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A Peek into an Author’s Mind ~ Jennifer DeCuir ~ Guest Blog


                How many people can pinpoint the moment they found the courage to make their dreams come true? I can. The date was July 23, 2012. The day I went under the knife – for weight loss surgery – a gastric bypass, to be specific. Nearly two years later I am down 115 lbs. and still losing (albeit slowly).

Before the surgery, I was that very large woman in the corner, holding up the wall. The mom at school that all the Yoga moms pointedly ignored. The writer who went to her first writers conference but didn’t have the nerve to talk to anyone and made a complete mess of her first pitch in front of an editor.

As the weight came off, I started putting myself out there. I joined the Emerald City Writers Conference committee and started to get to know other members of the writing community. This time I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference. I rocked both my pitches and it gave me the confidence to start setting larger writing goals and sending out more submissions.

Just before the one year anniversary of my surgery, I learned that Crimson Romance wanted to publish my book, Drawn to Jonah. (I have since decided that July is my LUCKY month!). Almost another year has passed since that floating-on-cloud-nine moment and Crimson has published two more of my books. I am frantically trying to pick up my writing pace in order to compete with the market of fast-turnaround series’.

Speaking of picking up the pace, this weight loss has inspired me to train for and complete my first 5k. I was my daughter’s running buddy for the Girls on the Run 5k over Mother’s Day weekend. I was so proud of her and pretty darned pleased with myself for not embarrassing her by collapsing in heap after the first mile.

Did I mention that all of these momentous milestones happened after I turned 40? Yep. Best darned decade of my life… so far. It’s pretty awesome being half the person I used to be. And I am making the most of the new and improved me.

Author Bio:

Jennifer DeCuir writes small town contemporary romances while wrangling two kids, a husband, and three neurotic pets. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she can never get enough sunshine or caffeine. Her Scallop Shores series, published by Crimson Romance, is based on her hometown of York, Maine. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is probably adding to her obsessively huge yarn stash and wondering what gifts she’s going to crochet for Christmas this year.

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Drawn to Jonah (a RONE 2014 Nominee and 2nd place winner in the 2012 ECO contest)

 WJ Drawn to Jonah                                                   

Quinn finds new purpose in life caring for the local handyman’s daughter and teaching the sexy single dad how to read.  He knows he owes her a huge debt, but he’ll start by giving her his heart.

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Five of Hearts

                                                         WJ Five Hearts

Shannon is a single mom to triplets.  Dean is a former boy band member hiding from the latest fake paternity scam.  They couldn’t be more wrong for each other.  Sometimes falling in love is more about chance than choice.


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Wynter’s Journey (A 2nd place winner in the 2013 ECO contest)

                                                         Wynter's Journey


A childhood promise brings Wynter and Sam together again after tragedy ripped them apart over ten years earlier.  Fate has given him a second chance to tell her how he feels.  This time he’s not going to run.


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