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From Me to You Friday- Tamara- What’s New

Happy Halloween

I’m not a huge Halloween person like my Bff Beverly, But my Grandson’s enjoy it. They are going to be the Ninja turtle tonight, Michaelangeo and Donatello. I can’t wait to see pictures!

That is the extent of my Halloween celebration. Lol.

A little site management. I’m sorry to sat. SSLY will no longer be doing reviews on a regular basis. We are having trouble getting reviewers and Beverly and I just don’t have time. So we will no longer be taking review requests. Bev and I may post an occasional review of a book we read and enjoy, but NO REQUESTS will be accepted.

Now on to the fun stuff! I have an announcement to make

My new series

The Animal in Me

Has been signed by Secret Cravings Publishing!

Book 1

Hers To Bear

will release January 29, 2015!


Would you like a little peek?

He snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck and kissing the sweet smelling spot behind her ear. Jenna shivered and he licked the shell of her ear and whispered, “You taste like honey.”
A delicate blush crawled across her cheeks and Bern leaned in and brushed his cheek against hers. He wanted the feel that warmth against his own flesh. He had shaved before going to meet her at the school, but he was a bear, so his skin was already slightly bristled. Her skin was soft as eider down and he closed his eyes in bliss. His mate. God the peace of touching his mate.
Jenna giggled and it pulled him from his trance. “That tickles,” she said.
Bern waggled his eyebrows and Jenna laughed, a deep rich sound that grabbed him by the balls and pulled. He couldn’t resist and turned her in his arms, pulling her in for a blistering kiss.
Jenna melted into him, her arms going around his neck. She stretched up on her tip toes and molded her entire body to his. Her breasts pressed into his chest, his throbbing erection pressed into the tender swell of her belly, and it was all he could do not to grind against her. God his mate was perfection. He needed to get her out of here and somewhere private. He slowly gentled the kiss and used every ounce of willpower he possessed to pull back. Now was not the time or place to ravish his mate.


I can’t wait to share this book with you!

In the meantime, did you know All romance e-books is having a sale today? 50% off, so if haven’t caught up on my other titles, or Bev’s now’s a GREAT time

A Special Kind Of Love

Heart of a Soldier

Roping Love

Chasing Love

Fetching Love

book_heart_of_a_soldierASpecialKindofLove_MEDRopingLove_LRG(1)chasing love 2fetching love