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Waltz of Seduction by Natasha Blackthorne

New Release: Waltz of Seduction by Natasha Blackthorne ~ A Steamy Regency Novella

It all started with a daring red ball gown…

common-born Sara wants to seduce her husband. Her handsome, noble-born husband wants only to teach her how to waltz. But who knew a
waltz could be so naughty?


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Lord Lockhart loves his new bride. Yet he also knows that a gentleman
doesn’t inflict his passionate desires on a wife. The marriage bed is
for begetting heirs, not animal lust. No matter how much he desires his
wife. But under Lady Lockhart’s shyness is a determination to tempt her
handsome husband, to satisfy them both and spend every night together in
her bed.
Innocent waltzing lessons in their chambers soon become
passionate, and may lead the newlyweds to overcome their preconceptions
and learn to be lovers, as well as man and wife.

A Message from Natasha Blackthorne:

Dear Readers,

On May 20, 2011, I made my debut as a published author with Waltz of Seduction through Ellora’s Cave under their Quickies® line. Now I am re-releasing this short novella. I hope you enjoy this short story for what it is, a snapshot of one moment of time between a young misinformed husband and an innocent and shy but eager young wife. The heat level is Scorching Hot Romance and it contains some sensual bondage.


Waltz of Seduction

Copyright © 2011 Natasha Blackthorne

Alarm accelerated her heartbeat and she glanced up at him. “What are you doing?”

“Trust me.” He moved behind her and took both her hands. She felt him tugging and pulling.

Then he faced her. “Now we try again.”

She pulled at her hands. She couldn’t move them. He had bound them together. “Colin?”

He came back to face her and clasped the sides of her waist, holding her firmly. “I will not let you fall. Do you trust me?”

“I suppose,” she replied. But she worried about his state of mind. He did seem a little foxed.

He began to move, slowly. She stared down at her feet.

“Stop counting the steps.” He pointed at his face. “Look me in the eyes. Feel this in your body, not your head. Trust me.”

Her feet wouldn’t obey.

“In my eyes,” he said.

She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on this mysterious thing

he seemed to think she would see in his eyes. He smiled at her and then

she did feel something in her belly. A gushy sensation that did

nothing to steady her balance. She returned his smile. He was certainly

more handsome than her dancing master had been. More graceful as well.

They finished the dance with a few trips and stops. Then mercifully, it

was over.

They rested a moment.

“I think I have it, will you untie me now?”

“Oh no, my Lady Lockhart. That was just practice. If you trip this time, you shall owe me two waltzes at that ball.”

It was an unfair edict. She felt helpless as a marionette in his arms. She didn’t know how she was expected to keep her balance.

After a time, his steady blue gaze transfixed her. She forgot about her feet

and just followed him. He was right, there was something in the

stomach. A feeling of connection between what she saw in his eyes and

how her feet seemed to move in tune with his as if by magic. He twirled

her faster and faster until she was laughing and trying to catch her

breath. He slowed down and bent his mouth to her ear.

“This is waltzing. And you dance beautifully when you forget yourself.” His

husky voice sent shivers though her.

His lips touched hers. His tongue caressed her lower lip in feathery

strokes. Her lips parted of their own volition and his tongue swept

into her mouth. Hot, wet and wine tinged.

Dear sweet heaven.

He had never kissed her like this. She wanted to embrace him but he

didn’t seem in a hurry to release her from her bonds. Maybe she should

ask. But then, Priscilla said men didn’t like to be directed in the


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Unlimited **
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About the Author
Natasha Blackthorne writes Scorching Hot Historical Romance where deeply flawed characters find love &
trust. Her stories are most frequently about the intimate journey of the characters as they learn to open their hearts to love.

Natasha’s heroines are not perfect ladies. They are wildflowers and wallflowers who flirt with the forbidden. Whether they are bold or shy, these heroines’ strong desires and deep emotions drive the plot and drive their strong, dominant heroes heroes to the point of no return.
Natasha holds a B.A. in History, loves reading, cats and music.
Connect with Natasha Blackthorne online:

Date in Disguise ~ Laura Westbrook

Title: Date in Disguise: A Billionaire Romance
Author: Laura Westbrook
Genre: Steamy Romance
Length: Novella
Heat Level: 4 out of 5 bonfires

The plan is simple…

Wear a wire, fake a name, and seduce the billionaire responsible for sending her late father’s business into a death spiral. While Faye isn’t excited about her brothers’ plan, and definitely unsure of her ability to seduce anyone, let alone a playboy billionaire, she’ll do anything to save the last remaining link to her father.

But Gavin Walsh isn’t who she thought he’d be. He’s smart, funny, and kind. Worst of all, she might be falling for him. But if he ever finds out who she is and what she’s done, he’ll be furious. If she fails, her brothers will be furious. What’s a girl to do?

If you enjoy steamy romance stories with alpha men, guilty pleasures, happily ever afters, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a touch over-the-top, then you’ll love Date in Disguise. Get your fix with a story that hits the spot and doesn’t take all year to read.

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the little next door

the little next door

The stark desire in her Daddy’s gaze rocked Sloan to her core. Could he honestly want her – not just the Little playing in his bathtub – but also the woman she was as well? Sure, she’d had fantasies in high school and college about the boy who’d lived next door to her Grams. What girl wouldn’t? Ethan Ramsay had been a hottie at eighteen, and now pushing thirty-five he’d finally grown into his body, and could have any woman he wanted. He was so out of her league, she had never even entertained the idea he might find her attractive. For that matter, he’d never even shown the slightest inkling of being interested either. “No response?” Ethan continued to run the sponge over her limbs. “You mean I finally figured out a way to silence the chattiest girl on the block?” “I guess.” She shrugged her shoulders. “You never had a lack of female attention even back then. I’ve always just been your neighbor’s granddaughter.” She blew out a steady stream of air, as he dragged the sponge closer to her sex. “I don’t really know what you want me to say, Daddy. I never expected to be in this situation.” “The truth would be good.” He tossed the sponge away. “Remember Daddy doesn’t like it when his princess lies to him.” “I know.” She scrunched up her nose. “Soap is sooo nasty.” “It is – but damned effective.” He kept his gaze on hers, refusing to allow her to hide from him. “Remember that while you’re answering my next question.” “Okay.” Her fingers gripped the edge of the tub. “Earlier, in the living room, when you were over my lap, was my little girl aroused?” Her cheeks heated, knowing he wasn’t asking if the movie had gotten her going – not that Dan Stevens wasn’t sexy enough to make most women drool. No, he wanted her to admit that his taking her to task had made her horny. Deciding not to risk another round of soap – considering there was a bar sitting on the bathroom sink, she nodded. “Yes, Daddy.” “From the spanking itself or being across your daddy’s knee?” His fingers traced the inside of her thigh, moving closer to her sex. She made a sound that was a cross between a whimper and plea. “Both – at least at first.” “At first?” His hand paused just short of the smattering of curls at the apex of her legs. “Well, yeah.” She shifted slightly, bringing her pussy into closer proximity. “The punishment spanking hurt, Daddy.” “Of course, it did – or it wouldn’t deter you from repeated bad behavior.” He glanced up at her nipples, then to her face. “Last question. Will you let Daddy make you feel good?”

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Finding Faith


The apocalypse had been and gone.
Those left banded together for survival, creating safety from the chaos.
They succeeded.

Faith wanted more, she wanted to live, to love, fly free. More than survival, Faith craved adventure. Leaving home, seeking a new life, all that ceased when she witnessed her sister being abducted-by dragons, creatures shrouded in myth. Determined to rescue her, Faith begins an adventure she never wants to end.

Dragon shifter Crag follows his heart, hunting for his fated mate. Once he finds her, Crag is determined to keep her safe, from all threats. Admitting he is a dragon shifter and involved in her sister’s kidnapping may be the end of them.

Until the interference of a race of dragons desperate for survival grasps their only chance, stealing Faith and drawing Crag along to save her.


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I’m Emerson, and my “to do” list is longer than I’d like. You might wonder what kind of woman comes up with a sex bucket list? Answer — the kind who’s been in a sex drought, has two crazy girlfriends encouraging her, and one too many bottles of wine.

This kind of list requires special skill. And I have just the man in mind to help me. He’s younger. So that checks one thing off my list. And he’s the kind of man every woman should sleep with at least once in her life. The kind of man who knows his way around a woman’s body. And God, I’d like him to know mine.

Armed with new lingerie and a fancy high-tech vibrator, I’m taking charge. Of love, of life, and my libido. How hard can that be? Well, judging by the rate of pole dancing injuries, I might be in trouble.

But how much trouble can one woman get in? Giving your panties to a stranger isn’t illegal in Georgia, is it?

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A Single Parent Collection

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What’s sexier than a Single Dad? What’s more resilient than a Single Mom?

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A Single Parent Collection
14 Authors. 14 Stories.
Sexy Single Dads. Strong Single Moms.

THEN THERE WAS YOU features single parents who weren’t looking—didn’t need anyone—until the right someone came along.

Experience the highs and lows of parenthood, love lost and gained, and new beginnings with this collection of stories. They’re sure to leave you with a full heart and a smile on your face.

Proceeds will be donated to Family Promise, a non-profit organization which addresses family homelessness.

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by Alexandra Silva


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“Beautifully and artfully written… scorching hot chemistry, mystery, and angst, you’re sure to feel this one soul deep. Settle in for a read you’re not soon to forget.” – Amazon reviewer

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One glance across a dim, crowded room. That’s all it took for my life to change.

One moment. One look. One touch. From him…

The man with no name. He is everywhere I go and everywhere I turn. He is in my thoughts and daydreams. He’s a constant want and need I can’t escape.

I don’t want to.

The closer he gets the more I crave him. I crave his intensity and his fire. I crave his biting words and rough touches. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever known and his touch is unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

He unravels me. My life. Everything I’ve ever known, until all that’s left are secrets that never seem to end.

Until all that’s left is ashes and blood.

Until we burn.


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Feared like death, worshipped like light;
He was my breath, and I was poisoned at first sight.

Just as the earth was round, I, Bianca Di Vaio, have always been sick. I’d spent most of my life confined in my room, secluded in my mansion, and off-limits to all the men who worked for my father, the kingpin of Manhattan.

Then one night, I heard his voice.

Antonio Castillo talked like desire but looked like death; dressed in all black wearing a metal skull for a face. He was the deadliest man at my father’s disposal. The Knight who earned the name, Grim Reaper.

Have you ever heard the story about a caged young girl who met her knight in broken armor?

*CEIFADOR X is a PREQUEL to THE KNIGHT’S ROSE and must be read beforehand*
Ceifador X ends with a cliff hanger and will continue in The Knight’s Rose. This book contains steamy, graphic and taboo material between an older man and a younger girl that might be offensive for some.



Submissive Lies ~ Release Blitz



Title: Submissive Lies
Author: Shane Starrett
Genre: Erotic Romance with themes of infidelity
Release Date: August 10, 2019
Thomas was everything a woman should want. Smart, sweet,
gorgeous… but that first spark I’d felt between us had fizzled. There’s
something wrong with me, something broken. Or… at least I thought it was
broken. Then I met Steve. We went from spark to raging inferno with one flick
of his eyebrow, one dangerous smile, and now all I can think about is the side
of myself I’d tried so hard to lock away. He’s everything Thomas isn’t. He’s
everything I’ve been missing. Fire and passion… and dominance. If I was a
good girl, a vanilla girl, I could have been happy with Thomas. But now that
I’ve met Steve, I know that’s impossible.
My name is Jen. I am a submissive.
I’ve deceived everyone around me about who I am, and I’ve
lied to myself. But this time I won’t.
This time I will choose happiness… even if it





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“Okay. Jen.” Thomas’ shoulders relaxed in another small
release of tension as he gave a slight chuckle. “just for future reference,
you might want to think of another way of starting a conversation right
after we’ve had sex other than ‘Can we talk?’ followed by ‘Have I ever told you
about my past lovers?’”
“Ugh.” I slumped back a bit, groaning. “This is getting all
twisted around…”
He laughed, then reached down, kissing the top of my head.
“It’s fine. Just tell me what this is about.”
“In my past relationships, I…” I paused, letting out a small
sigh. “Well, there have been certain things about them that were…well, aspects
of them that have included…umm…” I wasn’t sure exactly how to approach this.
This was not a conversation I’d ever thought I was going to need to have with
him and coupled with the fact that the discussion had already gotten off to an
awkward start, I was quickly beginning to lose my resolve to continue. However,
Thomas was patient and didn’t press me.
“Certain,” I picked up where I had stopped. “…certain, uh,
what people would call … kinky things.” I looked up at him, hopeful, expectant,
and saw his expression change from mild uncertainty to one of bemusement.
“Kinky things?”
“Yeah, you know, kinky…sexual things.”
“Okay.” Thomas frowned, his brows knitting together. He was
deep in lawyer mode, and I could almost see his brain attacking this. “Are we
talking about things like the toys in your drawer?” He made a slight motion
towards the nightstand on my side of the bed.
“Well,” I pursed my lips together, taking a deep breath,
trying not to let my frustration show. “Those could be considered part of it, I
suppose, but what I’m referring to are things that would be a little
more…pronounced than that.”
Author Bio
Shane Starrett has spent twenty-five years writing steamy,
erotic technical documents (okay, the erotic part is probably a bit of a
stretch) for major companies in the live events industry. His first novel, Submissive
, was long in coming, but with guidance from his long-time beta reader
of 30 years (Ms. Starrett), it is now complete and available. When he isn’t
writing, which isn’t often, he can be found hiking trails up and down the
Sierra Nevada’s, and the coastal range in Southern California.
Author Links

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Sometimes it takes a miracle to find your heart’s desire…

Scotland, 1182: Banished from his homeland, Thomas of Clan Kincaid lives among distant relatives, reluctantly accepting he may never return home… Until an encounter with the castle’s healer tells him of a woman traveling across time—for him… Dare he believe the impossible?

Present Day, Michigan: Jade Calloway is used to being alone, and as Christmas approaches, she’s skeptical when told she’ll embark on an extraordinary journey. How could a trip to San Francisco be anything but ordinary? But when a ring magically appears, and she sees a ghostly man in her dreams… Dare she believe in the possible?

Thrust back in time, Jade encounters Thomas—her fantasy ghost. Talk about extraordinary. But as time works against them, they must learn to trust in miracles. Can they accept impossible love before time interferes?

One Last Kiss first appeared the Bluestocking Belles’ 2018 holiday box set, Follow Your Star Home. It’s now available for individual sale. Bonus material includes several entries that appeared on the Belles’ blog the Teatime Tattler. Release date: July 11th.

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Castles in the Sand by Allie McCormack


Bennett’s heart belongs to the desert…

Will he have to choose between his love for his country and the woman of his dreams?

Castles in the Sand is a multi-cultural romance with a happy ever after.

A proud fighter pilot for the Taqara National Guard and fiercely loyal to the land of his birth, Bennett Al Mansour’s heart belongs to the desert, to his bedouin roots. But his dreams are shattered with the explosion of a landmine. Angry and embittered, he is sent to his brother’s home in California for a rehab that he has no interest in. As he rebuilds his life and works with Tanya to get back on his feet, Bennett discovers a new passion. But will he have to choose between his love for his country and his love for the woman of his dreams?

Hired by the wealthy and powerful Al Mansour family, Tanya Groves’ budding career as a physical therapist hinges on being able to get Bennett back on his feet and walking again. An orphan, she’s learned to make her own way in the world and has dreams of travel and fame as a top-notch physical therapist… dreams that leave no room for a home and family, despite her growing love for the intense, brooding Bennett.

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To Trap A Cop: The Lemonade Series

Deputy Commissioner of Police Reyansh Meran is having a bad week. And unfortunately it culminates with a very mad man shoving up a gun on his face.
The problem for Reyansh is that in the Police Force he has too few number of friends. He is not the kind of guy who made friends easily. Far from it.
The only silver lining is some improvement in his love life….

And so with a very few set of friends, most of whom were on the wrong side of law, Reyansh Meran has to try and find why a desperate man tried to escape prison just to kill him – because it definitely did not seem like a case of personal vendetta….

A romance/mystery.

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Meet Snow White, the beautiful yet dangerous daughter of Memphis’ biggest drug lords known to man. After her father’s sudden death, her brother Trey takes over the streets thus claiming his rightful place on the throne. Only with the position of being King, there’s always a price to pay. What will that price be and will it leave Snow to wind up fending for herself in the end?
Yay-o aka Michael Miller has just set up turf as King of the Dirty South and is by far one of the most notorious drug dealers around. That is until certain life changing events occur, putting the whole dope game on lockdown. Will Michael be able to find his way up out of this one, or will the Memphis 10 area get to finally witness his other side?
Chocolate has been Yay-o’s bottom bitch for the longest. Yet no matter what she does to make him happy, it just never seems to be enough and she is now drained. Being completed fed up and feeling depreciated, she decides that she wants to beat him at his own game. 

Only most of the time when a person cheats, there are major consequences. Will Chocolate be able to handle hers?

Come take an emotional roller coaster ride with that’s filled with love, lust, betrayal, money, mayhem and complete madness, as you journey your way through A DOPE BOY’S BLUES……………

Hood love on deckkkkkkkk🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


#dopeboy #kingpin #druglife #mayhem #murder #hoodbook #hoodrich#gritty #grimey #streetlife #blackwriters #blackgirlswrite #suspense#streetliterature #streetlitromance #completeseries


Keepers of Eternity Box Set

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Don’t miss these four steamy Southern Gothic tales of insanity, mayhem and witchcraft as Julienne Blackthorne returns to Blackthorne Manor in Virginia to rediscover her lost past. There, she walks straight into the unwelcome embrace of the man her mother feared: Morgan Saint-Evanston.

Dark. Brooding. Sexy as hell. Morgan is everything a woman desires, yet his ties to the occult have tainted his heart and blackened his soul. A man with an unholy past, he also isn’t what he seems to be. As his web of lies begins to unravel, Julienne learns he is on the run from a cultic realm — where human souls are open barter and swords and sorcery still rule…


Lady In Waiting: 99c or FREE in KU!

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I’m arrogant.
She’s sassy.
I’m a rule maker.
She’s a rule breaker.
I work for the prosecution.
She works for the defense.

We are enemies, yet I crave her more than anything. A night twisted beneath the sheets doesn’t equal a lifetime commitment, but it does begin my downward spiral.

I’ve dusted myself off more than once, but she’s a smudge that refuses to budge. This pompous, arrogant man doesn’t deserve her, so why does she keep giving herself to me?

Lady In Waiting is the first book in the Infinite Time Trilogy. Due to adult situations, it is recommended for readers over the age of eighteen.


🏄‍♀️🇺🇸🏖 BEACH READ ~ NOVEL SPOTLIGHT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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HAVE I GOT A ROMANCE FOR YOU! Finding love can be tricky, especially after domestic abuse. A SECOND-CHANCE ROMANCE 😉 FOR EVERY GIRL WHO’S EVER WANTED TO GET EVEN 😠
Reg. $4.99
★★★★★ Dana Pratola is the Master of the Great Escape! ★★★★★


Celebrating Love

99 cents. Releasing July 4th

Red hot fireworks light up the sky in this group of stories! Several authors and different genres come together with a common goal of romantic kisses under the starry blasts of rockets.
Miki Ward, Garrett Ward, LM Wilson, Michelle Hoffman, Cleo Grace, Elizabeth Ellis, and Emery Adams charm us with their stories. The heat level goes from tension to bam depending on the story. There is something for everyone in this book.