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Review- Unfixable by Tessa Bailey



A new adult novel from Entangled’s Embrace imprint… 

He’s the last thing she wants…but the only thing she needs


Willa Peet isn’t interested in love. She’s been there, done that, and has the shattered heart to prove it. Ready to shake the breakup, she heads to Dublin, Ireland. But there’s a problem. A dark-haired, blue-eyed problem with a bad attitude that rivals her own. And he’s not doling out friendly Irish welcomes. 

Shane Claymore just wants to race. The death of his father forced him off the Formula One circuit, but he’s only staying in Dublin long enough to sell the Claymore Inn and get things in order for his mother and younger sister. He never expected the sarcastic American girl staying at the inn to make him question everything

But even as Willa and Shane’s fiery natures draw them together, their pasts threaten to rip them apart. Can Shane give up racing to be with the woman he loves, or will Willa’s quest to resurrect the tough-talking, no-shit-taking girl she used to be destroy any hope of a future together?

Crystal’s Review
Willa Peet has won a picture contest and she is off to Dublin, Ireland for a month.
She has to take some pictures of her trip. She wasn’t expecting to be met at the airport and she really wasn’t expecting the sight that she met when she got there. A dark-haired blue-eyed hot man with a bad attitude. Great thing she knows how to get along with people like that because she is the same way. She believes she is unfixable and that she will never have a family.

Shane Claymore was a Formula One circuit driver. He has to quit so he can go back and work at the Claymore Inn. All he has to do is sell it and the money will help his mother and sister. Kitty is a little out there but she makes the story more interesting. Faith is eighteen and her brother believes she shouldn’t be out with no guys because she is too young.

You could see the sparks flying off these two and the way they baited each other. Shane is not the man that he shows to everyone. He is really tender hearted and wants to help out all he can. He doesn’t want anyone to see that side of him and Willa thinks she is unlovable and can only have one night stands. The way these two bounce off each other and the way the passion gets out of hand to trying to hold it in.

There are some moments in this book that would make you cry. Just Shane making Willa believe that she doesn’t need fixing and that they are two of the same. It takes awhile for Willa to really see it. She knows that she can’t fight her feelings anymore.

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Book Spotlight – Face to Face- Arian Gaynor


Is Proud to Present

face to face

After four years of constant instant messaging and video chats, Jess Thomas is ready to meet Ash James in person.
Too bad he isn’t on board with the idea.
But when she’s offered the job opportunity of a lifetime, and it just happens to be located in his town, she’s ready to tempt fate. Fate is fickle though. If you don’t move at her speed she’ll give you a good push.
A woman in distress doesn’t sit well with Ash, and the one being accosted is the last person he expects to see. At least not on this side of a computer screen.
Jess’s first in-person meeting with Ash doesn’t go exactly as she hoped. Will he let her explain herself when their paths cross again and forgive her?
Does their future stand a chance?

“Dan, you need to move your hand.”
He pawed at her as soon as they got around the corner of the building, into the shadows. “Stop it, Dan. Go home. This isn’t happening, not tonight, not ever. Am I being clear enough for you?”
She heard people leaving the bar next-door and hoped the interruption would make Dan give up. Apparently, he wasn’t bothered by the possibility of being caught assaulting someone. He continued to push her, trying to get under her jacket.
“You don’t mean that, doll. We clicked, didn’t we? We just need some privacy to get to know each other better.”
She pushed at him, trying to shove him away. “Knock it off, you asshole. I said no, and that’s what I meant.”
“Hey, buddy, the lady said no. Back off!”
The deep voice booming from behind Dan was all too familiar. Oh shit! Just the person I didn’t want to run into. Jess had to think fast, she had to find a way to get out of the situation unseen.
“Mind your own business!”
“The lady said no, you need to move on, or I’ll make you move on.”
“Buddy, you need to leave us alone. We don’t need you butting in where you aren’t wanted.”
“I think we need to let the lady decide what she wants. Ma’am, now’s the time to leave if you’re going to.”
Ash walked toward them, and Dan dropped his hold. Jess took advantage of Ash’s interference and backed a few steps deeper into the shadows—hoping Ash couldn’t see her.
Keeping her voice a little gruff, she hoped he wouldn’t realize who she was. “Thanks, mister.” She took off for her car as fast as she could without running. She had to get away in case Ash walked to the back of the lot to make sure she got to her car, which is something she knew he would do.
Ash’s voice carried across the parking lot. “You better get out of here, before someone calls the cops. Don’t try to follow her either. I’ll be waiting for you to leave.”
“I’m going, asshole. The bitch isn’t worth my time anyway.” Dan stormed off to his car, gunned the motor as he started the engine then quickly tore out of the lot.
Jess tried to get her hands to still so she could get the key in the ignition of her vehicle. They weren’t cooperating. “Shit, come on, get yourself together. If he sees you, tonight is only going to get worse.” Talking to herself seemed to work. She slid the key into the slot, turned it smoothly, and the motor started immediately. With a quick look in her mirrors, she put the car in reverse.
Bam! The sudden stop confused her at first. Looking into her rearview mirror again, she saw the rear end of a truck illuminated in the red glare of her taillights. “Where did he come from?” There hadn’t been anyone behind her when she put her car in gear.
“Perfect!” She dropped her head to the steering wheel. “This is just wonderful. What else can go wrong?”
Tap, tap, tap. “Ma’am, are you okay?”
Oh my God, there is what else can go wrong.
Author Bio:

Ariana Gaynor has worked in the literary industry for fourteen years.
She spends her time in Central Ohio, loving her kids, along with her dog Shadow, lizard Izzy, and helping other authors.
Once the house is quiet and work is over she spends her time writing.
She started reading her mother’s Harlequin and Silhouette romances in junior high, and then moved on to horror and suspense stories from Edgar Allan Poe, Steven King, Clive Barker, Ann Rice, and James Patterson.
Sewing, crocheting, and knitting are a few hobbies she enjoys.

Connect with Ariana


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#Review- Destination Wedding by Robyn Neeley



Wedding planner Kate Ashby’s fear of flying is eased by a sexy stranger and one slow lip lock that rockets her into another obit.

CEO Luke Cannon has just traded seats with his identical twin. Little did he know that an innocent kiss while pretending he was his brother would soon create havoc.

What happens in the air doesn’t stay up there. Once on tropical land, Kate believes that the handsome stranger who gave her the best kiss of her life is now her new client, Drew Cannon, fiancé to the beautiful and wealthy Lauren Kincaid. While Kate struggles with the intense feelings she thinks she has for Drew, Luke discovers Kate’s been hired to plan his brother’s destination wedding. He also realizes the initial sparks they shared 30,000 feet up are now mistakenly aimed at Drew.

Can Luke get Kate to realize that the feelings she has are for him? He’s got forty-eight hours in paradise to try.

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors


Crystal’s Review

I read about this book and knew it was one that I wanted to read.

Kate Ashby works for Tie the Knot. She is going to Hawaii and has three weeks to get a wedding together for Drew Cannon and his finance Lauren Kincaid. When she is on the plane she starts to have an attack. She is going crazy and starts talking about her two cats and dying. She finds out that the guy beside her is Drew, she knows it sounds familiar but doesn’t know why.

Drew can’t take Kate anymore and he goes back to get his twin brother Luke Cannon to take his place. He is the CEO of a toy store. Luke see’s Kate and knows she is the one for him. His soul mate. The bad thing is she never knew that they are twins and that he isn’t Drew. She just knows that he gave her the best kiss in the world. Luke has to find a way to see her and tell her what happened.

This was one great book and I ever thought that they would tell her what they had done. Seems there are so many mistakes. When I read about Hawaii in this book, I wanted to go there more than ever. I love how this story was written and I hate that I haven’t read something about this author before. I will have to see if she has any more books out there.

Kate and Luke make a wonderful couple if only they can get everything out in the open and trust each other. This book has many twist and turns and really keeps you on your feet. That is what makes the story a great one. I just never knew what would happen next. I never even knew if it would turn out as a HEA.

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Cover Reveal- Blood Bewitched- Ashlynne Laynne


BLOOD BEWITCHED (The Progeny Series #5)
“Nothing in life is a coincidence.”

Forces are aligning in Shauna Rousseau’s life. A gifted Wiccan warrior and unique true half-blooded vampire, she is fate personified with an incredible destiny to fulfill. The ultimate war between good and evil is brewing, a revolution that will change our world forever.

Sides are being chosen, but Shauna has some unfinished family business. With her siblings and husband by her side, the pregnant newborn travels to Louisiana to shake her family tree. Lies are uncovered that will irrevocably damage the siblings’ lives.

Everyone has a past. It’s time for Shauna Rousseau to face hers.


Other Novels of The Progeny Series
The Progeny (Book 1)
Blood Bonds (Book 2)
Blood Promise (Book 3)
Blood Reborn (Book 4)
Yearning: A Blood Reborn Novel (Book 4.5)
About Ashlynne Laynne

Ashlynne Layne is an award winning songwriter, poet, and author of erotic paranormal and contemporary romance. She’s always had a soft spot in her heart for vampires but grew tired of the garlic fearing, sun-loathing night stalkers of old. An avid horror movie fan, she tends to enjoy media and music of a younger, more eclectic nature. This was the catalyst for her writing The Progeny.

Ashlynne loves writing on the edge—combining the erotica and romance genres—and thinks of Ascher and Shauna as the wicked, damned version of Romeo and Juliet. She is currently working on books six and seven of her Progeny Series, book one of her upcoming Alterity Series, and a novella spin off. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her family. She juggles the hats of wife, mother, full time employee and part-time writer, hoping to write exclusively one day soon.

She lives in the Carolinas with her husband and son.

More about Ashlynne
Zodiac: Leo
Favorite Music Genres: Alt Rock, 90’s Grunge, Pop
Favorite Musical Acts: Maroon 5, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Imagine Dragons, Florida Georgia Line, Adele, Rob Zombie, Robin Thicke, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Drake, Justin Timberlake
Favorite Movie Genre: Horror
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Anne Rice
Foods: Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, Chicken Alfredo
About The Progeny Series
At its core, The Progeny Series is simply about a man and woman who fall in love. The fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half vampire) and she’s a Wiccan human are secondary factors. This series encompasses a family dynamic of which we’ve never seen.
The Rousseaus share a common mortal and immortal bloodline, but loyalty is the thread binding this vampire clan. Shauna and Ascher’s dissuaded love only strengthens the family bonds. Their unique union transcends bloodlines and completes the prophecy, defying the beliefs of centuries old covenants while shattering the wall between the Wiccan and vampire worlds that have existed for ages.

This series is erotic paranormal romance intended for adults and contains strong sexual content, adult sensuality, language and themes.
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The entire Progeny Series…










Review- 3013: MATED by Laurie Roma



Alexis Donovan is a woman whose dream of falling in love with the perfect men has been dashed because of her infertile status. Still recovering from a war that almost destroyed the world, humans have fought to rebuild and have once again opened their shields to outside visitors. As a liaison officer for alien races that are visiting Earth, Alexis does her best to ignore what she can never have, but when she is put in charge of four visiting alien warriors, her entire world changes…

Dragons Warriors from Arcadia, Xavier and Galan Tesera and their best friends Thorn and Brydan Volis, have been curious about Earth ever since they helped the humans defeat their enemy years ago. As commanders of their own space vessel they travel the galaxies searching out the unknown, but in their hearts they know they will never truly be satisfied without a mate by their side.

When the four Dragon Warriors land on Earth they are instantly enamored with the sharp-tongued liaison who ignites a burning passion in their hearts, and know that she is the mate they have been searching for who will complete their souls. Will Alexis take a chance on four alien warriors or will the fear of leaving everything she has ever known destroy her chance of finding true love?


Cara’s Review

This is the first in the (hopefully, long) series of 3013, which I didn’t read in order.  I gobbled up this book as soon as I finished the second book, 3013: Claimed.  What an incredibly interesting new world: Laurie Roma takes a classic alien story and tailors it to perfection to fit in with the new world order.  Alexis Donovan has fought long and hard to make something of herself, but will always be inferior due to her infertile status.  All that changes when four sexy dragons walk into her life.

The Arcadian Dragon Warriors…where can I get a pair of my own?  And lucky Alexis gets two pairs!  This book is very fast paced, and while it could have been much longer with things fleshed out, it works this way.  The passion is absolutely smoking hot in the 3013 books, and my goodness, do these men deliver!  Let me just say, I’m sure glad that they’ve got magic to help with any soreness, or Alexis wouldn’t be walking for half of the book.

I greatly anticipate future stories from the 3013 world, and hope that changes are made to the culture (although, not too much is made of that in the second book, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that future books will help infertile woman gain some ground in society).  This book was a pleasure to read on this stormy evening, and will definitely go into my “re-read” pile.

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SSLY recommended read

Book Spotlight ~ Alchemy ~ Serena Fairfax




Displaying sf-alchemy3-2.jpgBLURB

Set in sun-drenched Lake Garda where church-mouse Tamsin Heriot, an English rose, pairs off with sexy, privileged Luca Leopoldo who’s half Italian half Somali. But Luca isn’t what he seems…

Orphaned, aged seven, when his childhood in Mogadishu is brutally destroyed, Luca is left emotionally broken. Ragged and starving he seeks refuge in Italy where kindly aristocrats adopt him.

Ever since she was fifteen, Tamsin has had a crush on Luca and the summer before she goes to university, she’s determined to lose her virginity to him.

It’s eight years before their trajectories re-converge. Tamsin, still lusting after Luca, receives devastating news that triggers her return to the dilapidated family casa when an unexpected bond develops between her and Luca’s widowed, adoptive mother.

A will alters what starts as a dalliance and there’s no shortcut to love, everything to lose, as the relationship between two wounded people, Luca and Tamsin, is pushed to breaking point.



I am eighteen, going on nineteen and have never been fucked. Tamsin morosely hummed her thoughts to the tune of Liesl and Rolf’s duet in “The Sound of Music” as she gazed at her reflection in the lopsided, oval bedroom mirror that scorching August day. The interior walls of La Casa della Fontana sloped, the floors listed, so straightening the mirror, in the crooked little house of the nursery rhyme, was routine. This grandly named, spectacularly moldering house in a picturesque village on Lake Garda had been snapped up by her bohemian parents, Patrick and Eve Heriot, on the back of a legacy from a crusty uncle, and it was from here that, for the past twenty-five years, they ran year-round painting and creative writing courses.

Tamsin’s first year at university beckoned in six weeks’ time. Below bold brows, large, gold-flecked hazel eyes set in a plump, milk-fresh face stared back at her and she sucked in her cheeks. She peeled off her nightie, courtesy of a thrift shop, her wardrobe mainstay, and sighed. Her luscious boobs owed nothing to silicon implants but her tummy was majestically rounded and there was no avoiding it, she was a dumpling who couldn’t afford liposuction.

Her spirits boosted as she brushed her hair. Licorice-dark, thick and glossy, it tumbled to her shoulders in loose curls. He would surely throw her down and lose himself in it. And those deep dimples when she smiled, which she’d almost forgotten how to.

The three graces – her trio of close girlfriends, all lissome and nubile with antelope legs, all clones of the hottest models – had been fucked, or so they bragged. Fucked by their brothers’ buddies, fucked by their fathers’ buddies, fucked by studs in one-night stands. Fucked against library shelves groaning with texts on particle physics, fucked in the swimming pool, fucked knee-deep in mud at Glastonbury, fucked on the hallowed green grass of Glyndebourne to the shrill vocals of Brünhilde wrapping up the immolation scene. There was no doubt they’d fucked and she claimed likewise, although disbelief was palpable and vociferously voiced when, with narrowed eyes, they compared notes. Well, this summer she’d get fucked, by hook or by crook. Her summer of love. The summer Cinderella would go to the ball. She refused to go down in history as the only virgin fresher.

She had A PLAN. A plan that had simmered gently all night after she’d masturbated whilst poring over “Bonking For Tyros”and munched her way through two bags of prawn flavored potato crisps. A plan she would implement at once.

A party of five couples was expected that evening on a week’s course. Patrick and Eve with Tamsin’s brother Gareth, six years older than her would, as usual, meet and greet them at Milan airport, herd them onto a minivan and, after two hours, speed proportionate to vehicle’s decrepitude, puttering down the autostrada, decant them at the casa. Nine-year-old Ruby, Patrick and Eve’s last hurrah, was vacationing in style in Ibiza, with her best friend Isla, at the hip, minimalist beach house owned by Isla’s family.

It was ten a.m. and Tamsin heard a rumble of bickering voices as the Heriots left. The minivan was temperamental, so plenty of time was allowed for mishaps. Tamsin was delegated to stay behind to lay the well-scrubbed, rough-hewn communal refectory table, to ensure the pre-cooked meal was properly defrosted and heated up and the wine was chambray-ing. That was an affectation of Gareth’s, since the Heriots could afford, and served, what could only be politely categorized as easy drinking.

She glanced down at the plan, although she’d no need to as she’d memorized it by heart.

Change bed linen and sprinkle lavender water.

Flash the flesh.

Buy condoms and new knickers.

Rehearse Luca pretext.

Ah Luca! Ever since she was fifteen, she’d had a crush on him. Her head swarmed with fantasies of the scion of Il Principe Salvatore Leopoldo di Monte Valla and Principessa Catarina. He, godlike, was sole heir to the noble title and extensive agricultural land holdings, to the sumptuous Leopoldo palazzo in Milan where masterpieces in oils by Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio and El Greco hung in proximity to canvases by Impressionists, Cubists and Fauvists. Comprising one of the most fabulous private art collections in the world, it was on loan to the Italian government. And few dynastic families in Italy possessed the twentyfour carat pedigree of the Leopoldos, who counted among their ancestors the Chief Treasurer to the Emperor Barbarossa, a Pope, a composer, two saints and Renaissance Ambassadors.

Yes! Tamsin swiftly executed items one and two, painted her finger and toenails a shimmering Chinese red, slapped a flash of azure on her eyelids and whirled down to make breakfast. Contemplating the third homemade roll with lashings of salty butter and gooseberry jam coursing through her arteries, she hesitated.



Quickly they ripped off each other’s nightwear until they were both naked.   It seemed the right response because she took it no further and wrapped her arms round him, settling in to him with a sigh. He pulled her soft curves into him and held her, kissing her fiercely.

Try something new today—the supermarket catchphrase—ran through Tamsin’s thoughts as, with her heartbeat tripling, Luca shot her that look that always gave her a warm, damp rush.

“ Signora Leopoldo di Monte Valla. ”

She let her legs fall apart. Just the deep cadence of his voice turned her ready. “ Do it, make me come.” She knew what his tongue could do, what his cock could do. “I want you now, my prince, my lord.” She swept her hair over his balls, and took one then another into her mouth.

“Wider still and wider for me, babe. I want to see every bit of you.”

‘I hear and I obey.” She shifted and opened up, spreading her sex to him and a deep growl emerged from somewhere low down in his chest.

“Love that womanhood, love your big, tight ass.” Firm hands clamped the cheeks of her butt   trapping their bodies front to front. He paused, his eyes glittering   under the long, black lashes and then he was dipping his head and she felt the ridge of his tongue slamming inside her, sucking her swollen clit, his breath moist and hot.

She gasped and shut her eyes. “ I want to taste you.” Her pussy clenched and throbbed as his hands rested on her thighs keeping her wide.

“Keep it going.” She whimpered.

She watched him rip the foil and roll on the condom, nudging her with the tip of his warm, smooth cock. She reached for it and took the hardness of his length in her mouth, savoring the nectar, wanting his thickness to enter her, wanting his juices in her, over her.

He wet his fingers in his juices and, circling her labia, she bucked.

“That’s what I like to know.”

“I’m going to…come.”

“Not yet you won’t.” His lips twitched in a smile. “If you do,” he whispered a sweet torture, “ that’s it for tonight. Hush now. We’re going there together.”

He slid his fingers deep into her clit, moving in and out, the slick, accepting sound of her desire like a metronome beating time.

He stopped and she felt she’d die. “Move,” she moaned.

His eyes were darker than she’d ever seen before. He bent into her and nibbled a jutting nipple as he eased the head of his silky cock into the peachy damp of her slit. Her cunt flared up around him, waiting, ripe, needy, her heartbeat going wild as he thrust his cock deeper as he marked his territory, staked his claim to her. She was his for the taking.

“ Sweetie.” His gaze tangled with hers. And then he was hammering into her, rocking hard and fast and she was spiraling out of control until the orgasm lurking somewhere over the rainbow rushed down to ignite them and they shuddered and shattered round each other as he spilled himself into her with a shout.

With a soft sigh he eased out and rolled to one side. He realized something else. Tamsin had messed with his emotions. He’d got caught out. He’d have to watch it. He didn’t do emotions.


Later that night, Luca turned to Tamsin and murmured. “How about a chaser?” He nuzzled his tongue down her cheek.

She felt her pulse beating in her throat as her lips slid down his cock. And then he was flipping her over onto her belly, running his fingers down her spine. She got on her hands and knees and he slid his tongue into her hole slicking her, coaxing her with a slow sweetness that craved for more. Then bending right over her, his fingers eased in and out of her slippery cunt, fucking her till she came, in spasm after spasm.

“The best is yet to be.”

The thought of his swollen cock riding into her ass made her quiver anxiously.

He must have sensed it for he said softly. “It’s going to be alright.”

“No pain, no gain?”

“Honey, trust me.” He slipped one lubricated finger into her ass and pressed down. A sensation so new, so wicked, coiled heatedly through her, almost tipping her over the edge. And then his thumb was gently driving in and she jerked and bucked and before she knew it the head of his cock was inching into her asshole just as his fingers slid lazily into her cunt to meet her G-spot. Her juices rained down and, replete with him, she gasped and came, sobbing at the pleasurable wonder of it, and he came too.



Siren BookStrand:

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Serena Fairfax spent her childhood in India, qualified as a lawyer in England and joined a London law firm.

Romance is hardwired into her DNA so her novels include a strong romantic theme. However, she broke out of the romance bubble with IN THE PINK, a quirky departure in style and content, that you can download free from her website until 1 August 2014.

She’s also written several short stories that feature on her blog

Fast forward to a sabbatical from the day job when Serena traded in bricks and mortar for a houseboat which, for a hardened land lubber like her, turned out to be a big adventure.

Apart from writing and reading (all kinds of books), a few of Serena’s favorite things are collecting old masks, singing (in the rain) and exploring off the beaten track.

She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, which is a very supportive organization. Serena and her golden retriever, Inspector Morse, who can’t wait to unleash his own Facebook page, divide their time between London and rural Kent. (Charles Dickens said: Kent, sir. Everybody knows Kent. Apples, cherries, hops and women).










Serena welcomes hearing from you.