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The Penhallow Train INCIDENT


Thank you for having me today, Beverly. I’d like to talk to your readers about my romantic suspense mystery, The Penhallow Train Incident, new from The Wild Rose Press.

A corpse, hidden treasure, and the search for a tomb equal romance and adventure in coastal Maine.

Penhallow Train Incident by M. S. SpencerBlurb

In the sleepy coastal Maine town of Penhallow, a stranger dies on a train, drawing Historical Society Director, Rachel Tinker, and curmudgeonly retired professor, Griffin Tate, into a spider’s web of archaeological obsession and greed. With the help of the victim’s rival, they set out to locate the Queen of Sheba’s tomb. Their plans are stymied when a war erupts between the sheriff and a state police detective who want to arrest the same man for different crimes. It’s up to Rachel to solve a mystery that includes two more murders, if she wants to unlock the soft heart that beats under Griffin’s hard crust.


Griffin Tate, hero of my new mystery romance the Penhallow Train Incident,  is a retired Middle Eastern history professor and becomes ensnared in the search for a fictional map to the Queen of Sheba’s tomb. Now, it’s uncertain whether the Queen of Sheba ever existed, or where the land of Sheba was, but according to the Bible, the Ethiopian Book of Kings, and many legends throughout the Middle East, she came from a nation in the south to meet with King Solomon. She has always intrigued scholars and in Penhallow Train Incident, she draws  not only Tate, but the lovely Rachel Tinker and a slew of quirky characters into her mystery.

Rachel's house in Amity

Excerpt (PG): The First Time

Rachel tried not to scream. She took a big gulp of air and let the words rush out on the exhale. “It’s the woman. The woman with the deposit slip. She’s dead.”

“I’m coming over.” She heard a click and a buzz.

Fifteen minutes later the screen door slammed, and Griffin stalked in without bothering to knock. He went straight to the kitchen, filled two glasses with ice, and poured whiskey into both. Carrying them to the living room, he handed one to Rachel without a word. Without a word, she took the remnants of her old drink and poured them into the new one. She set it down. For a second she stared at it, then reached out to pick it up again, but Griffin gently moved the glass away and took her in his arms.

She’d thought she was fine until then.

The tears flowed, and she hiccupped and gurgled about life and death while he muttered unintelligible words into her hair. When what had been a mild need for a tissue grew too urgent to ignore, she left his shoulder. A couple of wipes and a swig of bourbon and she could look Griffin in the eye. He dabbed ineffectually at his soaked shirt with a dirty handkerchief. “Better?”

“Yes, thanks. It’s just…I feel so responsible.

His eyebrows rose. “Responsible? Why?”

“She came to me. She gave the purse to me. She wanted me to help her. And for that she was murdered.”

“We don’t know anything of the sort. What did they say on the news?”

“Only that her body was found in the Passagassawaukeag.”

“She could have fallen in. She could have committed suicide. From what you told me she was very upset.”

Rachel recalled the young woman’s face. “Not upset. Frightened.”

“But not of the man she was with?”

“N…no. I don’t know how to describe it. She seemed…hunted. But determined.” She took another sip of bourbon and settled back on the cushion. So what if Griffin’s arm happens to be resting on the back? “Griffin, we’ve got to find out who she—they—were.” She turned to find his face inches from hers. “And what she was afraid of.”

He gazed into her eyes, his own inscrutable, then faced the television. “No. You have to let the police handle it.”

Rachel, who had forgotten what they were talking about in the overwhelming desire to kiss the man next to her, couldn’t think of anything to say.

Finally, he mumbled, “Turn it up—it looks like they’re talking about her.”

She did as she was told.

A bold headline announcing Breaking News filled the screen before Sheriff Quimby’s face appeared. Someone pressed a microphone under his chin. “…found about five-thirty by Kenny Cross. He was fishing off the bridge and snagged a white object floating by.”

A reporter asked, “How long had she been dead?”

“The coroner is examining her now. We won’t have any answers until tomorrow.” He started to leave, trailed by shouted questions.

“Did she drown?”

“Was it suicide?”

“Who is she?”

He shook his head and waved before ducking into a squad car.

The camera trained on a reporter. Short and stumpy, he tugged at his wrinkled polo before attempting to smooth his waning hair. “That was Sheriff Quimby of the Penhallow police, Andrew. It looks like we won’t get any more information tonight, but he’s scheduled a press conference for tomorrow at noon.”

“Is he going to discuss the first murder—the train incident, Lou?”

“Hopefully, although he didn’t mention it tonight.”

“Did anyone ask if the two deaths are related?”

“The sheriff only said that, so far, there’s no indication of either foul play, or of a connection between the two deaths.”

The anchor turned to his partner. “So, Bambi—”

Griffin jerked upright. “Bambi?”

“—are we looking at a rash of thrill crimes down there in the hitherto bucolic town of Penhallow?”

Bambi shook out her hair and touched her ruby lips before facing the camera. “I certainly hope not, Andrew. My grammy lives in Penhallow.”

Andrew stared at her for a long moment before turning to the camera. “Thank you, Lou. Keep us posted.”

Rachel muted the volume. “What should I do?”

Griffin patted her shoulder. “There’s nothing we can do tonight. Toby knows about your encounter with the woman, right?”


“So he’ll probably want to see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, I suppose so.” She put a hand to her mouth. “I forgot—Lieutenant Blanchard will be there.”


“The state police detective. He’s the one who showed me the photo.”


“Why what?”

“Why will he be there?”

“Toby told him about me and the deposit slip. He said he was coming out from Augusta tomorrow.”

“So he doesn’t know his quarry is kaput yet?”

Rachel shook her head. “This is no time to be facetious. I’m sure it’s been reported by now. And Toby surely would have called him.”

Griffin sipped his drink. “Why did this Blanchard bloke go back to Augusta? Isn’t he investigating the corpse on the train?”

“I don’t know. I assumed he was, but now I think of it, except for his questions about the passengers, he didn’t seem all that interested in it.”

Griffin shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe he isn’t. Maybe he’s pursuing a cold case and this was just a fishing expedition.”

“Maybe. I wish we could have found something on the bank. It’s very frustrating.”

Her companion bent forward and pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “There’s…nothing…we…can…do…tonight.”


For answer he let go of her face, drew her into his arms and kissed her. The kiss was tentative. She kissed him back, tentatively. “I…”

“Shut up.” This time they didn’t come up for air for a while. When they did, they stared at each other as if seeing one another for the first time. He said, “I…uh…didn’t mean to do that. I…”

She rose. “Oh, I see.” She picked up Spot and nuzzled him, hoping Griffin couldn’t see her tears well up. “I guess you’d better go then.”

He stood. “Okay. But…um, actually…what I meant to say is…I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. But I wasn’t sure…I didn’t know…I didn’t think…” He trailed off.

The bewildered look in his cerulean eyes as he shifted his weight from foot to foot reminded her of a kindly giant bobbling a baby bunny. She went up on tiptoe and touched her lips to his cheek.

The response was immediate. Griffin swept her up off the floor and charged through the kitchen door. Confronted with the refrigerator, he stopped, turned, and plunged in the opposite direction. Ending up where they’d started, he bellowed, “Where the hell’s your bedroom?”

She pointed at the ceiling. “Upstairs.”

Without another word he leapt up the steps, only banging her head once on the banisters, and dropped her on the bed. Then he stood, legs set wide like a latter-day Paul Bunyan, and folded his arms.

She lay where he’d dropped her, panting. “Now what?”

“You tell me.”

Oh, for heaven’s sake. “Come here, you great gob of indecision.”

Those seemed to be the words he was looking for, since for the rest of the evening he proved to her just how decisive he could be.


The Penhallow Train Incident

The Wild Rose Press, 3/30/2016, Crimson Rose Line

Contemporary romantic suspense/Cozy Mystery; Sensual (PG-PG13)

Ebook 79,665 words, Print 334 p.


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M. S. Spencer Author (2)About the Author

Although M. S. Spencer has lived or traveled in five continents, the last thirty years were spent mostly in Washington, D.C. as a librarian, Congressional staff assistant, speechwriter, editor, birdwatcher, kayaker, policy wonk, non-profit director and parent. She has two fabulous grown children and a perfect granddaughter, and currently divides her time between the Gulf coast of Florida and a tiny village in Maine.





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Romantic suspense and mystery, they are available in ebook and print from The Wild Rose Press, I Heart Book Publishing, and all fine on-line book stores. For more information, visit


Dear Philomena: Love, Lust and Murder on Chincoteague Island

Mai Tais & Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine (a Sarasota Romance)



Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press:

The Mason’s Mark: Love and Death in the Tower (an Old Town Romance)

Artful Dodging: The Torpedo Factory Murders (an Old Town Romance)

Whirlwind Romance



Seven Nights of Sin

Released March 14th!

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7 nights

One night, one tryst can change everything…


Seven Sensuous stories by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Sabrina York, with bestselling and award-winning authors Maggi Andersen, Lynne Conolly, Eliza Lloyd, Suzi Love, Hildie McQueen, and Victoria Vane. Enter a world of passion and mystery where dashing heroes and dauntless heroines come together in a scorching conflagration that will will tip your world on its end.


LUSCIOUS by Sabrina York

Revenge…or redemption? Which will he choose?



Can one night with a rake be enough for a lifetime?


THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Victoria Vane

She found heaven in the devil’s arms.


UNDER A SILVER MOON by Hildie Mcqueen

The shadows of the past fall over a man and a woman attempting to start anew.



He can’t resist a woman in trouble. Will he ever learn?


WHAT HE WANTS by Lynne Connolly

Love hides in unexpected places…

Love revealed at a courtesan’s ball.


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When Deveny Hargrove rescues a waif in a rainstorm in the middle of nowhere, he has no idea that she represents his long-awaited chance at vengeance. When she offers him her virginity—in an attempt to escape an unwanted society marriage—he has to agree. To his surprise, very little of his motivation stems from punishing her brother.


The fact is, Matilda Paddington represents his chance at revenge…or redemption…but his choice could destroy them both.


Read an excerpt

What Providence. That this man—one who, other than the beard, was perfectly acceptable for her purposes, and damn handsome to boot—should stop and pick her up?

Clearly God in heaven above was on her side.

“You do realize this is something that cannot be undone?”

She had the sense he was asking the question purely because his moral code required it. “I do.”

“You are quite young…to be making a decision that will change everything.”

“Everything?” she asked. “Do you really believe that one act changes who a person is? At their core?”

He stared at her as though stunned to hear such words from a lady’s lips. But then he said, “I certainly hope not.”

His tone was so dark, so tormented, she had to ask, “Have you done things?” Things that changed him irrevocably?

“Madam, I have just returned from France.”

“Ooh.” How fascinating. “Are you a soldier?”

“I was. An officer in the King’s Dragoons.”

Oh. A cavalry man. She loved horses. “Did you see much action?”

“Far too much.”

“I am sorry.”

He blinked and she realized how lovely his eyes were. A light blue, almost crystalline, with large pupils and a dark ring around the irises, making it hard to look away. “Why are you sorry?” he said, his voice dropping low.

“You must have suffered.”

“I was injured.”

“Yes, but I meant spiritually.”

“Spiritually?” His tone indicated he’d never even considered those wounds.

“War is hell,” she said. She knew of such things. She’d read several books on the topic.

“Yes. It is.”

“But you are home now. And safe.”

“Yes.” He looked out the window and stroked his beard as though he were remembering some of his losses.

She wished one of them had been the beard.

She really disliked beards on men.

“So do you?”

His attention jerked back to her. “What?”

“Do you really believe one act can change a person?”

“I think everything we do, everything we say, every breath we take changes us.”

She blew out an impatient breath. “That is far too deep a rumination for this conversation.”

“Is it?” Why he seemed amused was a mystery.

“Most certainly. We are talking about my giving myself to a man who is not and never shall be my husband.”

“We are talking about you giving your innocence to a man you do not know. Do you have any idea how dangerous that can be?”

“I suppose it would be dangerous.” She had to admit this. “But it is not dangerous with you.”

He reared back. An odd mixture of shock and anger and confusion crossed his face. “How can you possibly know what kind of man I am? What I could do to you when I got you alone? Damn it, Tildy, I could be a monster for all you know.”

“But you’re not.” She knew. She could see it in his eyes.

As her words soaked in, she saw it blossom there, his deep gratification for her trust. But he sighed and scrubbed his face and said “Tildy,” in a tone that made clear he was about to turn her down.

So she went on the offensive. “However, if you do not want to be the one to deflower me, I totally understand. I imagine it can be rather unsettling to be approached by a woman with such a request.”

He murmured, “You have no idea,” beneath his breath, but she heard.

She patted his knee. “And you were injured in the war.”

His features scrunched up. He stared at her hand. “Just what is that supposed to mean?”

She batted her lashes in an attempt to portray her innocence. “I know what happens when men are injured in war.” She leaned closer. “They become incapable. I totally understand.”

“I am not incapable!” Surely there was no need for him to bellow.

“Unwilling then?”

“Bloody hell, no.”

“It is perfectly acceptable if you do not find me attractive. I do look rather like a drowned rat. I am sure I can find someone on the streets of London who is willing to do the deed.” She sighed heavily, just for effect, and then added, “I do hope I don’t get the pox.”

Silence sizzled between them. She determinedly held his gaze, despite the fact that his stare was fierce. His lips worked, as though he was attempting to form a response, several responses, as the moment stretched, and then he reached across the carriage, took hold of her arms and whipped her onto his lap as though she weighed no more than a thistledown.

“Not interested?” he growled. “How is this for not interested?”

And then, he kissed her.

And heaven.

As enchanting as those lips had felt dancing over her hand, it was nothing to this. This was as wild as the storm raging outside, but still unbearably gentle and sweet. His scent suffused her, filled her lungs and stirred some latent hunger deep within. She wanted more. More. More.

And this desire had little to do with her goal of wriggling free of an unwanted betrothal. It had only to do with him. This man. This hunger. This passion.

She’d never felt it before. Not like this.

She’d only felt a passion for passion, which was very different indeed.

His body was warm, heating her. His hands roved, scudding over her shoulders and down to her waist to hold her in place. His lips were hard on her, demanding, yet sensitive to her needs. They engulfed her senses in a velvet trap, one she did not want to escape.

He pulled her closer, settled her more firmly on his lap and leaned her against the wall of the carriage and deepened the kiss, easing in his tongue and tasting her. She had to respond, but she had no idea how her untried exploration would affect him.

Something hard grew against her hip. The knowledge of what it was lit a fire in her belly. Need blossomed and raged. She thrust her fingers in his hair, twining in the strands and tugging. He did the same until they were holding each other still, each consuming the other.

Her mind spun, her body awoke. That long dreamed of desire arose.

She had no idea why, with one harsh movement, he pushed her back into her seat.

They stared at each other across the width of the carriage, the only sounds, their panted breath.

Heat walked between them. Ribbons of carnal lust bound them close, though they no longer touched. Intensity roared.

“Why did you stop?” She didn’t intend for her voice to crack, to be filled with anguish, but it happened.

His lungs worked like a bellows. His stare burned through her. His brow was prickled with sweat, despite the chill of the evening. “Not here.” A whisper, rough and low.

“Not here?”

“I won’t take you in a carriage. You deserve better.”

Oh, she liked that he thought so. She thought so too. “Where then?”

“I am staying the night at a friend’s house in London. Large, comfortable bed. A crackling fire. Excellent wine. All the comforts a proper seduction requires.”

She could not hold back a grin. “Oh. Is this a proper seduction?”

“It will be.” He settled back in his seat and studied her. There was something in his expression that made it clear to her what he was thinking. He was plotting her seduction. She shuddered.

“You really don’t need to seduce me, you know.”

His lips quirked. “Seduction is half the fun. Besides, you deserve to know all the pleasure there is to be had between a man and a woman.”

Her brow furrowed. “I thought there was just the tupping.” She knew all about it. She raised horses, after all. The male simply mounted the female and they danced around for a bit and then a foal came in the spring. It all seemed pretty simple.

“Oh, there’s more than that.”

“Is there? Do tell.”

“I will not. I’d rather show you. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”


Read more about Luscious and a chance to win one of Sabrina’s tiaras here:




7 Nights of Sin Luscious #Regency #Romance from @sabrina_york



Sabrina_head_logoAbout Sabrina York

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance.  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Newsletter:





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The Silent Violent Few: Noir

The Silent Violent Few: Noir
The Silent Violent Few # 3
By- Grayer Vaughan
Genre- Romance, Fiction, 16+
“How will he still want me once he finds out what I’ve done?”
Alabama Crowne thought she had finally secured her freedom when the life she was destined to live came to a halt. Despite everything she left behind, there was one constant she would never be rid of as death claimed who she was in order to become who she was meant to be all along:  Cash Zachary Calloway.
 Leaving one life to create another didn’t seem so bad until Finn Haines, the man she thought she knew, begins to become unhinged when secrets, lies and betrayal tempt them both into an epic end game of “name that Submissive”.
Thinking she chose the right Calloway, Alabama takes a chance to build a life worth living as she is set to give birth to the next Calloway heir until facts about Finn’s past lead her down a dangerous path filled with devious deviants of epic proportions.  
Unsure of who the father of her unborn child is, Alabama begins to struggle with her sanity, keeping her pregnancy hidden while she soon realizes that the only way out of the mess she created might be to return to the life she left behind as visions of her dead best friend Frankie lead her down a dangerous path of becoming the one thing she never thought she would: Mrs. Calloway.
Will the darkness she created claim the life she must live to be free or will her static inspiration become the dominant Noir she will need to save her from the violent death Goddess has planned?


Book 1-
Book 2-

Character Bios:

Full Name: Alabama Anne Crowne

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Bam, Bama, Pony, Unicorn, Caley Crowne Marlow-Haines

Age: 27

Birth date: October 30

Personality: Extrovert/Analyst (ENTJ type) – Alabama is very strong willed, ambitious and steadfast. Leads from the front and always gets what she wants. She is powerful.

Likes: Classic Rock, Red Sox, Gardenias, Orange Gummy bears, the color Blue

Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Secrets, Berries, Birds- parrots,

Fears: Losing herself.

Weaknesses: Cash Calloway

Height: 5’8

Weight: 135 lbs.

Body Type: Hour Glass

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: 70 lash scars from a bullwhip- placed there by Goddess (Book 1); C-Section scar (Book 2); Bullet wound scar (Left leg- Book 3)

Quirks: Raises eyebrows before laughing; Booming Cackle with snorting when she laughs;

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brunette

Complexion: Alabaster perfection

Relationship Status: Separated

Spouse/Mate: Finn Haines

Children: Daniella Celeste Haines-Calloway, Fielding Finland Haines-Calloway

Parents: Fielding Tyler Crowne; Carolina Crowne

Parent’s Statuses: Carolina- Deceased. (Cancer) ; Fielding (Living)

Best friend(s): Francesca “Frankie” Holden

Assistants: Sherry Caldwell; Lorne Matthews-Ripley

Main Enemy(ies): Stella “Goddess” McWarren; Finn Haines
Stories that this character appears in: “The Silent Violent Few” Series. Main Character.

Place of Birth: Carolina Grove. New York, New York.

Past Living Quarters: One 70 East. Marlow Beach Estate on Nantucket.

Current and Future Homes: Carolina Grove ; Cypress Crowne Downs Island.

Native Language(s): English

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

Former Occupation/Job: PR Agent for Pierce Publicity

Current Occupation: Executive Grants Officer at Mint Lingley & Co. (New Owner)

Boss: was Samuel Kurt Lingley before Finn purchased the business for her.

Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.): MS in Economics- Princeton University; BA in Public Relations- BU; BA in Accounting- BU.
Full Name: Cash Zachary Calloway

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Master; Cash Zachary; Big Nickels;

Age: 30

Birth date: July 7
Likes: Classic Rock, Red Sox, Royals, Control in all aspects of his life.

Dislikes: Disobedience, Secrets, betrayal.

Weaknesses: Alabama Crowne

Height: 6’2

Weight: 198 lbs. of pure muscle. 4% body fat

Body Type: Athletic

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: Scars from edge play on his back. Two Bullet wound scars (Right peck)

Quirks: Mischievous smirk; Raises right eyebrow when interest is piqued. Must be in control or he loses his chill.

Eyes: grayish-blue

Hair: Russet Brunette with natural gold highlights

Complexion: perfect shade of tan.

Relationship Status: taken

Spouse/Mate: Alabama Crowne.

Children: Daniella Celeste Haines-Calloway, Fielding Finland Haines-Calloway

Parents: Cash Zachary Calloway Sr & Meryl Lancaster-Calloway

Parent’s Statuses: Senior: Living; Meryl: Deceased

Best friend(s): Nolan Andrew Calloway.

Main Enemy(ies): Stella “Goddess” McWarren; Finn Haines; Meryl Lancaster-Calloway.
Stories that this character appears in: “The Silent Violent Few” Series. Main Character.

Place of Birth: Calloway Downs, New Orleans, Louisiana

Past Living Quarters: Calloway Downs; Bowery Triton

Current and Future Homes: Bowery Triton; Carolina Grove ;

Native Language(s): English

Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian.

Occupation/Job: Owner of Dover Flaxton & Bowery Triton; Owner of Paradise Canyon.

Current standing: Billionaire.

Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.): Master of Liberal Arts, Finance-Harvard University; BA in Accounting; BA in Foreign Languages.

About the Author-
Grayer Vaughan is the author of “The Vaughan Chronicles” series: Magnolia Like the Flower, Burning Blossom, Starshine; The Cathedral Saga: The Receiver, and The Silent Violent Few series: The Silent Violent Few, Risen, Noir.

Beginning at 11 years old, Vaughan began training in sport Karate as her parents wanted her to be able to defend herself against bullying in school. She began studying under the late 10th Dan Master Richard Dixon, learning Japanese Goju, which is Taekwondo, Kempo, and Kungfu combined. Over the next 7 years, she earned her blackbelt degree and fought all over the United States defending her regional, and divisional titles as well her right to fight for the State of Texas for her division. She received her first state title at 11 and her first world title at 14, fighting her way up to earn her titles. She is still undefeated and is now a retired World Champion. After making the decision to retire, she continued the family tradition in joining the Armed forces once they became of age. Upon discussing an opportunity to fight in the All-Army karate team, Vaughan decided to join the Army to follow in her father’s footsteps. serving 6 years in service, Vaughan returned home to Texas where she entered college to study as an artist. In an effort to keep a promise she made to her grandfather, Daniel, to write about her extraordinary life, she penned “The Vaughan Chronicles”, basing the story off her life experiences.                   

“There is always an opportunity to continue to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. They may have tried to push me back, but they will never succeed. I can always get better. Never give up.” ~Grayer Vaughan.

According to Grayer, she never intended to become an author. “It happened by answering a “what if” question, and a promise. I was blessed enough to be with my grandfather, Daniel in his last hour here on Earth. He asked what I would do in the next ten years as he wouldn’t be around to experience it with me. I said, “I have no idea, Grampy…I guess I will sell my art- have a show or write a book? I have no idea!” He replied, “you should do it. I believe in you. Promise me you will do whatever it takes to get it out there.”

With the promise made, he passed away a few seconds later. It took 6 months for Grayer to honor that promise, and with each book produced, she continues to keep her accord intact.

Social Media Links-

Instagram- @Vaughanland


Touched by the Sandman

Touched by the SandmanTouched by the Sandman

By Beverly Ovalle


A lonely woman’s torrid sexual dreams and fantasy partner await her as a dominant reality in another dimension.

The sandman visits those that need him, assisting them to sleep. Until one night he meets a woman that he cannot help but return to time after time.

She is lonely. He comes to her as she drifts off to sleep, the man of her dreams. Awake or asleep, which is her reality?

He knows she is the one meant for him. He will find a way to make both of their dreams come true.


The darkness blurred and shimmered, bringing to life a man of moonlight and darkness: Aryne.

Before him Aryne could see her, lying in bed, tears of loneliness staining her pillow. She made his heart ache. He softly stepped to her side. His hand touched her face and gently pushed back her hair. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, turning her dreams from sadness to joy. Her body arched toward his touch as the skim of his hand, the heat of his skin traced the edges of her curves. He stepped back…and then within the shimmer of dreams disappeared.

Night after night her loneliness cried to him. Unable to resist, he came to her. Subtly he inserted himself into her dreams, into her arms. Aryne knew it was wrong. As a guide, his job was to bring sweet, peaceful dreams. But no one affected him like she had. He was unable to resist comforting her, drawing her into his arms, covering her body with his…but only in her dreams. There Aryne stole the passion from her lips, igniting an ache in his body that would not go away.

Touching her shattered him. He knew instinctively that her touch would be his downfall. Her touch could keep him here in this splinter of his world, isolated as all of the Outcasts were. Generations had gone by; those exiled had died long ago, their children mixing amongst the races of the universe.

He had tried to stay away, fearing this. He was adrift, swept away, drowning in her passion, breaths away from losing himself. Giving in, acknowledging the power she unknowingly had over him would condemn him, keep him here if she was unable to travel to his world. Very few could navigate between worlds. And this world would drain his power rather than enhance it. Even the short time he spent there took its toll on him, the drain only in abeyance when he was in her arms. Try as he might, he could not resist her siren call. Only by controlling her and the passion between them could he make sure that he would not become lost. Lost in her. Trapped forever in her world.

He had done his best, gentling her to his hand, to his control. She knew the unspoken rules, knew the consequences. He played them out in her dreams, a dark symphony of passion and restraint. Perhaps unforgivable for a guide, but he could not resist. And just her body was no longer enough. Eventually he would capture her heart and soul.

A man of shadows, it would be during the midnight hours of her slumber.

TS for video 5Available:

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Forsaking Gray






Forsaking Gray by K.L. Kreig is only 99c!

“buy this book, and then clear your schedule because you’re not going to want to put it down” -Naughty Book Blog

“a delicious love story filled with passion and love” – She Hearts Books

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Lies. Deception. Betrayal.

Within less than twenty-four hours of proposing to the love of Gray’s life, Liva disappeared. No note. No trace. No explanation. Nothing. Now, five years later, she’s resurfaced and Gray will stop at nothing to make Livia his again. But is love enough to forgive an unforgivable wrong?

Livia had less than sixty seconds to make a decision that would change her life forever. She sacrificed. She suffered. She survived. Now that she’s back, she’s determined that no one ever discover her shameful secret – especially the only man she’s ever loved. But will hiding the past destroy her future?

Book 1 in a 4 book series. Each book features a different brother and each can be read STANDALONE.

***Mature readers only, 18+. Features alpha men with foul language and penchant for hot sex.

Love Tragic

“An automatic 1click” – Totally Booked Blog

“I’m so deep in book hangover land I can’t even entertain the thought of picking up another book” – Coffee Addicts Books

“This book stole my breath and fed it back to me in small, painful measure.” – Bestselling Author, Kate Stewart


We all make them. Sometimes we break them. But what happens when the promise you break haunts your dreams, when that moment of betrayal echoes within every last beat of your heart?

Love is passionate, painful, and all consuming in the most brutal yet beautiful way. How many people have you said ‘I love you’ to? Five, ten, maybe no one? I’ve said that word to two men, but only one where I felt it.

This word sums up my relationship with Nicolas: devastating, painful, depressing.
A first love that should have lasted a lifetime, but I ruined with a stupid decision. Nicolas is my star crossed lover, and even though Shakespeare has taught me that stories such as ours always end in tragedy, I can’t not love him, even if I’m married to someone else.

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Brooklyn Rockstar 99 cent preorder!
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Blurb: Sexy bad boy Charlie Walker had everything he could ever want as a rockstar: a platinum album, a cushioned bank account, and an endless supply of groupies desperate to have him. But things changed when the band’s drummer went missing, forcing Charlie to go it alone and question if he truly has what it takes to succeed in the business.
Small-town girl Evelyn Kendall has just arrived in Brooklyn Heights. With a new job and her best friend as a roommate, she’s ready for an epic adventure free from her family’s constant supervision. She’s not prepared for the muscle-bound, tattooed star who appears out of nowhere and rocks her world.

When Charlie locks gazes with the freckled brunette at his first solo gig, he falls hard and fast for reasons he can’t explain. Determined to keep Evelyn in his life, he’s ready to change his ways, even if they run blood deep. But will their instant attraction be enough to weather the storm brought on by the perils of fame, Charlie’s secrets, and Evelyn’s overly protective brothers?

Warning: This book is filled with sexy bad boys and strong leading ladies. If you’re looking for an engaging read with panty-melting sex scenes, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Triple D Dude Ranch

TripleDDude Ranch_fullresTriple D Dude Ranch
By Beverly Ovalle

One look ignites a smolder between Dan and Blaire, one touch sparks a wildfire that burns out of control, hotter than the Texas sun.


Blaire is a freelance photographer on assignment. She is heading home to Texas, armed with her camera to do a photo feature for the Tribune. Taking photos of the dude ranch, she gets an eyeful of an uninhibited cowboy through her lens. The summer heat of Texas has nothing on the heat he generates in her.

Dan was expecting a photographer but not the sexy urban cowgirl that arrived. He knew it was hot out, he just hadn’t expected the hot and sexy woman to make him burn the minute he caught sight of her. One look and he had to quench this fire inside.

One touch between Dan and Blaire sparks a wildfire that burns hotter than the Texas summer and is just as hard to put out.



She was in a white bandana halter from what he could see. Tied at her nape and waist, he could see her smooth toned back. Her hair was tied up in a pink bandana and Dan wondered how long it was. Her short denim cut off skirt gave just a peek at toned, heart shaped butt cheeks. His gaze traveled lower and he had to stifle a laugh. She had on four-inch spiked cowboy boots. Pink, no less.

Dan’s breath caught as she cursed and leaned over to pick something up off the ground. He had to wonder if she knew he was there. She took a deep breath and leaned over from her waist. He swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. Raising his binoculars he confirmed what he thought. No panties; not even the teasing peek of a thong. As she bent he had a perfect view of her ass and pussy. His cock grew, throbbing to come out and play. She either thought it was too hot for panties, or she liked to go commando. Either way Dan was appreciative.

She stretched further, spreading her legs slightly. Dan wanted to run his hands over the curve of her ass and sink into the delicate pink folds he was staring at. He stifled a grown. Her lips spread as she arched down with a groan, giving him an unrestricted view of her snatch, daring him to fill it. Her clit, which was nestled there, peeked out like it wanted to be noticed. Boy did he notice!

Dan sat there on his horse, cock aching as she moved. She twisted and turned with grace, giving Dan an eyeful. She paid no attention to her surroundings as she looked through the lens taking shots. Dan loved curves and she had them in spades. Not only did she have a world class ass and a pussy that was just begging to be fucked, but the bandana top she wore barely covered her. White, it was damp and clung to her breasts showcasing her pink nipples through the fabric. So large, they had to be triple-D’s. He swallowed.

Dan realized Mike’s warped sense of humor was why he said he had the perfect photographer. Shaking his head at Mike’s choice Dan grinned. Sending this particular bombshell with triple-D boobs to the Triple D Dude Ranch was right up his alley. Watching them quiver as she moved, Dan wanted nothing more than to latch on and suckle them until her nipples hardened and stood out. Dan groaned watching her, knowing he would have to call and thank Mike.

His jeans grew even tighter. Dan shifted on his horse, becoming more uncomfortable as he watched her. Fumbling, watching through the binoculars, he unbuttoned his Levi’s, hissing as he scraped against the denim as his cock sprang free. Letting the reins rest across his leg and making sure his horse would stay steady, he grabbed and fisted himself. Pumping, he imagined he was inside the pink glistening pussy of the wannabe cowgirl, he tightened his hand.

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Beverly Ovalle dabbled with writing on and off for years when her best friend finally dared her to submit a story to a writing contest. Beverly decided she had nothing to lose and since she’d always wanted to be an author sent it in and agonized for months waiting to hear back. Contract in hand she has never looked back.

Beverly has been obsessed with dragons and romance since she was a young girl, collecting dragon books and reading everything she could find on them even down to the care of real life dragons. She’s always been slightly panicked that the world as we know it will end, so has prepped for it, haunting survivalist pages and prepper projects she felt she needed in the event SHTF.

An avid fan of all romance, Beverly’s goal is to share her love of the written word and write the hot and erotic romances that she enjoys. She writes what she loves to read and it was only a matter of time before her obsessions crept into her writing for her to share. She hopes you enjoy her tales as much as she loves writing them.

A Navy Veteran, Beverly has traveled around the world and the United States enabling her to bring her settings to life, meeting and marrying her husband of twenty five years along the way for her own romance. Reading romances since the fourth grade she’s followed as the genre changed and spread into the vast cornucopia of romance offered today.


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Dragons’ Mate

be297-dragons2bmate_finalcoverDragons’ Mate

By Beverly Ovalle

Published: Boroughs Publishing Group

They had been searching for their mate, but when they find her she is traumatized and scared to be around strange men. They must get her to accept them before they reveal their true natures. Will their love be strong enough to break down her barriers? Could she truly be destined to love two dragons?

Today Annie’s dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome—and true love.


They slowly stared her down, gold and green eyes unblinking. Grrr, dragons. Sometimes she could tell they thought they were boss.

Tine suddenly leapt up and licked her from head to toe. Ew. Brand followed suit and licked her too, evidently not to be outdone. Ugh. Now she was wet and sticky all over. Glaring at them, she stripped and dove into the pond. The sensation was decadent, the movement of the warm water caressing her hypersensitive body. Then the water swirled behind her and she recognized the dragons had followed her in.

“Get out!” she cried, surfacing. She did not want to share. The boys were the reason she needed to rinse off in the first place.

Of course they didn’t listen; they loved to play like this. Brand came up beneath her, positioning himself so that Annie was straddling his snout, and he lifted her up out of the water atop his head. After the dream she’d had, her flesh was tingling and reactive, and she had a flash of panic. That supple dragonskin kindled heat better left unexplored, and she was just about to dismount when Tine leapt up and nudged her forward, tumbling her off and dumping her headfirst into the water. From the noises, she swore both dragons were laughing. Then she thought she heard, It is time.

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