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Merry Christmas from Smile Somebody Love You


From My house to yours, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. For those who celebrate other holidays I hope however you celebrate you have a wonderful and joyous holiday.
Christmas is a time for family and friends. A time to remember those in your life that you love. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all fro supporting Smile Somebody Love You and Beverly and I. We appreciate you stopping by, leaving comments and participating in our blog.
We truly do love books! And all of you.
Christmas at the Hoffa house starts on Thanksgiving! We put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night and everyone helps. We collect new ornaments every year, so decorating the tree is a walk down memory lane. Every ornament we unwrap has a story and a memory. This year, my two grandsons were old enough to help and we had a ball!
Then the cookie baking starts! I love to cook and everyone loves cookies, right? My favorites are Mexican Wedding Cookies, I put a Hershey’s Kiss inside. My daughter’s favorite are the chocolate sugar cookies. Every family member has a favorite and I make them all! One year I made 52 dozen cookies! (Not this year as the DH is on a diet, lol)
Tristan, my 5 year old grandson loves to help Nana cook and Aiden (3) tries to help too. A kitchen full of flour and sugar is often the result, but that’s Okay, messes clean up, but memories last FOREVER!
Our family has always celebrated the family Christmas on Christmas Eve. We make finger foods and watch Christmas movies and then the present opening extravaganza begins! Only Santa presents wait for Christmas morning. Last year Aiden was more interested in the boxes then the actual presents. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Tristan is getting a Nobby from Santa (yes we are starting the book obsession early!) He sings along with the commercial every time it comes on TV! “Good morning, Redbird… Awkward!” Cracks his Nana up!
Christmas morning brings the stockings and presents from Santa. Bagels, Lox and cream cheese (I know not exactly gentile fare, but we love it!) And a whole day of lounging on the couch and watching all the movies we got for Christmas!
Leave a comment with one of your holiday traditions and one lucky commenter will get a Christmas gift from me!
My new book Chasing Love releases today! So I’ll share a little love for Christmas!

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From Beverly’s non decorated 🙂 Thank Goodness it’s almost over house!

Bah Humbug!

Merry Christmas!

Tamara told me NO Bah, Humbug! I couldn’t just let that go!

Maybe Tennessee doesn’t look like Wisconsin right now.  It is snowing for the third day in a row.snow1222  This is day two.  I hadn’t made it to the gym so I shoveled the side walk. I only did it because I had to clean off my car.  I got a phone call from my daughter that started “Mommy you don’t want me to die do you?”  Okay, someone wanted to use my car. Guess who? 🙂

It’s a way to get to see your neighbors during the hibernation period in Wisconsin! We shout up and down the street while shoveling. Everyone knows your business in winter! lol!  The next best place is to meet up at a bar. You have to warm up after shoveling!

I did have some fun. I made a snow angel.snowangel My husband asked if I fell and just said ‘what the hell-why not? I’m already down there.’  No, I decided to make a snow angel because the mood struck! Okay, I’m 50. And let me tell you 50 is NOT the new 15. I had a hell of a time getting back up! And NOT because I didn’t want to destroy my angel! Any longer and I’m sure the local search and rescue team (ie. the neighbors) would have found me and plied me with whiskey to revive me.

Well, my kids are grown. I’ll Skype with my son in Kuwait. My daughter is heading out with her fiancé to visit his mom’s family on Christmas Eve and his dad’s family on Christmas Day. They’ll stop by on Christmas Eve and they might even go to the Candlelight Service with me this year. My husband and I work on Christmas Eve and he also works Christmas Day. Did I mention I work for the Post Office? I don’t have to bake cookies as I’m getting fat from all the food our wonderful customers are bringing in!

I don’t have pictures of a tree to show as in true Bah Humbug fashion, my tree is still in the box!!! LOL! I don’t know if I’ll take it out or not.

DSCN0036Okay, so as you can see I took out the Christmas tree and we fluffed out the branches, found an extension cord and plugged it in. It went up about ten minutes before our daughter and her fiancé and his mother arrived to celebrate Christmas with us. They tore through their loot and went home.

No Candlelight Service tonight. None of us were willing to brave the cold of seven below zero on this night. Bedtime is coming soon and I’ll wake up to a quiet house, just me and my dragons.

I’m truly looking forward to a nice QUIET Christmas day!

Hope your Christmas is all that you wish it to be.

And don’t forget to check out Tamara’s book.  Giving Chase is really really good!

(Yes I’ve read it!)

To add to our mix of the giveaway, I’m tossing in two SSLY winter key chains and assorted SWAG.  We’ll announce the winners on here and on our facebook page.

So don’t forget to comment!