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Home Signal ~ Sarah Cass

HomeSignal_LGHome Signal (The Dominion Falls Series Book 5)



Jane and Cole must walk through fire to save their home and business. Will it be enough when one of their own turns against them?


The Hangman’s Inn is in jeopardy. Pregnant whores and a dead dealer are only the lead-in to fiery destruction. Jane and Cole soon realize that someone is targeting their business.


The newlyweds must negotiate a surprise visit from their investor in order to keep from losing everything. With the pregnancy taking a turn for the worse, and the underage whore they take on as a ward, life doesn’t show any signs of letting them rest.


Cole and Jane must find the culprit to put a stop to their downfall before it’s too late.


The darkest hour comes just before dawn, and what should be a rescue turns into an hour of great sacrifice. Jane is left with a choice—succumb to the darkness like her predecessor, Clara—or stand tall and fight.


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Sarah Cass’s world is regularly turned upside down by her three special-needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers, dabbling in horror, straight fiction, and urban fantasy. An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible and though she may emerge scarred, she’s also stronger. While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpses into her life and art.




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