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From Me to You Friday ~ Beverly

I’ve been a bit silent lately! Working behind the scenes so to speak. December is a busy busy month for me. For everyone, but my day job is a Postmaster and December is a non stop work fest to get packages and cards out across the country and to the world!


Since then I’ve been working frantically on a military story for an anthology. I don’t know whether it will be accepted or not, but I want to try. I have until Feb 15 to submit and it will be close!

I will be hunting for beta readers so it you are interested in beta reading for me for this or any of my books, drop me a line!

I’ve also been working on polishing up my novel Stealing Hope, A Dragon’s Fated Heart. It is the first in a series contracted by Ardent Publishing.

I’ve been working on the synopsis and blurb, tag lines and soundbites. Pretty intense stuff!

Here is the blurb I think I’ve settled on. Until it’s on the back of the book it is subject to change!

Volcanoes shake the land, stirring awake the dragons that live deep within its depths. Rising, awakened to a changed world, Ari heads out to explore. Mankind has been decimated. The earth once again green and growing. An instinct inside him is growing, one that can only be bringing him to the one person fate has created just for him – his dragon’s mate.

Attacked by wild dogs and minutes away from being a cougar’s meal while out hunting, Hope is suddenly snatched into the sky by a creature that can’t be real. Dragons are only real in myths and legends. Stealing Hope away, Ari doesn’t realize that she feels in greater danger from him. His only thought is to rescue his mate. 

Hope injures the creature to escape. Her choice to be eaten or fall to her death in the waters below. Now shapeshifted to a man, Ari rescues her. Hope begs him to take her to her family not knowing he was the creature that stole her. 

Each touch between Ari and Hope sends a sensual tension wrapping around them both. Passion explodes, igniting fires hotter than dragon flame. Ari’s passion spirals Hope into the mating ritual. The sensual and erotic sensations wind through Hope, making her crave more as her soul reaches for satisfaction. 

Hope doesn’t know that the ritual will change her into a dragon, changing her life for all time and binding her forever with the man whose touch sets her aflame in this erotic paranormal romance.

A tagline is usually found on the front of the book. Here is the one I’ve come up with:

Technology is but a distant memory, a legend. Another legend awakens on an erotic hunt, hungry for the human fated to complete this dragon’s soul.

Can you tell it is an erotic tale involving dragon shifters?

I already have the second book written and it is out with a couple of people but it needs work. I hope to submit Finding Faith by the end of July.  I’m planning to write the third book in November. A Dragon’s Fated Heart series has been my NaNoWriMo project for the last two years. It works for me, so I might as well keep it up!