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Author/Character interview- H.K. Sterling


Beverly and Tamara: Welcome to SSLY. Thanks so much for joining us today. So first why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! Thank you so much for having me. I am currently an author with Breathless Press known for stories with imagination, intelligence, a kick, and twist endings. I like to focus writing on romantic suspense, science-fiction, shorts, and anything that is spicy and unexpected. Sometimes I even go dark. I currently have a short Spy Thriller out called Eyes Only; a Mystery/Thriller titled A Taste For Killing; and two short stories in the Breathless Press Anthology, My Bloody Valentine. My new book, A Taste For Danger (sequel to A Taste For Killing) will be released on June 13, 2014! Can’t wait for that. My books to-date are suitable for 18+.

Tamara: What do you HAVE to have when you are writing?

Time without interruptions and I have to have my library/office from where I write. It has all my books and the writer’s environment that I created.

Beverly: When did you start to write and who influenced you?

I’ve been writing all my life. However I just recently started publishing. My influences are the older science fiction greats like Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick etc. I am also influenced by music, poetry, and art.

Tamara: What do you think are the qualities that make up a “hero”?

To me, heroes are too good to be true. I love and write anti-heroes. They are more human, flawed, but possess good hearts and good intentions. You have to love an anti-hero. I do write regular heroes too though. I wrote one in one of my mysteries (I can’t give more info or it would be a spoiler). But he’s too perfect. Kind of makes me want to spit on him. ; ) Or turn him. Author’s prerogative!

Beverly: Can you describe your favorite character? And which of your books is he/she in? How do you come up with your characters?

Hmm. I love a couple of the characters in this book, Eyes Only, because they are so full of surprises, but I also love the two detectives in A Taste For Killing and A Taste For Danger. One is male and one is female and I have grown close to them both during writing. The hardest thing about a character is finding a name that fits. The writing of the character takes care of itself. They develop even further as you write.

Tamara: What are the hardest scenes for you to write? Suspense? Sex? Dialogue? And why?

Sex scenes are the hardest. I love to write dialogue and suspense is natural through-out all my books. But there are heat ratings and expectations from adult audiences for certain content so I comply, but it is difficult. Out of my comfort zone. The only thing harder is writing blurbs!

Beverly: What is your favorite scene in your favorite book?

Oh my. I have so many favorite books. I’ll go with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. It is a modern classic. There are tons of scenes in that one that I like. However, to describe them here wouldn’t make sense. They kind of have to be in context.

Tamara: What is your dream vacation?

I love the beach and the mountains. Definitely a warm weather person too.

Beverly: What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? Or would like to? What? We are all about the love! Fine! If you don’t like that question what was your worst date ever?

Er, um… I’ll just say that the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done is write sex scenes in books that my mother then reads. Talk about weird and uncomfortable.

Tamara: What are your favorite types of heroines? Do you like the damsel in distress who needs saving or the kick-ass variety? Why?

Oh I definitely like the kick-ass variety. One of my detectives is that type of woman (Carolyn Woods from A Taste for Killing, in the Chasing the Taste series.) But of course that doesn’t meant that they don’t also have insecurities or go through the same kinds of relationship troubles that all women do. I prefer strong women with flaws to the damsel in distress because that stereotype is perpetuated everywhere and I don’t think it’s good for women, especially younger women to be bombarded with “save me” characters. Books are powerful. Words and themes seep into your unconscious.

Beverly: How many books have you published? What genres? What drew you to that genre?

I actually publish under two different names: one for more literary works and new adult fiction, and this one for adult books. I only started publishing in 2012. So far I have um eight if you count both names and the anthology I am in. I’ve also had some poetry published in magazines. I’ve written in a number of different genres and plan to add even more in the near future. I am drawn most to short stories that twist and turn so I am sure you will see more of those in the future as well.

Tamara: If you could spend the day with any person from history, real or fictional. Who would you choose and why?

Harlan Ellison. He’s still around and he’d probably kick my ass, but I would still choose him.

Beverly: What is your “guilty pleasure”?

Oh, definitely chocolate. You could probably just fill that in the blank for every writer.

Tamara: What dream or goal have you yet to realize?

I want to write dynamic, scintillating prose without any restrictions and I want to be published by Gray Wolf press. They require an agent though and don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Beverly: What was your most embarrassing moment or the craziest thing you’ve done? C’mon dish!

Um, hmm. I bungee jumped to celebrate one of my birthdays. Also, the day after getting my Master’s Degree, I loaded up my furniture and moved from the East Coast to California. With no job waiting. With only $2000 to my name. I was younger then.

Tamara: What song are you?

Well, my favorite song ever is Hallelujah – the incomparable Jeff Buckley version. But if you are asking what song I *am*, I’ll just go with the new Christina Perri- “Human”. Great video, song, and voice.

Beverly: How do you know you’re in love? Is it a physical reaction, an emotional reaction or both?

I think the physical reaction is lust, and we’re all pretty familiar with that. It’s best when it turns into something more. For me, I know I am in love only after time. Time goes by and it’s a realization that occurs.

Tamara and Beverly: Okay. We are SSLY so I have to ask. Who loves you?

My husband. My mother. My relatives. My dead cat. People from the past. People I meet in dreams.

Now for some quick fun questions:

Boxers or briefs? Boxers, definitely. You have to be a special person to carry off any other kind without looking like an idiot (though there are some that can!).
Coffee or Tea?– I drink a cup of coffee in the morning (a newly acquired habit), but I also drink green tea.
Tall, dark and handsome or Blond and buff? Tall, dark and handsome.
Hairy chest or smooth? Smooth
Chocolate or Vanilla? Well, if we’re talking ice cream, Chocolate.
Kinky or Sweet? Sweet, at least in reality, LOL.
Fast or slow? Oh good grief! LOL Um both have their moments. Depends on person, mood, etc..
Public or private? Mostly private, though in my younger days public definitely happened.
Top or bottom? Oy. Again, both have their moments!

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Character Interview- Ike

Introduce yourself. What book are you from? Are you the hero, heroine, villain?

My name is Ike and you never really know what I am until the very end. I am surprising that way.

How did you come to your author’s attention?

Hell if I know. I was just minding my own business, doing my job, and then the next thing you know, I’m caught up in all this intrigue and sex. Not that I minded the sex part. I really liked that part, actually.

Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

No. I was as smooth as cream. The author wrote out this twist and turn short story in fell swoop. I like surprise endings too.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a Marine.

Who is the love of your life?

Well, at one time it was Isla Aldoon, when I was stationed overseas. Later I met my now ex-wife and got married.
What was the first thing you noticed about him/her?
Let’s go with Isla. I noticed her first in a bar full of people. The chemistry was instant. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

What’s your greatest fear?

Being discovered. Being burned. Letting good people down. Take your pick.
What’s your motto in life?
Semper Fi!

How do the other characters in your book view you?

I can’t really give that answer without giving away spoilers.

What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

Everything! I am the reader’s eyes and ears for part of the story.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

::::whispers::::: It involves handcuffs and candle wax…

Will we be seeing you in future books?

I dunno. Reader’s keep telling the author that they’d like to see this in a longer book and make a full mystery out of it.

What makes you happy?

Um sex. Doing a good job. Doing my duty. Being loyal to my friends.

What makes you mad?

When anyone is mistreated I would probably step in. Also lies. Lies are a big problem.
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