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Review- Taken by her Alien Warriors by Doris O’Connor

AUT_O'ConnorDoris_TakenbyherAlienWarriors[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, public exhibition, HEA]

The men of any species have needs…

Gemini Hudson has grown up, knowing the truth behind those words, but what happens when those needs pitch lovers against each other in a war torn galaxy?

Cirrion Warrior Zorran rescued a nine year old Gemini in a rare show of compassion. Twelve years later his slave has grown into a beautiful young woman which he feels inexorably drawn to. However, she is only human and too fragile for his dark desires.  Desires he is certain he can only share with one man—his Drakan lover Ornack.

With Drakan at war with Cirrion the men’s relationship seems doomed to failure. Giving Gemini to Ornack will fulfil their emotional needs in a way Zorran can’t.

From the minute he sees her, Lord Ornack knows this female is the one woman who can complete their circle, because she loves Zorran as much as he does.

There’s only one solution. Claim both his mates and damn the consequences.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cara’s Review

Holy Macaroni.  Please read this book when you are by a pool, so you can take a quick dip when it gets to hot!  And, boy, is this story flaming!

Taken by her Alien Warriors tells the tale of Gemini, and her rescuer, Zorran.  Zorran saved young Gemini when her home on Earth was invaded, and her mother slaughtered.  Zorrans people, the Cirrion have little use for woman like Gemini, and would pass her around in a heart beat.  Despite his feelings for Gemini, he places her with his close friend, and lover, Ornak, a Drakon.  Of course, the two species are battling, but that just adds to the story.

This story tells the tale of how three very different people can come together and that love is strong enough to break any cultural or racial taboo.  There are M:F, and menage scenes, as well as M:M scenes, so if you don’t like that stuff, don’t read the book!

Perfect summer beach or pool side read!

hearts 4Flames 51