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Review – Death Cache – Tiffinie Helmer


Loving her is murder…

She shouldn’t have played…

Gallery owner Tern Maiski has always had a way with men, but the one she gave her heart to disappeared without a word. Now he’s competing alongside her and four others in a high-tech treasure hunt, and her pride isn’t the only thing on the line. So is her life.

He doesn’t play by the rules…

Geophysicist Gage Fallon’s relationship with Tern has been cataclysmic from the beginning. He cared too much, too fast and their passion threatened to consume him. Now he’s back on firmer ground and competing in a game that will risk more than his heart.

Once their group is dropped off in a remote area near the Arctic Circle, it quickly becomes clear that instead of hunting for treasure, they’re the ones being hunted. And the killer is dead serious about caching them in.


Tamara’s Review
Death Cache is a riveting and spine tingling thriller, with a wickedly twisted plot. Wow, from page one I was hooked. 6 people show up for an extreme Geochacing competition,and guess what? Turn,our heroine has slept with all of them, except her BFF, Nadia (whom Turn had enocuraged to come along on her first Geocache.)
Dropped off at a camp at the top of the world, hundreds of miles from civilization; Supplies missing from their packs, emotional tensions high. First they are hit with an accident,dark secrets are revealed, and then murder!
Great characters, wonderful descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness, a plot that keeps you guessing every step of the way and a love story the heats up the frozen landscape. Wow! Death Cache was a thrilling ride.
I highly recommend!
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SSLY recommended read