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Review- She Who Hunts- C L Parks


Tenna Massey’s past is about to catch up with her. For eighteen years she’s carefully crafted a normal life. When an assassination attempt shatters that illusion, she’s forced to accept her true identity. As the prophesied demon huntress, she may be the only one powerful enough to stop a recent string of murders.

She has two choices now: kill or be killed. Tenna must decide if risking her own life is worth saving thousands of innocent humans and the people she loves.

Will she choose to embrace her fate as The Huntress or condemn humanity to Hell on Earth?



Diana’s Review

Reading this book was a treat.  I just wanted to put that out there up front.  The story line, a kickass female huntress, is not new but the fact that she hunts and kills demons . . . also not too new.  What is enchanting is the world C L Parks builds around her.   It is a little different in that she is feared by both her own and the demons, not for who she is right then but because of the foreseen and foretold future she is destined for.

Demons, again not new but not used in the way C L Parks does in this book, slimy evil bastards.  Her world building takes you by surprise and you continue on reading.  Awesome characters, some who died, leaving wanting to know more about them.  I am imagining that this author will find ways to build the past as she is building the future.

I don’t know in this instance if the books is a series, but it reads like one.  It reads like one I will be reading as much of as I can get.  The sex is not over the top, but is one chapter.  Number 14.   Quit reading this now, SPOILER below. . .

The interaction between Jason and Tenna, sensual.  It couldn’t be any other way given Tenna’s gifts and Jason’s nature.  Stacy and Russel . . . fireworks. . . next book?  And what about the hunters in different regions of the country.  I love these kinds of books.

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SSLY recommended read