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Red fighting dragon, Brimstone the Crusher, is dragged into the human realm, at the order of the Dragon King. A bad-assed, seven foot wall of muscle, he’d rather be killing demons than learning about humans. Yet, when he discovers his true mate in a feisty little human woman, his whole world is turned upside down.

Author, Amber Anderson, is on holiday in Darwin, Australia, when she is rescued by the tallest, sexiest man she’s ever met. She jumps at the chance to use a willing Brimstone as her research subject. Amber begins to realize she may be in over her head, though, as strange things start to happen, including being kidnapped by a demon.

Amber’s fictional fantasies turn into deadly reality, when Brimstone is forced to bring out his killer dragon to defend his mate. They discover there is more going on around them than any of them realized.


Cara’s Review

Dragon Down Under 3, brings us back to lovely Australia, where there just happens to be a portal to the Dragon World.  Brimstone the Red and Slade the Sly volunteer (ahem) to come to the Human Realm to learn more about humans, and the possibllities of finding more true mates amongst them.

We are treated with revisits to the characters from books one and two, as well as the exciting sexy tale of Amber and Brimstone.  I see a long and sex filled future for these two!  All three of the Dragon Down Under series are well written, and great reads.  You don’t really have to have read the first two to follow along with this book, but it will help you understand the characters frames of reference.

I like Amber’s character, especially when she stands up to her verbally and emotionally abusive boyfriend, and the fact that she is a writer of paranormal erotic fantasy just makes her more interesting.  Brim is a hot and heavy Alpha male, who I definitley wouldn’t mind him being my hero!  I am definitely looking forward to more books in this series, and I hope Ms. Castle incorporates Ambers Guide to Humans.

Also, the sex and love scenes are hot, hot, hot…which is also a definite plus.  I want the next book to be Slade’s story, please!!!!  I’m going to love seeing the smooth operators downfall when he finds his true mate.

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