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Review- Two Bears for Christmas by Tianna Xander

Tabitha’s convinced she should have stayed home. She’s doubly convinced of that when her boss attacks her in the restroom at the office Christmas party, but she also finds there really are gentlemen in the world when two handsome Scots come to her rescue.

When Roddy and Ewan enter the local pub for a drink, they don’t expect to see the woman of their dreams. Saving her from a self-proclaimed interoffice lothario is only the icing on the cake.

Cara’s Review
What could be better than finding an attractive man at a bar, with a sexy Scottish accent? Finding two of them of course! Tabitha manages to find herself in a bit of a tight spot, when her boss attempts to rape her at the company holiday party. Luckily, Ewan and Roddy happen to catch site of her being taken by Carl (her boss) into the bathroom. The two sexy men race to her rescue, and beat the day lights out of her boss while they are at it.

The two polar bear shifters, Ewan and Roddy, realize their deepest desire when they spot Tabitha at the bar- they are able to recognize her as their mate. Now they just have to convince her of the fact. And that convincing takes place in a bed…

I enjoy Ms. Xanders’ work, and was surprised when I realized this was book three of the Highland Bears series. Totally missed the first two, a situation I plan on remedying immediately! While pretty standard shifter fare, Ms. Xanders always manages to write some incredibly erotic scenes- always makes a book interesting! Tabitha, the heroine of the tale, has a poor self-image being a size eighteen she views herself as fat and unattractive, and has difficulty trusting that these two men really have any feelings for her.

I would recommend this book to all shifter fans (but only if they like sex scenes); and anyone who is a plus size gal and dreams of finding her perfect mate. May we all be so lucky!

hearts 4Flames 51