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Review – To Be Yours Forever by Elliot Richard Dorfman


Since a child, drama teacher Norma Feinstein, has been infatuated with the 1940s after seeing a musical film made during that era. Her life begins to fall apart when at twenty-three years old she discovers she has the ability to travel back in time. To her shock, Norma learns she was Kathryn Murrow, the budding Hollywood star of “Sky’s The Limit”, the film which began her fascination with the past.

Unable to deal with the pressures of living two lives, one in the present time and one in the 1940’s, Norma seeks help from Dr. Darryl Costner, an eminent psychiatrist interested in reincarnation. Darryl becomes worried that Norma will negatively affect the time continuum when he learns she wants to save her former fiancé Trent Taylor, crooner, and costar of “Sky’s The Limit,” from a so-called accidental death.

With this case becoming too complex for him to handle, Costner gets his friend, Shawn Nolan, a scientist from a governmental agency that has discovered how to time travel, to help him with Norma. Assisted by Gary Hertzman, Costner’s young associate, Shawn takes Norma to his secret lab in Arizona where he searches to find a way to prevent Norma from saving her former lover from sixty-six years ago. If he fails in his task, the very future of the country could be extremely bleak. Will he succeed? The story’s conclusion will captivate the readers of this multilevel novel full of suspense, surprises, and twists.

Diana’s Review

As a stand alone book, I found it light and very easy to read.   An interesting fantasy,  I received this book for a fair and honest review.

The overall theme of this book is that of finding your soul mate and being reborn again and finding each other in another time.  Does it really happen?   Well Norma Feinstein appears to have tapped into one of her previous lives.  Post WWII.   I love the basic story.   It started out slow and I was wondering where the author was going for several chapters.  As I read through the story, I became invested in what the outcome could possibly be.    Would Norma find a way to stop slipping back into her former self?   Would she make the difficult decisions, she is facing throughout the book?

While I was interested in the story, I could not exactly get into the characters quite as well.  Especially Gavin, Norma’s fiancé who seemed far to easy going considering what was happening to Norma.  But maybe that is just me.   The psychiatrists and scientists trying to help Norma, maybe, but again I was not believing the explanation of DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  To me it seems to contrived to be real.   Am I a cynic?  Maybe.   Also, I found her mother’s behavior odd or maybe unrealistic.  I would have liked to feel more personality from everyone.   Norma herself seemed so gullible and accepting of some things, like going away suddenly to Arizona to an isolated secret government agency.   But hey if my mind was transporting me to other time periods maybe I would be a bit muddled as well.

Sex is only eluded to at times, and mostly chaste.   Some kissing, and maybe it would be called heavy petting.   So I am thinking high school age is okay.

So overall, I enjoyed the book for what it was, a quick fantasy read.

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