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Review- Cubed- Brenda Lyons


On the Earth colony Kielan in the far future, social standing is based on two things, family affiliation and power. All power is psi. Every individual has between five and forty units of psi power, but on Kielan, soulmates and bond-siblings are a way of life. By the science of matches, power increases geometrically by finding pairs destined to you.

When Balin Night sub Summer, a member of a bond-mated Trio, finds her bond-sister, a classless waif named Riann, she believes she has completed a bond-mated Quartet. To everyone’s surprise, Riann is soulmate to the unmated single of their Trio, Lio. They have formed one of the rare Quatrels, and the untrained Riann is their cornerstone.

But there is a secret surrounding Riann. She is a member of one of the four great houses on Kielan and not lowborn as her name would suggest, but how could such a thing occur? It is up to Lio and Talek to solve the mystery of Riann’s past and help her find her way as one of the true elite of their world.


Cara’s Review

This book was a fun and awesome romp through a new world.  Each Chapter begins with a little snippet of information regarding this new society, both past and future.  While introducing a new world can be a bit overwhelming, to both the author and reader, Brenda Lyons did a great job in paring down information to essentials.  I greatly anticipate further works focused on this world, because she set up such a wonderfully rich backdrop.

That being said, there is a LOT of information about the new world, the different families, and what bonding means.  Though slightly confusing in the beginning, by the end, everything becomes clear.  Though a typical story of a hidden powerful princess, Lyons brings something new to the telling.  There are so many different layers and an amazing future to explore!  I’m pretty sure these couples will be creating enough energy to light up the world for a while!

I’d recommend this book to those who love Cinderella romances, HAE, and love that comes in all shapes and sizes.

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