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Review ~ Comanche Fever by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Comanche FeverComanche Fever
by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

As one of the last free Comanche warriors, Pea’hocso surrendered with Quanah Parker at Fort Sill in 1875. As if that wasn’t enough of a tragedy, an encounter the same night with a woman bent on revenge against his people turned him into a vampire, a blood-drinking creature of the night. Now it’s the 21st century and Pea’hocso goes by the name of Ned Big Eagle. He deals cards at an Oklahoma casino and lives a solitary life on the edge of the Wichita Mountains. His undead existence is anything but enjoyable but Ned endures –what else can he do–until he meets history professor Anne Delahanty.

Anne evokes emotions and desires he hasn’t known since he was still human but Ned tries to resist the temptation. He can’t bring the woman he realizes he loves into his vampire life. Or can he? The question gnaws at what’s left of his soul as he wonders if revealing the truth will cause him to lose Anne forever. When she rejects his efforts to tell her, Ned figures reality will crash down on them both when they least expect it. If they survive the tragedy, there may be a future after all.

Diana’s Review:
Lee Ann has trusted me to read for free and review, also for free her book Comanche Fever.
After a rough start, I really got into the story of the book and find I love it. The writing starts of
ind-of stiff and difficult to understand or get into the flow of the story as told by Pea’hocso, a
Comanche warrior back in the late 1800’s. Moving forward into today’s time period, in Lawton,
Oklahoma, the flow of the story becomes easier and I imagine it is because the warrior is getting better
at translating his thoughts into the white man’s world. He was so proud and full of anger towards
those who would coral his people and restrict their movements. Even more outrageous, a white
woman he doesn’t know bites him and turns him into Vampire as a curse against the Comanche
who destroyed all she loved.

Upon meeting Anne Delahanty, Pea’hocso who is now Ned Big Eagle, finds an attraction he never expected.
Anne is part Comanche from way back in her ancestry and fascinated with the history of the Comanche as well
as other Indian tribes. She teaches Indian History at a college in Lawton and she finds Ned Big Eagle to
be fascinating. As their attraction for each other grows into something more, Ned seems to become
alive or more interested in more than just existing.

I liked the infusion of Comanche history into this story. The story itself follow a predictable pattern, but with
the inclusion of Indian history and the writing style which gets must more grammatically correct and easier to read
I find that the beginning of the book with it’s stilted writing, short and sometimes confusing sentences moving into
the easier flowing writing and more complete and articulate sentences, adds to the feel of the book.

I have to say I liked it quite a bit.

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