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FREE book Alert- Sacred Waters- Lydia Micahel- FREE- This weekend ONLY!


Colin McCullough has always known the path his life would take and at summer’s end he will finally make his Holy Orders. But what should have been a relaxing summer in the mountains with his large Irish family turns into an interlude plagued with temptation the moment his brother brings home the enchanting Samantha Dougherty.

When Samantha agrees to spend her summer break with Braydon McCullough she soon realizes his intentions are not what they seemed. While coping with Braydon’s assumptions that they are in a relationship, Samantha’s vacation only becomes more complicated when she meets his older brother, Colin, the soon to be priest! What was intended to be a peaceful holiday turns into an unforgettable experience of loyalty, lust, sacrifice, courage, and love.


This is the first book in one of my Favorite Series’

Here is a copy of my review:

Lydia Michael doesn’t do easy or stereotypical romance novels. Sacred Waters was a wonderfully moving love story. I loved the McCullough family. Maureen the matriarch is a hoot of an Irish lady with the mouth of a sailor on leave. The two Marys were hilarious and the whole clan just makes you fall in love. But, Colin and Samantha? Damn! What is it that is so hot about forbidden romance?
The “sex” scenes in this book are like none you have ever read in romance before.I don’t want to give spoilers, so let’s just say, grab your tissues, a glass of wine and curl up with the McCullough gang. You won’t be sorry!

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