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Review- Commander’s Slave by Sue Lyndon


Alien Warriors Book Two

Only the fiercest alien warrior can tame her human heart…

After the destruction of the peace treaty between Earth and the invading Kall, First Daughter of the United States Betsy Carson is convicted for crimes she did not commit in an act of political revenge. Sentenced to a lifetime of slavery on the Kall homeworld, she expects the rest of her days to be a constant struggle for survival, and when she finds herself naked on the auction block, staring into the eyes of a disgusting Kall who’s made the opening bid, she prays for anything but the misery and despair of being his. Fortunately, he’s outbid by a gentle, older man, who brings her to his mountain home as a gift for his brother, a fierce Kall warrior who loathes humans and blames them for the deaths of his wife and sons in the war with Earth. Her hopes to be left alone by her new master are dashed when he orders her to sleep in his bed, and she soon discovers disobedience will earn her a firm, bare-bottom spanking from the strong warrior.

Commander Edek enjoys disciplining the spirited Betsy, who grows more eager to submit to his dominance and obey his demands. And he finds owning a petite human slave has other benefits as well. Her silken red hair, sparkling blue eyes, and soft curves entice him to forget the past, and her sweet presence calms the storm of grief raging in his heart. But his new world is shattered when he arrives home one day to find her missing, and Edek’s skills as a Kall warrior are put to the ultimate test…

Contains spanking and light BDSM elements

Cara’s Review
I didn’t read the first book in this series, Surrender, but I don’t think it was necessary. Enough of the back story was explained, without an over saturation, that I didn’t feel as though I had missed anything. Betsy Carson avoided a marriage with one of the alien Kall, and as punishment, she was to be sold into slavery. Luckily, her purchaser was a kind man, who had actually purchased her for his brother.

Commander Edek is a hot Alpha alien, with a tragic past, and a hatred towards Earthlings, as they caused the death of his wife and sons. However, he is intrigued by Betsy, and seems to get great pleasure in correcting her behavior (and by that, I mean spanking her!).

Here’s a relationship that seems doomed from the start, Betsy, a proud American turned into a slave, and Edek a Kall Commander with a grudge. But, it’s quickly evident that their attraction for one another makes those hurdles seem a little smaller. With an action packed ending, this book has a lot to offer, and was a very enjoyable read.

I would definitely recommend this book to the Alien lovers out there (where can I order one?), those who love to read troubled love stories, and of course, those searching for the perfect HAE.
hearts 4