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Review- Misenchanted Shifter by Zenina Masters




Eileen has always known she couldn’t control her shifts. She also knows that it is not normal to shift into hundreds of different animals.

When she is declared close to her heat, she is ordered to the Crossroads and her payment for the transport causes a stir. Her claw is that of a chimera and the enchantment that she thought was binding her, in fact, wasn’t doing anything at all.

Harris has been at the Crossroads for a few days, and when he sees a woman dressed to the nines in a classic manner, he is enthralled. When she is spunky and direct, he is charmed, and when she touches his hand, he is smitten.


Cara’s Review

Misenchanted Shifters is an interesting concept on a shifter world. Zenina Masters creates a world that integrates the Fae and shifters giving us enough detail to make it believable.

Eileen is an unusual shifter who has a problem. She can’t control her shifts any more. When she finds out she is near her heat, she is sent to find her mate. Eileen is a well rounded character, but has little interest in finding a mate.

Harris is a warm guy with hidden depths and secrets. A gentleman to his toes in his treatment of Eileen.

Eileen seemed a little detached during the procedure of finding her mate and impatient to get it over. Luckily Harris has plenty of patience and will power.

Over all it is an entertaining read, creating a world for a future tale, while ensuring we get out happily ever after from Eileen and Harris.

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