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From Me to You


How is the Covid treating you? We do a lot of social distancing. Mainly because I’m retired and my husband works graveyard. Neither of us sees a lot of people. I keep a full freezer so we go out mainly to buy essentials. And babysit. Since the girls moved, I babysit about three days a week. You think I’d be more productive. WRONG, lol.

The other days, two of them my husband is off, so I don’t do a lot of writing, if any on those days. So, that leaves me, what? Two days a week to write. Not as much as I’d hoped. BUT BUT BUT, my granddaughter starts school this year. Maybe, hopefully. Then I’ll have five days a week to write. Depending on this virus.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been doing. I have been writing. I’m actually working on a cookbook!


I love to cook. I’ve hunted for a cookbook on this particular topic and can’t find one. So, my cookbook is born. I’m working on it, collecting recipes. I’m trying all of them and changing them to fit my taste. And no, I’m not telling, lol. My luck someone faster will put one out on the subject. I am hoping to have it completed by my first book signing next year in April.

I’m also working on my next book in A Dragon’s Fated Heart. I have been and plan on having it out this year. My plans for getting certain books out has fallen off a bit more than I planned. Mainly because other books I’ve started in the past, I’ve had a bit of inspiration for a couple of them so my writing has been on them. I am determined to have China Fleet Club completed. I thought I’d have it out in May, but life got in the way. So I’m dabbling in a lot, but I have to make sure I get something out! Not just write a little bit forever. Though, honestly, that would keep me happy, lol.

So, have a great weekend. I’m hoping it get some more fishing in.

I am retired after all!
















Both fish were legal limit. I didn’t even know our lake had bass! Catfish I knew, lol.