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Beast Betrayed ~ L.L. Brooks ~ Black Mesa Book 4

Coming in February the Black Mesa Saga continues with number four, Beast Betrayed.


Daniel thought Brand was joking when he talked of vampires, until one, burning up from the sun, ran into the barn. Raymond begged for help to save a child, saying Isaac, a previous acquaintance of Brand’s, had given his name. When Brand was taken, Daniel didn’t know why or which of the two had betrayed them. Alone, he didn’t know who to trust, only that he had to save his mate, but could he? Could he survive losing Brand if he failed? Not willing to take the chance, he called on friends and even foes for help. Wolves against vampires. Who will win?


Daniel could see what was happening and knew there was no way he could get there in time. His cougar knew as well, clawing and growling to be free. Running and stripping, Daniel gave in to the pain of shifting. The cat kicked off the pants around its back feet, flipping off the shoes. The socks slid with the leaps of the mighty cat, gone in a few feet. Too late and too far to go. He couldn’t reach the ATVs racing out of the woods, their spotlights stabbing through the dark. Each rider aimed and shot. Seeing those rifles come out, he thought his heart would stop, convinced Brand was dead. He couldn’t breathe again until that last faint message came from Brand.

“Tranquilizer… I’m…”

Each of the four men caught up a corner of the net, and they were gone, dragging Brand in his wolf behind them.

Screaming his rage, Daniel followed the sound. Catapulting over one abandoned ATV, he caught one man, throwing him by the neck to go after another. The door to the van slammed shut, the men out of his reach, the van tires throwing gravel and dirt at him, blinding him, choking him, and still Daniel raced after them.

Daniel caught his breathe with a sob. There was no way he could out run that van. They were gone. Brand was gone, and as long as they kept him sedated, there was no way Daniel could contact him.



Oklahoma born, L.L. now makes her home in the high desert country of Arizona, kept company by her husband and furbaby Nekko. The last serve as reminder that she should occasionally get up and away from the computer when he demands an outside trip. She finds little time for other activities, but does enjoy reading, no surprise, a good movie, a night out with hubby, spending time with the family and friends, and—yes, she admits it—shopping, thrift shops and garage sales her favourite kind. Always thrilled to hear from fans, you can email her any time at

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