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Review ~ Undercover Lovers by Fiona McGier

Undercover loversUNDERCOVER LOVERS
The Secret Agents Series Book 2

Author – Fiona McGier

Ameena has never been able to forget what she endured on her last assignment before she left the agency. She was the only female agent to live through what The Executioner did to his victims, but she still bears the scars, both physical and psychological. When he escapes from his prison cell, her ex-handler brings two agents with him to tell her that one or the other will be her shadow until her torturer is caught again—and this time she’ll be allowed to kill him. Having kept herself too busy for romance, she’s caught off-guard by the sudden insertion into her life of two gorgeous men, one who actively pursues her and one whom she finds more attractive for his shyness. Will she live long enough to make a choice? And is that the end of the story…or the beginning?

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Teresa’s Review:

Oh my goodness, this book had me from the very first chapter. The action started right out of the gate and continued throughout the entire book, chapter after chapter. I couldn’t put the book down. I was thrilled to see characters from book 1 brought into book 2.

It was a very touching feeling to continue seeing how their lives were moving forward. This book is exactly the kind of book I LOVE to read and get lost in, excellent sexual content, intrigue..kidnapping, rescues……

I am hoping to see another book in this series that will tell more of Tomás story. I am also curious to see just exactly what kind of man or woman it will take to bring him to his knees in love. He is the kind of rascal you can’t help but fall for and wish for him to find his own happy ever after.

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