyes with hints of honey around the irises. Jill’s first book, Love Like You Mean It, was an international bestseller. Her second tome, Long-term Love: Making It Last, tanked. Now, Jill’s under pressure to produce a third book, Married Love: Keeping Those Home Fires Burning, that’s up close and personal. The trouble is—though she’s experienced at giving others advice—Jill has never had luck in the boyfriend department herself. She has several ex-boyfriends, including Isaac who gave Jill her dog Fifi. Jill also has a Tom cat called Mimi. When hero Hunter hears about Fifi and Mimi, he refuses to live under the same roof with pets having such ridiculous sounding names. This makes Jill steamed, as does everything else Hunter says and does. When he unexpectedly lays a hot kiss on her while seeing her for the first time in twelve years, Jill’s absolutely furious! She’s also angry with herself for reacting so eagerly to Hunter’s advances. He’s the guy she’s hated since high school. Surely, a fake marriage will never fly with a dyed-in-the-wool womanizer like him! Forget that he’s more handsome than ever, and has that lop-sided smile that still makes her weak in the knees. And never mind that her deadline for marrying is only a few weeks away. Jill can’t imagine making things work with the type of cad she warns women about. Not Hunter Delaney! No way!

Hunter Delaney – Hero Hunter Delaney is also thirty and works for an advertising agency. He’s back in town after being away for more than a decade, during which he’s developed his skills on the job and failed at his numerous encounters with women. Hunter has his own reasons for guarding his heart, so emotionally he keeps females at bay. Ultimately, they become frustrated and walk out on him, just like Sabrina did when she almost clobbered him on the head with the three-inch high-heeled shoe she lobbed in his direction. Hunter has dark hair and eyes, a buff frame, and stands over six feet tall. He’s been Brad’s best friend since prep school, and has repeatedly come to Brad’s rescue by getting him out of trouble. This time is no different, except it involves that stuck-up brunette Jill Jamison, who was too good for Hunter in high school and now believes she’s better than the rest of the world. Okay, so Jill’s held up pretty well over the years and still has those pretty brown eyes Hunter mooned over as a teenager. But, deep down, she’s still an “ice princess” with that same chilly heart. At least, that’s what Hunter thinks until Jill’s fiery hello kiss has him believing she’s experienced a deep thaw…

Cassandra Evans – Cassandra Evans has been Jill’s nemesis since high school. For as long as Cassandra’s known Jill, Jill’s been a pain the neck, besting Cassandra again and again at every competition. Cassandra wanted to write novels, but instead she’s stuck working for a gossip magazine. And just look at Jill with her worldwide celebrity! Though Cassandra’s sneakily discovered that little-miss-prissy Jill isn’t always as successful as she claims to be. Cassandra takes pride in being the one who brought Jill’s second book down by publishing her exposé on the “fact behind the fiction” of Jill’s real dating life. Now, suddenly, looky here! Jill’s getting married! Not once, but twice! First, to her childhood friend Brad, which smelled fishy enough. Next, to famed womanizer Hunter Delaney, which stinks to high heaven! If anyone smells a rat, Cassandra does, and she’s extra good at getting to the bottom of things. Thank goodness she’s tall, blond and leggy, and has a way of influencing sources. She’s also got the wardrobe for tackling any undercover operation. A fact that comes in handy when she meets a nerdy—yet increasingly attractive—private investigator engaged in the same mission.


Boxers or briefs? Boxers

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Tall, dark and handsome or Blond and buff? Tall, dark  and handsome

Hairy chest or smooth? Hairy

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Kinky or Sweet? Sweet

Fast or slow? Fast thinking with a Slow grin

Public or private? Are we talking schools, here? LOL.

My Best Friends Bride - Author Photo AUTHOR BIO

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Ginny Baird has published novels in print and online and received screenplay options from Hollywood for her family and romantic comedy scripts. She writes touching, often humorous, contemporary romance about single women facing everyday challenges. Known for featuring holidays and family themes in her work, Ginny frequently portrays the struggles of single parents or others who’ve given up on finding true love.

Ginny has two novella series, The Holiday Brides Series (holiday romance) and The Summer Grooms Series (summer romance), as well as additional single titles available. She is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, a Top 10 Best Seller on Kindle, NOOK and iBooks, and a #1 Best Seller in several Romance and Women’s Fiction categories. Visit Ginny’s website http://www.ginnybairdromance.com to learn more about her and her books.



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Do You Believe In Magic – Susan Squires – Book Tour

o You Believe In Magic - Tour Banner



TITLE – Do you Believe in Magic
SERIES – The Magic Series
AUTHOR – Susan Squires
GENRE – Contemporary PNR
PUBLICATION DATE – April 7, 2012
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 302


Do You Believe In Magic - Book Cover


Tristram Tremaine has never fit in with his large and boisterous family. They believe they carry a magic gene that comes alive only when they fall in love with another who carries that gene. After disappointing his parents one too many times, Tris, the bad-boy brother, hits the road on his cycle, drifting away from his destiny.

That is, until he meets Maggie O’Brian, a spit-fire rodeo rider with a strange ability to calm wild horses. Maggie lives on the road too, avoiding relationships. Her mother left her, the boy she loved left her, even her dog left her. The last thing she wants in a man is a tomcat with “love ‘em and leave ‘em” written all over him.

But the connection between Tris and Maggie is instantaneous. After a mysterious accident nearly kills Tris, he and Maggie must learn to believe in their destiny and each other to stay one step ahead of those who will do anything to prevent them from claiming it.

Do You Believe In Magic - Full Sleeve



Do You Believe In Magic - Author Photo


Susan Squires grew up among the giant redwoods of California. She thought she was being practical by changing her major in college from theater to English literature. Immersed in a PhD. Program, she slowly realized that none of her graduating friends had work. So she dropped out after receiving a Master’s degree to take an paying job in the business world.

As an executive in a Fortune 500 company, she returned to her love of writing while continuing to hold her day-job, much to the amusement of her fellow executives. Her novel Danegeld, had already been purchased by Dorchester by the time she accepted a Golden Heart for Best Unpublished Paranormal Manuscript from Romance Writers of America. It was the first of an eclectic group of historical and contemporary paranormal stories known for their intensity.

Body Electric was named by Publishers Weekly one of the ten most influential paperbacks of 2002, for blending romance and science-fiction. Book List compared No More Lies to the works of Robin Cook and Michael Crichton, but it was also a Rita finalist for Best Published Paranormal Romance by Romance Writers of America.

Susan’s Companion Series for St. Martin’s Press, continued to garner attention with admiring reviews and several visits to the New York Times Bestseller List. Publishers Weekly named One with the Shadows a Best Book of the Year, and several of the series received starred reviews. Her books have won the many regional contests for published works of paranormal romantic fiction.

Susan no longer has to use tales of romance and adventure to escape budgets and projects. She finally left her day job, and researches and writes her books at the beach in Southern California, supported by three Belgian Sheepdogs and a wonderful husband named Harry who writes occult mysteries as H.R. Knight.




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Griff Montgomery, Quarterback- Jean Joachim – Blog Tour





GENRE – Sports Romance (or football romance)
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 238 pages
PUBLISHER – Secret Cravings Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Dawne Dominique


He wants to find a wife. She doesn’t want to marry again –ever. Not exactly a match made in heaven. Ten years ago, Griff Montgomery, star quarterback of the Kings and womanizer, became a stand-in father for his widowed sister’s kids. His happy family life collapsed when she and her new husband moved to California. Griff wants his own family. But where does a “player” go to find his ideal mate?

Having sworn off marriage forever, Lauren Farraday barely kept her life together after her divorce. With her career shaky and depression closing in, the last thing she needed was a courtroom battle with a sexy athlete.

Forced, by a judge, into an uneasy truce, the pair denied their growing chemistry. Wary of Griff’s reputation with women, and hiding a secret, Lauren keeps him at arm’s length. Determined, Griff marches toward his goal. Can the quarterback handle the truth or will he walk away, like he always has in the past?

Griff Montgomery - Cover



Portrait Of A Pug Outdoors


“Even better.” Carla licked her lips. “I’ll bet she has no idea you’re having sexual fantasies about her.”

“I’m not. It was an accident,” he hissed.

“Sure, sure. Keep telling yourself that. Wonder what she’d think if she knew?”

“Don’t, Carla. Please don’t. I’m begging you.” Griff reached for her arm, but she shook him off.
Buddy faced the quarterback. “What the hell did you do?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“Oh no. You didn’t?” His eyebrows rose.

Griff nodded. “Guilty.”

“Whoa, stand back, Tony. There’s gonna be some fireworks in a minute.” Buddy pushed Hastings to the wall.

“You wouldn’t be lying, now, would ya?” Carla asked, directing her stare at Buddy.

“See for yourself.” He gestured to the brunette at the corner table.

“Lauren!” Carla cupped her hands and yelled.

Lauren stood up, turning to face them.

“You Lauren?”

“Please, please, Carla. I’m sorry, so sorry,” Griff whispered. “Don’t do this.”

Pug, sitting, yawning, 1 year old, isolated on white


GRIFF MONTGOMERY – His journey from the tiny town of Adams, Indiana to national fame as a top quarterback, playing for the Connecticut Kings, had been one of hard work and dedication to the game of football. He became a family man when he moved in with his widowed sister to help her raise her two kids.

Totally focused on his career and being a stand-in dad, Griff worked hard. He believed that allowed him to play hard, too, at least when it came to women. A natural athlete, handsome and sexy, he’d been called a man-whore with a girl in every road-trip city. But once his family left for the West Coast, his compartmentalized existence fell apart.

Putting his life back together meant committing to a woman, marriage and kids. But could a “player” become a man-whore no more? He wouldn’t put money on a new beginning happening with a woman who had sworn off marriage for good. But there she was, beautiful and hiding something. He couldn’t ignore her, no matter how hard he tried.

LAUREN FARRADAY – Reeling from a personal tragedy and a recent divorce, Lauren wanted peace above all else. Tending to her ailing father, and trying to make a living as a freelance decorator didn’t leave time or energy for men. Love had kicked her in the teeth, so she wanted no part of it. Not now. Not ever.

Forced, by the court, to let seductive Griff Montgomery into her life, she built a wall around her heart. No way was she going to trust the man with a girl in every port. Despite their chemistry, she tried to keep the quarterback at arm’s length. Fearing heartbreak, she kept her secret hidden. How could she expect him to abandon his relationship deal-breaker for a woman like her?

pug laying down isolated on white background


Jean Joachim is a best-selling romance fiction author, with books hitting the Amazon Top 100 list since 2012. The Renovated Heart won Best Novel of the Year from Love Romances Café. Lovers & Liars was a RomCon finalist in 2013. And The Marriage List tied for third place as Best Contemporary Romance from the Gulf Coast RWA. She was chosen Author of the Year in 2012 by the New York City chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Married and the mother of two sons, Jean lives in New York City. Early in the morning, you’ll find her at her computer, writing, with a cup of tea, her rescued put, Homer, by her side and a secret stash of black licorice.





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Almost a Cowboy – Em Petrova – Blog Blitz

Almost A Cowboy - Tour Banner



Title – Almost a Cowboy
Series – Family Tree Series
Author – Em Petrova
Genre – Contemporary western romance
Publication Date – Aug 7, 2014
Length (Pages/# Words) – novel – 87k words
Publisher – Taliesin Publishing


Almost A Cowboy - Book Cover



Utah Davies is a recluse by choice, shunning his family and denying the ranch that needs his care. His personal life is a broken fence-line of past failures, neglected relationships, and The One that got away. After his father’s death, Utah is summoned home and faced with a secret in the form of a dozen or so more siblings he—and the family—had no idea existed. A clause in the will states he must find the family scattered across the country and unite them all for the reading. Trouble is, he has no clue where to begin.

Until he comes face-to-face with the old flame that burned his heart to ash.

In the July of their love, journalist Caroline Wilks refused elopement with Utah. After that, she made a series of bad decisions starting—then ending—with a nightmare marriage to a drunk. But when hunky bad-boy Utah struts back into her life, the only peace from the soul-deep throb she’ll get is between him and a mattress. He refuses to believe she’s nothing more than a hard-nosed journalist known for digging up more dirt than the family coon dog, but she knows better—or does she? And how can Caroline take the time to help Utah find his scattered family when she has a feature story due by the end of the month? Maybe the human interest piece is standing right in front of her in the dark, brooding cowboy.

Goodreads Link

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These movies I return to time and again. Are any of them your favorites?

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Princess Bride
  3. Mystery Science Theater 3000
  4. Forrest Gump
  5. Pride and Prejudice
  6. Fifth Element
  7. A Christmas Story
  8. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  9. Shooter
  10. All Harry Potters but especially Prisoner of Azkaban

Love Ties - Author Photo


Em Petrova lives in backwoods Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle puppy named Daisy Hasselhoff and pays too damn much for utilities. She loves to write gritty characters with lots of heart and is well-known for scorching, panty-soaking erotic romance.



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Indigo Eyes- J.S. Goubert

Indigo Eyes - Tour Banner



TITLE – Indigo Eyes
AUTHOR – J S Goubert
GENRE – Romantic suspense
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 206
PUBLISHER – Fever Press
COVER ARTIST – Fever Press


Indigo Eyes - Book Cover



“You’re a fool if you get involved with her,” said Foley’s friend Mark. “Look at the damage she’s caused already.”

Foley knew this was true. Indiana Sedon was a total liability and he had done the one thing he had always previously avoided – fallen in love with an all-time loser, someone surrounded by tragedy and misfortune.

What had happened to him? What did he think he was doing putting his career and even his life on the line for someone who could make him feel lower than a garden gnome and, at the same time, fill him with such tenderness and desire he kept on forgetting how maddening she could be?

But then Indiana wasn’t any too pleased by her own passion for Foley. He was a neanderthal, ill educated, limited, and haunted by a past he would never speak about to anyone, not even her. How could such a thing have happened and what was she going to do when every day she felt herself needing him more desperately than she had ever needed anyone before?

The sooner she put a stop to Foley the better, especially when he found out what she really wanted from him and how she intended to go about getting it. Why was it so difficult to tell him goodbye? And all of this meant nothing beside the danger she was in, the trap she had walked into and the fact that only Foley could protect her.






Disobeying her own rules, she remained in his arms, lost and bewildered, barely understanding what she was doing and why his orgasm had affected her in a way quite differently from her own. His climax made her tender, made her want to become part of him and get him to love her.
Unlikely, she told herself. Lose that schoolgirl’s dream.
He fell deeply asleep, his face pale, and she watched him. From now on she wanted to invigilate every passing moment of his life so that he could never leave her. But that was impossible. This was the wrong man, and she must put an end to the affair. Otherwise, the hurt would become more acute and she would be unable to play her music, mourn for poor Jack or even survive. This was a wrong choice and she should not have made it.
All that rubbish about only enjoying sex and not falling in love. That was nonsense. Who could live and love in such a way? Nobody could, the rules were flawed and stupid and she blushed as she remembered what she had said to Foley in her pompous little voice, in this same bedroom an hour earlier.
Very gently she disengaged herself from his arms and crept away like a thief. In the spare room she lay down, every nerve tingling from the emotions she had just experienced and, to her dismay, every part of her yearning to return to his embrace.
This wouldn’t do at all. She had only got to know him the day before yesterday and she tried to order her thoughts as she lay there under the cold sheets of the spare bed, shivering from the chill and desire. On the shelf stood a row of Britton’s antique lead soldiers— personal possessions, she supposed. Had they come from Foley’s childhood or did he collect them?
Her chances of winning this man were hopeless and she had decided in advance she must be cool and controlling if she were to achieve any mastery over her own feelings and his. But the greater her need for him became, the less she would be able to control herself in his presence and she would be bound to flare out or become awkward or worse, let him see how much she was beginning to love him.
With Jack it had been different. She had been secure in his response to her extravagance of feeling, her passionate love for him and her rages at his occasional infidelities. But this man was guarded, wary. He had suffered, had been hurt. Those scars on his body meant there would be inner scars as well which he was too proud to show anyone. Whatever horror lurked in his past life to make him hide so deeply within himself put him beyond her reach and she would have to win him without appearing even to want him.
He was considerate, passionate and loving but he would never love her or any woman, unless that woman was clever. She would have to be cunning and deceitful, make him imagine she didn’t care, run the risk of hurting him, simply in order to stay with him. And did she want that? Was he worth the effort?
All her previous plans for dealing with Foley stood in disarray. What had happened tonight robbed her of her plan never to fall in love with him.
I should be with him now, she thought, trying to control the tears. I should nurse him, cherish him, smile when he smiles, get what I want from him. But he can’t love me like that, and after tonight maybe I shall never lie in his arms again.


J S Goubert lives in East Anglia and has published several previous books under different pseudonyms and a number of short stories. Indigo Eyes is her first romantic novel.



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Book Tour ~ Touched by the Sandman

Touched Sandman - Tour Banner



Title – Touched by the Sandman
Author – Beverly Ovalle
Genre – Erotic Paranormal
Publication Date – March 20, 2014
Length (Pages/# Words) – 34
Publisher – Boroughs Publishing Group
Cover Artist – Boroughs Publishing Group


Touched Sandman - Book Cover



~A lonely woman’s torrid sexual dreams and fantasy partner await her as a dominant reality in another dimension~

The sandman visits those that need him, assisting them to sleep. Until one night he meets a woman that he cannot help but return to time after time.

She is lonely. He comes to her as she drifts off to sleep, the man of her dreams. Awake or asleep, which is her reality?

He knows she is the one meant for him. He will find a way to make both of their dreams come true.


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The darkness blurred and shimmered, bringing to life a man of moonlight and darkness: Aryne.

Before him Aryne could see her, lying in bed, tears of loneliness staining her pillow. She made his heart ache. He softly stepped to her side. His hand touched her face and gently pushed back her hair. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, turning her dreams from sadness to joy. Her body arched toward his touch as the skim of his hand, the heat of his skin traced the edges of her curves. He stepped back…and then within the shimmer of dreams disappeared.

Night after night her loneliness cried to him. Unable to resist, he came to her. Subtly he inserted himself into her dreams, into her arms. Aryne knew it was wrong. As a guide, his job was to bring sweet, peaceful dreams. But no one affected him like she had. He was unable to resist comforting her, drawing her into his arms, covering her body with his…but only in her dreams. There Aryne stole the passion from her lips, igniting an ache in his body that would not go away.

Touching her shattered him. He knew instinctively that her touch would be his downfall. Her touch could keep him here in this splinter of his world, isolated as all of the Outcasts were. Generations had gone by; those exiled had died long ago, their children mixing amongst the races of the universe.

He had tried to stay away, fearing this. He was adrift, swept away, drowning in her passion, breaths away from losing himself. Giving in, acknowledging the power she unknowingly had over him would condemn him, keep him here if she was unable to travel to his world. Very few could navigate between worlds. And this world would drain his power rather than enhance it. Even the short time he spent there took its toll on him, the drain only in abeyance when he was in her arms. Try as he might, he could not resist her siren call. Only by controlling her and the passion between them could he make sure that he would not become lost. Lost in her. Trapped forever in her world.

He had done his best, gentling her to his hand, to his control. She knew the unspoken rules, knew the consequences. He played them out in her dreams, a dark symphony of passion and restraint. Perhaps unforgivable for a guide, but he could not resist. And just her body was no longer enough. Eventually he would capture her heart and soul.

A man of shadows, it would be during the midnight hours of her slumber.

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Beverly Ovalle lives in Wisconsin with her husband Edmond of 24 years and two Chinese Water Dragons. Having her own Dragons is expected as she is dragon crazy and anyone that walks in her house can tell. Her son Nicholas visits when he is on leave from the Marines. Her daughter Susannah visits from time to time to make sure us ‘old’ folks are alive and kicking.

Beverly has traveled around the world thanks to five years in the US Navy and has worked for the government in one capacity or another for the past 30 years. Beverly and her brothers have travelled most of the continental United States as children due to the station wagon from Hell. Still active with veterans, she is adjutant for her local AMVETS.

Beverly has been reading romances since her Aunt introduced her to the gothic romance in the fourth grade and is still reading every chance she gets.



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