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Review ~ Of A Darker Nature by Michelle Clay

Of a darker natureBook Title: Of A Darker Nature
by Michelle Clay
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Reviewer: ReadingRN

Emily Cross reads the memories of the deceased. Working at a funeral home might not be a logical choice, but for Emily, it’s a natural one. When she’s attacked, the creatures she thought were folklore become too real. As she’s being drained of life, the cadaver on the next table rises and fights them off. Feeling a connection to her hero, she vows to find him.

Marcus Dane doesn’t know how he ended up in a mortuary. As an Enforcer for the Mistress of the City, he’s been following leads regarding a powerful witch who aims to exterminate his blood-clan.

Emily is entangled romantically with a vampire, his angry Mistress who doesn’t like sharing her servants, and an incredibly powerful witch who realizes killing Emily is the gateway to what she wants. By the end, Emily must figure out who she can trust and who has the darkest nature of all.

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Cara’s Review:
I quite enjoyed this book, and would suggest it as a fun read, with a two reservations. The first being there is a gigantic cast of characters, so make sure you know who is who, and on what side (it’s not always obvious!). Second, whether it’s my reading style or the book, I found it to be a little choppy in places.

Those two things aside, I DID enjoy the book. I WOULD recommend it. Just be ready to go back every now and again to reread a paragraph to figure out where the heck the characters are. It’s an interesting read with real tension throughout, as Marcus and Emily both try to preserve their familiar worlds, and each with a ton of baggage.

hearts 4