About SSLY ~ What we do for you!

Hi! Beverly Ovalle is an author for Borough’s Publishing Group and an indie author. This blog is dedicated to Romance novels, authors and all things books.


Smile Somebody Loves You!

This has been our “mantra” for years. Many more years than we are willing to admit to. We were doing acronyms before texting became well, invented! As if that doesn’t date us!

A blog never entered my mind. Tamara called me up one day, and said, “Hey do you want to do a blog together? I thought we could use SSLY.” Since we became friends we have ended all our encounters with smile somebody loves you. And we do.

Tamara has stepped down from doing the blog and stepped up her writing as you know if you follow her! I decided to keep on doing it and have changed it just a bit. (Why mess with a good thing?)

We are both romance writers it’s obvious we believe in sharing the love!


There are many ways to follow us!







We feature:

Blog posts:

Talk about your books, your series, writing experiences, how and why you decided to write, tell us about your life!
Writer and Character Interviews
can be found in the files at the SSLY Reading Room https://www.facebook.com/groups/483908478369298/
 Book Spotlights:
Send us your cover, blurb, buy links, excerpt of no more than 1000 words (can be naughty or nice! just put a warning on it!) author bio & stalker links
Cover Reveals:
Cover, blurb, coming soon date if known! Goodread or Shelfari links (’cause if you have your cover it should really already be there!)
Release Day Blasts:
Know your date? Book it! If we already have a post we will try to post at noon! We can always add links later when you have them. NOT a problem!
NO, we don’t set them up! But we are hosts for many tour companies. If you’re having a tour and would like to have us on it, have your tour company set it up or send us the sign up link!
We love giveaways! Doing a spot with us? It’s not required to have one, but if you’re feeling generous we’ll set up a rafflecopter, we just have to have the links you want people to like!
Book Sales:
Sunday we featured books on sale! Not free, there are plenty of sites for that, but discounted for a bit? Cheaper for the early birds on presale? Let us know!

What do we require?

All posts, no matter what, should also have your book cover, blurb & buy links!
Email it all to SSLYblog@gmail.com
We love books and we are here to help promote you!
No charge or anything! Just make sure you send us your information with a week to spare – new releases are the exception!
Saturdays are reserved for me! Sometimes I’m feeling generous (lazy, let’s tell it like it is!) and will share my day with someone. But I’m an author and the whole idea of having a blog is to also promote myself. So that is my day to promote, or post, or natter on.
Sunday will have books that are on Sale so watch for the Sunday Sales!
Our wonderful header was designed by Cat Hoffa (Tamara’s excessively talented daughter)! Thank you Cat!

SSLY, Smile Somebody Loves You

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