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Review – To Be Yours Forever by Elliot Richard Dorfman


Since a child, drama teacher Norma Feinstein, has been infatuated with the 1940s after seeing a musical film made during that era. Her life begins to fall apart when at twenty-three years old she discovers she has the ability to travel back in time. To her shock, Norma learns she was Kathryn Murrow, the budding Hollywood star of “Sky’s The Limit”, the film which began her fascination with the past.

Unable to deal with the pressures of living two lives, one in the present time and one in the 1940’s, Norma seeks help from Dr. Darryl Costner, an eminent psychiatrist interested in reincarnation. Darryl becomes worried that Norma will negatively affect the time continuum when he learns she wants to save her former fiancé Trent Taylor, crooner, and costar of “Sky’s The Limit,” from a so-called accidental death.

With this case becoming too complex for him to handle, Costner gets his friend, Shawn Nolan, a scientist from a governmental agency that has discovered how to time travel, to help him with Norma. Assisted by Gary Hertzman, Costner’s young associate, Shawn takes Norma to his secret lab in Arizona where he searches to find a way to prevent Norma from saving her former lover from sixty-six years ago. If he fails in his task, the very future of the country could be extremely bleak. Will he succeed? The story’s conclusion will captivate the readers of this multilevel novel full of suspense, surprises, and twists.

Diana’s Review

As a stand alone book, I found it light and very easy to read.   An interesting fantasy,  I received this book for a fair and honest review.

The overall theme of this book is that of finding your soul mate and being reborn again and finding each other in another time.  Does it really happen?   Well Norma Feinstein appears to have tapped into one of her previous lives.  Post WWII.   I love the basic story.   It started out slow and I was wondering where the author was going for several chapters.  As I read through the story, I became invested in what the outcome could possibly be.    Would Norma find a way to stop slipping back into her former self?   Would she make the difficult decisions, she is facing throughout the book?

While I was interested in the story, I could not exactly get into the characters quite as well.  Especially Gavin, Norma’s fiancé who seemed far to easy going considering what was happening to Norma.  But maybe that is just me.   The psychiatrists and scientists trying to help Norma, maybe, but again I was not believing the explanation of DARPA, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  To me it seems to contrived to be real.   Am I a cynic?  Maybe.   Also, I found her mother’s behavior odd or maybe unrealistic.  I would have liked to feel more personality from everyone.   Norma herself seemed so gullible and accepting of some things, like going away suddenly to Arizona to an isolated secret government agency.   But hey if my mind was transporting me to other time periods maybe I would be a bit muddled as well.

Sex is only eluded to at times, and mostly chaste.   Some kissing, and maybe it would be called heavy petting.   So I am thinking high school age is okay.

So overall, I enjoyed the book for what it was, a quick fantasy read.

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On the Road with SCP- A Gentleman Always Finds Out- Layna Pimentel



Ruined and jilted, Mariah Harris, with her
cousin, plots against the rogue who dared to insult her and her family. What
she doesn’t expect is for their plan to lead them astray…on the wrong side of
the law.
Julian Kingsley is ready to give up working
for the crown, only he’s given one last mission. He agrees, but gets more than
he bargains for. When a dalliance with a mysterious woman suddenly reveals her
connections to his case, he’s honor bound to turn her in, but his heart can’t
seem to give her up.


May 15, 1816
London, England
“Edwina Mosley, you are out of your ever-loving mind! We look like…You are dressed as a
strumpet and well…I am in breeches. I look far too feminine to be a man!” Mariah
Harris scowled and clenched her fists at her sides. This whole plot was
idiotic, and if they were not thrown in Newgate, they would certainly end up in
“Yes, of course, dear. I thought you understood our plan from the beginning. It is a
sound one, cousin. Once I stop the messenger and beg his assistance, you will
sneak out of those bushes and snatch his bag,” Edwina retorted with a drawl.
“My sources have informed me that he passes through here every night at the
same time. So, we shall not be waiting long.”
How can she be so sure? Mariah gritted her teeth and curled her toes in irritation. “If there was ever a
moment I regret, it was telling you about this mess with Crispin. I only meant
to find out where he is staying in London and who with. My poor father is
convinced he will come back, but if he does, it will only be for food and
shelter.” Nothing more. He had successfully made Mariah the largest fool in all of Kent. That blasted scoundrel!
“Mariah, I am positive this plan will work. Once the satchel is in our possession, we
will rifle through for anything addressed to Crispin. From there, you will be
free to humiliate the stupid sod and carry on with your life. Now, stop being a
ninny and go hide. Hurry! I think I hear a horse.”
Mariah wandered into the shrubbery, hoping she did not step on an adder, or even
worse, walk through a spider’s web. Good
heavens, if papa ever found out I dressed in a man’s riding outfit, he would
send me away to a nunnery for certain.
A few moments passed before the sound of a galloping horse approached. The beast
slowed his gait by trotting as he grew closer, coming to a halt where Edwina
stood next to a wagon.
She pleaded in a tone befitting a damsel in distress, “Please, sir. I am in need of
assistance. I implore you. I should have been home hours ago, but the cart…”
“Say no more, miss. I will see what I can do.” the messenger stated plainly. “Should
I dare ask how long you have been stranded for?”
“Only for an hour, sir. I am on my way to London and thought to stop in Maidstone for
the night.”
When Mariah popped her head out, she spotted the young man climbing down from his
mount. Off in the distance, a rickety cart approached
, the driver swaying in his
. Now, we are were done for. Before they had
left her shop, Edwina had managed to convince her that this road was not much
travelled on after dark. Only the gent delivering messages from the militia in
the north would be expected. What were the odds—on this particular night—that
another traveler would pass through?
Sliding the sack off his shoulder, the messenger crouched down by the rear wheel of the
pony wagon she and her cousin had sabotaged.
Not long after, Mariah heard the trundling of the other cart squeal until it came
to a stop. A middle-aged man stumbled out, falling flat on his face. Too foxed
to drive successfully, he clearly would not pose a problem to the scenario.
Now is my chance. Mariah leapt out of the bushes and, while everyone was too distracted in aiding the
sotted fool, she grabbed the bag before running back to her hiding spot. Only
this time, she did not stop. She ran like the devil until she found the meadow
in which she had left her own clothing and horse.
Heart racing, she dropped the cap her long hair had been tucked into, kicked off her
shoes, and quickly stripped out of the breeches and loose-fitting shirt she
wore. Then, she slipped on her cream-colored riding gown and strapped the
satchel to the mare, covering it with the blanket she had used to conceal her
dress while in disguise.
She wasted no time taking her place in the saddle. Wrapping her cape around her
shoulders, she shifted the side so that it hid the blanket as well before
riding back to the inn where she planned on meeting with Edwina. It would be a
miracle if they were not caught after this ludicrous theft.
The only visual she retained during the trip was the gallows, and it was that image
which kept her from slowing her pace. She had never committed a crime before,
and this would take the bucket as far as mischief went. Never in all her
twenty-one years had she stooped so low. It was unprecedented, outlandish, and
completely unforgivable.
Leave it to the man she had foolishly thought she was in love with. No one could
drive her to the brink of madness like Crispen. His words meant nothing. In
hindsight, his pledge of love and fidelity was meaningless. His ploy to get
under her skirts had worked, and now she was ruined.

In return, Mariah would ruin him. And I cannot wait to see his face when he is discovered. Where To Buy:

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna
discovered her love of reading at an early age. When she isn’t devouring
salacious romance novels or writing, she enjoys losing herself in researching
ancient history and mythology, weaponry, and hiking. She lives in Northern
Ontario, with her husband and two daughters.
Layna is a member of the Romance Writers of
America, creator of the Romance Author at Large blog, and is a monthly
contributor at 69 Shades of Smut. For updates on her upcoming releases, or to
leave her a comment, you can find at:
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On the Road with SCP- Stranded – Elle Evans


By Elle Evans
Ashley Carpenter’s
husband often keeps their sex life creative with carefully planned erotic
adventures. When Ashley playfully calls him boring, Joey ups the ante by
planning a weekend that she’ll never forget.
Instead of following
the path of sexy scenarios that he laid out for her, Ashley unknowingly carves
her own trail from one steamy scene to another. By the time she stumbles back
onto Joey’s itinerary, she begins to wonder how many of the men she has played
with, if any, were even part of the original plan.
Ashley convinces
herself that deep down her hunky hubby planned every detail of the erotic
weekend and that he will pop up any minute to spring the “surprise.”
When she finally meets up with Joey,
her world is literally rocked upside down. She discovers that he isn’t in on as
much of the wild weekend as she initially thought.


Excerpt 1
I opened one eye to the painfully bright sunlight that poured through the
vertical blinds. It immediately caused me to squint. Instinctively, I tried to
cover my eyes with my hand and panic set in when I realized that I couldn’t
Despite the bright light forcing itself on me, I opened both eyes wide and actually
felt my heart skip a beat. My arms were pulled up over my head and my wrists
were restrained tightly. There was a window to my left and the sunlight was
pouring in through the open curtains.
Where the fuck am I?
I begged myself for an answer, trying to make sense of it all.
I wanted to scream but realized that I couldn’t even do that. A medicinal taste
coated my tongue and even more panic set in as I realized that I had been tied
up and gagged, lying face down naked on a bed in a strange room with no idea
how I had arrived there.
I turned my head away from the window and peeked over my right shoulder to see a
set of mirrored closet doors. Looking at my reflection, I realized that I was
not naked, I was wearing black striped thigh-high stockings and high heeled
shoes that I had never seen before.
I knew it was futile, but I screamed into the plastic ball in my mouth anyway. I
screamed and I cried but there was no one around to hear me.
There is no one around. I guess that’s better than actually having someone there. Think Ash, think. What’s the
last thing that you remember?
I bent my arms as much as I could and tried to pull my wrists down towards my
head. It was no use. The padded cuffs were connected to a nylon strap and
looped through the headboard of the bed. My feet were bound as well with
similar restraints on each ankle. I couldn’t see what they were strapped to at
first, but then soon realized that each time I pulled my arms, I felt a tight
squeeze on my ankles. Someone had gone to great lengths to cleverly secure me
to that bed. But who?
I tried to wipe the cloud from my mind and retrace my steps to see if I could
solve the mystery. All of a sudden a new light hit me, this time however, the
light was the proverbial illumination you get in a moment of clarity.
Excerpt 2

I looked at Marcus with a pouty expression on my face, biting my lower lip and

flashing him sad puppy dog eyes.
“Miss Ashley loves it like that,” I said, not knowing the can of worms that I had
just opened. “But we have to ease into it.”
Oh shit. I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth. I couldn’t help it though. I
was so fully consumed with my little freak show that I wanted the full
I hopped off of the couch and slid the oval-shaped ottoman towards the window so
Joey could watch the rest of the show. I laid back and grabbed the first cock I
could reach, taking it in my mouth. I could taste myself on it and assumed that
it was the rigid pole that I just left on the couch. I supposed that at that
time it could have been any of them. I was sure that all seven of them had been
inside me at that point. As I lay there sucking on the man, now kneeling in
front of me, one of the bigger guys laid on top of me, crushing me into the
cushion. He could see that he was too heavy to lay his weight on me and rolled
us over, repositioning me on top of himself.
It was only a matter of seconds before he found his way back inside me. After a
couple minutes I felt the familiar pressure against my puckered ass and held my
breath. I was surprised that it took someone that long after I had just
announced to the whole world that Ashley
Carpenter likes it in the ass
. I held still on my knees for a second to get
comfortable and this time around whoever was back there was much more gentle.
The two men alternated strokes in and out of me, working up a serious friction
against the thin wall that separated their throbbing cocks. Once I could
comfortably accommodate them both, they bounced into me so hard that they
almost knocked my wig off.
The rest of the guys surrounded the plush pedestal and I looked up as they knelt
all around me. It felt like they were worshipping me. I was elated at the
thought of being the center of so much attention. They traded places over and
over until a pounding on the door interrupted the ceremony. The knock on the
door didn’t stop the man whose thick shaft was still buried in my backside
though. He was getting ready to unload the full sack that he had been slapping
into me. One of the guys wrapped in a towel turned the music down and the sole
sound left in the room was the grunting from behind me as he filled my ass with
a giant load of hot come. He held my waist tightly as his cock twitched and
jumped until he completely emptied his spent sack and then with a snap of his
hips, he gave me one more thrust that sent me tumbling forward onto the chest
of his buddy beneath me.
Marcus opened the door and Eddie, the rude hotel security guard, stepped in. This time
he brought a friend.
“I’m sorry, Joe,” Marcus said, as the lights came up.
Marcus. You’re killing me man. I know this is Vegas baby, but we do have other
guests. You have to keep it down. I’ve been getting complaints from people all
Did he just say Joe?
I looked up and saw the hotel manager standing inside the doorway with that
stupid security guard. I noticed the managers name tag and felt a knot in my
throat again.
Was this the ‘Joe’ that Marcus referred to all along? Does he even know Joey? Oh
fuck. Oh fuck, Oh fuck!
Elle Evans (Bio)
Elle is a writer and a
creative director. She is a member of the Graphic Artist’s Guild and the
American Society of Media Photographers.
She has written and edited advertising copy for multiple clients since 2002,
but contrary to her collegues’ opinions, she thinks that most advertising copy
is boring. While most advertising copy is also fiction, Elle believes that if
you are going to tell stories, you may as well make them juicy!While drawing on life experiences for the basis of most of her characters,
people watching throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast has provided an
interesting cache of great personalities to keep the wheels spinning.

Elle is an avid sailor and often reverts to an “old school” writing
approach with a yellow legal pad on the trampoline of her catamaran.  (She says that it’s a lot easier to deal with
a $3 notebook going overboard than a Macbook!)

Since 2011, she has been a member of the Writers Guild of America, East and has
written scripts for animation and commercial voice over, including training
videos and commercials for both television and radio.

 Elle is a connoisseur of fine tequilas and shortly after the publication of
Stranded; she was made an honorary Ambassador for Asombroso.



The Bull Rider Wears Pink – Jeanine McAdam


Thank you SSLY for hosting me today. I thought I’d say a few words about female bull riders. My latest book, THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK features Cassidy Cooper and her dream of becoming a bull rider while managing her thirteen-year-old son and rekindling an old romance.
While researching this book I learned about Maggie Parker currently the only professional female bull rider in the PBR. At 5’5 and 130 pounds Maggie rides bulls between 1500 and 2000 pounds. As a trailblazer Maggie has been told that girls “aren’t made for the sport.” But her coach Gary Leffew says, “she ain’t got no quit in her – she’s determined and she works long and hard on it.”

Unfortunately Maggie was hurt last August at the Cody Stampede Rodeo. Currently she is recovering from a spinal injury with two long rods and eight screws placed in her back. Maggie hopes to return to the rodeo circuit next year. As long as she can stay safe, I hope to see her there soon. But no matter what happens to Maggie’s dream of riding bulls she certainly is inspirational.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Win a copy of THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK.

Book Blurb:

Ex-undercover cop Cassidy Cooper always dreamed of becoming a bull rider and competing against the men. But more importantly she needs to rebuild her relationship with her thirteen-year-old son now that she’s home and done working the beat.

Dangerous …
Things get tangled when John Risk, Cassidy’s former partner and lover, comes back on the scene working undercover on the rodeo circuit while trying to infiltrate a prescription drug ring. But are those John’s only intentions? Besides busting the pushers it seems John is determined to convince Cassidy she is the woman he wants forever.

With danger and desire threatening to spin out of control, can Cassidy find room in her heart and her life to let John in once again? And…is there really a way for her to have it all? Conquer the toughest bulls, beat the top-notch men and ultimately find the happiness she craves for her life?


Remember to leave a comment. Win a copy of THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK.

Character Interview- Zane Ramsey – Zane’s Choice- Mardi Maxwell

ZANE’S CHOICE (The Doms of Club Mystique 4)
Beautiful, curvy, Ravyn Templeton saw Zane Ramsey in a BDSM club in Houston three years ago. He’s haunted her dreams ever since. When her ex-husband, Charles Dolman, is arrested for hiring an assassin to kill her Zane is appointed the prosecuting attorney on the case.
Zane is the youngest of the Ramsey brothers. He’s a Dom and part-owner of Club Mystique, the BDSM club he and his brothers built on their Texas ranch. The moment he meets Ravyn he wants her and she’s a willing participant in her own seduction. When her ex-husband accuses her of the crimes he’s committed and she refuses to answer Zane’s questions he leaves her.
Ravyn knows Charles has been laundering money for a drug cartel headed by Carlos Mendez. She also knows it won’t be long before Mendez orders her to confess to the crimes so Charles can be released from jail. She’ll have to do as she’s told but the price will be losing Zane forever unless he loves her enough to stand by her.
(Release date: 08/05/14 at )

light purple Zanes Choice ad

My contact sites:

Introduce yourself. What book are you from? Are you the hero, heroine, villain?

I’m Zane Ramsey and I’m the hero in Zane’s Choice, but I can also be the villain if anyone threatens my family. You don’t want to get on my bad side.

How did you come to your author’s attention?

My oldest brother, Cade, has lost his edge and he’s letting his wife, Addison, run wild. She’s been up to her old tricks and she’s stuck her nose in where it doesn’t belong. That’s how I came to Ms. Maxwell’s attention. She and Addison are thick as thieves. Both of them are big meddlers.
Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

Hell, yes. I’m not going down easy. You see I’ve learned a lot by watching my brothers (Cade, Jackson, Luc and Logan) deal with the women in their lives. I’m not going to make the same mistakes they’ve made. Besides, let’s just say I have certain needs they don’t have. It will take a special kind of woman to meet those needs.
What do you do for a living?

I’m an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas. I’m working a big case that involves the ex-husband of Ravyn Templeton. She’s exquisite. Beautiful face, lush body, and submissive, and, hell, I’ve made the mistake of letting my little brain control my big brain. ((wink))

Who is the love of your life?

Unfortunately, I think it might be Ravyn Templeton. Too bad she’s probably going to prison for the rest of her life.

What was the first thing you noticed about him/her?

I’d like to be able to say it was her smile or her eyes, but the truth is she has an ass I wanted to get my hands on. Soft and plump and rounded in all the right places.
What’s your greatest fear?

Falling in love with Ravyn. She’s keeping secrets and she’s been accused of selling drugs and laundering money through her late father’s corporation. She’s lying to me and I’m probably going to have to prosecute her and send her to prison for the rest of her life. I’m forcing myself to hold back but, damn, I want to get my hands on her again.

What’s your motto in life?

“It will be okay. Trust me!” It’s something my real dad used to say. He was a Marine like me, Luc, Logan and Jackson. That dumbass, Cade, went Green Beret. He always has to be different. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, our dad was gone all the time but when he found out how we’d been neglected by our real mom he left the military. Things were better until he and our mom died in a car wreck.

How do the other characters in your book view you?

I’m more serious than my brothers. After they served in the military they wanted to go home to the ranch in Rendezvous. I served and I never intended to return to the ranch. I wanted to get out into the world. I think it’s because they remember more about our biological parents and they have issues I don’t seem to have.

What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

I’m a Dom, of course, but let’s just say I have a definite idea of what I need from a woman, a sub, and I won’t settle for less. I’ve been searching for the right woman.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Dom training. A friend of ours, Clint McCabe, put us all through his training at Club Elysium in Dallas. Anything I do to a sub has been done to me. Made me really happy to be a Dom and not a sub. ((smiles))

Will we be seeing you in future books?

I’m sure we’ll all be showing up when you least expect it. Unlike Addison who only wants Cade, Ms. Maxwell is very possessive and can’t seem to let any of us go. ((grins))

What makes you happy?

Besides scening with the right submissive? Winning a big case at work. I believe in our justice system. That’s why I can’t trust Ravyn. She’s on the shady side of the law.

What makes you mad?

Being lied to by someone I’m trying to trust. I have absolutely no tolerance for that. If you betray me, I’ll do everything in my power to take you down. I think it’s a family trait.