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Character Interview – Daniel Blackhawk of She’s Everything by Sable Hunter

  1. Good afternoon, we’re here for a character interview. Introduce yourself to our audience, please.


Hello, Beverly, my name is Daniel Blackhawk and I’ve been called a character in my time, but I must tell you, I have no idea why you’d want to talk to me.


  1. Well, Daniel, you’re a character in a romance novel. Sable Hunter tells me the title of the book you’re featured in is called She’s Everything, does that sound familiar? And if so, are you the hero or the villain of the book?


A book? Are you kidding me? Sable put me in a book? Man, I knew she was trouble.

Hold on…let me check this out. (He gets on his phone and does a quick search.)

Well, I’ll be. (He chuckles.) Now, I know why she’s been asking all those questions. I thought she was visiting just to eat Sara’s pies.

Well, in anybody’s book, I’d be the hard-headed alpha hero. The title of this book is the title of my favorite country-western song and one that describes the feelings I have for my special girl to a T – She’s Everything. From what I can see here, my book will be the first in her Cowboy Craze Series. Knowing Sable, she spun this series off her popular Hell Yeah! world and some of those favorite characters will appear with us. I’m sure my brothers Ezekiel (Easy), Samuel, and Benjen will each have their own books. Our stories will be set in the Hill Country of Texas on our ranch, which is located at the base of Packsaddle Mountain on the banks of the Llano River. Beautiful country, you ought to come out and visit us sometimes.


  1. Well, thank you, Daniel, I’d love to. So, tell me, how did you and your story come to Sable’s attention?


Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve read some of Sable’s books and I know she’s always on the look-out for worthy heroes. There was a newspaper article about my Sara not too long ago, how she saved the life of a little boy who’d wandered out into the highway. I think that article probably got her attention and then she started nosing around. As far as worthy heroes, I hope to hell I fall into that category. I know I’ve had some things happen to me that could be described by the words – ‘what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger’, and I’d like to think I’ve learned from those things. Maybe, they made me a better man.

My brothers and I are of Native American descent, which I think appeals to Sable, she sure did ask a lot of questions. She loves to add a little bit of local color and lore to her stories and the tales told of the area around our ranch are a good mix of historical and spooky.

I know Sable loves to write about flawed heroes and characters that have a mountain to climb. I know I certainly fit that description.


  1. Did you give Sable a hard time when she was writing your story?


Well, I didn’t know she was writing the story…but I do have a tendency to be stubborn. I always try to put my loved ones first and I’ve been told I sometimes go overboard trying to protect them. I almost lost Sara forever because I tried to protect her from my problems.


  1. Very interesting. What do you do for a living, Daniel?


When I was a kid, my friends and I would play Cowboys and Indians and hint-hint, I didn’t play the cowboy role often. Now, I do. I’m a cowboy and a rancher. I share ownership of Blackhawk Ranch with my three brothers, where we raise cattle and horses. Some of the property is used to raise hay, which we bale and sell. We’ve recently bought more land to increase our holdings and we’re in the process of setting up an exotic game area of our ranch for hunting.


  1. Who is the love of your life?


That’s an easy question, the love of my life is Sara Riley. I fell in love with her from the moment I first saw her. Bam! Lovestruck. Lightning bolt. I wanted to propose before I introduced myself.


  1. What was the first thing you noticed about her?


My first glimpse of Sara occurred when she ran out into a busy highway to pluck a little child out of the path of an eighteen-wheeler. She was an angel of mercy and she certainly looked the part. I thought she was the most beautiful sight I’d ever laid eyes on and I decided at that moment that she’d be mine.


  1. What’s your greatest fear?


Before I met Sara, my greatest fear was the judgment of others. I hated to be weighed in the balance and found wanting just because of the color of my skin or my last name. Loving Sara changed that, she allowed me look at myself through her eyes.

Another issue I had to work through was my fear of failing the ones I love. Again, Sara helped me understand that true love can conquer all fears.

Now, the only thing I truly am afraid of is something happening to Sara. She’s my life.


  1. What’s your motto in life?


Hmmm, I haven’t thought much about mottos. But if I had to come up with one, I’d say its…Lightning doesn’t always strike twice, so grab onto what you want in life with both hands.

When you read the book, you’ll see what that means.


  1. How do the other characters in your book view you?


My brothers view me as their protector, their big brother, the one who helps and guides them. (He smiles and winks.) Sara views me as sexy, I hope. She also knows that I would die for her in a heartbeat, I hope I’m her hero.

And there are a couple of folks in the book who love to put me down, to remind me that there are people in the world who will always find me lacking for no reason other than I’m not like them.


  1. What do you think readers will find interesting about you?


I think the female readers will enjoying seeing how much I love Sara and what I’m willing to do to prove that love to her. They’ll also, hopefully, like my cowboy lifestyle. Living and working a ranch in Texas is an experience I wouldn’t trade for any other job in the world.


  1. What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?


Oh, ha! Wow, that’s personal. Well, let me see, I’m a pretty typical American guy. I can’t say that I’m into BDSM, but I do like sex to be adventurous. I’ve been known to have sex in places like the beautiful waters at the Slab, a swimming hole on our ranch and we’ve also made love in the hay loft. And…I didn’t tell Sable this, or it would’ve ended up in the book, but I do love pie and I’ve eaten it off some pretty plates in my time, but the prettiest dish was Sara herself.


  1. Will we be seeing you in future books?


Oh, yes. Knowing Sable, she already has Benjen’s and Easy’s books in the planning stage and Sara and I will be right there, along with some McCoy friends and family.


  1. What makes you happy?


My Sara makes me happy. Just looking at her makes me smile. Like the title says, she’s my everything. My brothers also make me happy, I never want to live too far from them. I can’t wait until their all settled down and happy as we are. Sara is already pregnant and I look forward to big family celebrations. I have a sweet tooth too, so when Sara makes my favorite Almond Joy pie, she knows I’m a contented guy.


  1. What makes you mad?


Having someone threaten my family makes me furious, as Sara’s abusive ex found out in no uncertain terms. Injustice and racism angers me also, since I’ve walked in those moccasins and know how hurtful and damaging they can be.


Cowboy Craze is a Hell Yeah! spinoff series introducing the Blackhawk brothers – Daniel, Easy, Sam, and Benjen. These men are the ultimate catch – handsome, kind, and sexy as hell. While making new friends, the reader will be able to catch up with old ones – the McCoys and their entourage will be as real in this world as they are in their own. Welcome to the hill country of Texas – where you can satisfy your craving for cowboys – and have a hot time doing it! 

Daniel Blackhawk never believed in love at first sight until he falls for Sara Riley like a ton of bricks. From the moment he sees her rush out into a busy highway to save the life of a little child, he knows she is the woman for him.
Daniel isn’t the only one who’s captivated. Like a bolt from the blue, Sara is struck by the handsome cowboy who insists they are meant to be.
He’s hard to resist, especially when he sets his mind on proving to her how good they can be together.
There’s only one problem, Sara isn’t free.
She’s been hurt, tricked, and abandoned by someone she trusted, so making herself vulnerable again is a difficult choice.
Laying his heart on the line, Daniel sets out to show Sara he is exactly who she’s been waiting for all her life. He wants to be her champion, her dragon-slayer, and her knight in shining armor – all rolled into one.
With exquisite attention to her every need, Daniel begins to woo her – making her happy, keeping her safe, proving that there is nothing he won’t do for her. Their chemistry is off the charts, the heat between them is irresistible.
Sara is Daniel’s everything.
Their happy-ever-after seems assured…until the unthinkable happens.
When their world falls apart, only the power of love can save them.


“See anything you like?”

Daniel chuckled. “Now, that’s a leading question if I’ve ever heard one.”

Sara flushed. “I meant pie.”

“You’ve got some great looking pies here.” He took a whiff. She smelled good too, fresh and sweet, like a summer rain. “What do you recommend?”

“What’s your favorite flavor?”

“Anything I could taste on your lips.” Daniel knew he was being forward, but once you find what you’ve been looking for, waiting seemed foolhardy.

“You’re a tease.”

When she looked up at him and smiled, her face went from pretty to heart-stopping and Daniel almost went to his knees. “Tell me your name, beautiful.”


“Sara. I love it, it feels good on my lips.” She was even more beautiful up close, where he could see the emotions flit across her face and appreciate the twinkle in her sapphire blue eyes. When she offered her hand and his fingers closed over hers, a rush of energy flowed between them – electric, heated, sensual. “I’m Daniel Blackhawk and I love…” He gave her a dazzling smile. “Coconut.”

“Coconut.” She repeated inanely, hesitant to reclaim her hand. “I have an Almond Joy pie I bet you’d enjoy.” With his lips curled into a smile, he transformed from a knight in cowboy boots to an angel, one of the fallen variety who spent their time being naughty because they’d turned their back on Heaven for the privilege. She blushed at her own thoughts, knowing she was staring, hypnotized by his presence. Tingles of guilt made their way up her spine. If he knew her better, he wouldn’t want her. “Would you like to try it?”

“Yes, I would. In fact, give me the whole pie.”  When he saw another customer approaching, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer. “About the date, I was serious. I really want to spend some time with you.”

“Thank you. I’m flattered.” She wanted to accept – but she couldn’t, not until she figured out how to solve the mess she’d made of her life. “I’m afraid I can’t, I already have plans.”

“Another date? Break it.”

“No, not a date. I have to bake, this is the way I make my living.”

“I bet I’d make a good assistant, if you’d give me a chance.”

Sara chewed on her lower lip, presenting him with the pie. “Take this, on the house.” She wanted to give him something and this was all she was free to give. Hiding her scars was all she knew how to do.

Daniel accepted them, but he put money in the tip jar labeled Children’s Miracle Network. “In your honor.” He held up the to-go box. “I’ll relish every bite and I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m almost certain my…hankering for pie is not going to be satisfied anytime soon.”

Daniel moved to his truck. Yea, he was smitten. One little rejection wasn’t about to dissuade him – hell no.

His heart was set on getting to know Sara Riley a whole lot better.


Meet Sable Hunter

Sable Hunter is a New York Times, USA Today bestselling author of nearly 60 books in 9 series. She writes sexy contemporary stories full of emotion and suspense. Her focus is mainly cowboy and novels set in Louisiana with a hint of the supernatural. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and swoon. If she can wring those emotions from a reader, she has done her job. Welcome to her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.

Email : sablehuntertx@gmail.com

Website sablehunter.com

Amazon author page http://amzn.to/2xjweN8

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Character Interview ~ Lee Santiago ~ A Sailor’s Delight

One night he doesn’t remember – One night she’ll never forget!

ASailorsDelight_LRGA Sailor’s Delight (the Santiago’s book 2)

Lee Santiago went from one mistake to the next. When a friend dies, exposing his mortality all too well Lee’s family steps in to force him to make something of himself. He can’t be a party boy all his life and if he wants to sign his life away, it will be on the dotted line. He doesn’t even have time to say goodbye. Anyway it was only a drunken one night stand.

Isabelle was always the good girl. Until that night. When the man she’d always worshiped finally noticed her. She couldn’t say no. She’s heartsick to find out he doesn’t remember it. Isabelle’s life crashes around her when the results are in. The truth comes out and she has nowhere to turn. She looks for Lee, but he’s gone.

Will he be man enough to step up and face the consequences when he learns the truth?


Are you upset your name is not in the title?

I think the title describing my Izzy is perfect.

Is your love interest the way you pictured him or her? Or would you have preferred someone with a different hair color?

I never considered anyone other than Izzy. Hell, I tried not to imagine Izzy as I know she is too good for me. Luckily she didn’t agree!

Do you have any annoying habits your author did not share with us in your book?

Other than the drinking, drugs and women? Seriously? What could be worse?

Do you have siblings? Are you close to them?

Well, since Izzy is best friends with mi hermana, my sister Jacinta, I have no choice! And mi hermano, my brother Alejandro, has saved my ass more than once. So, yeah, we’re close. The whole family is.

Any hobbies we might be interested in knowing about?

Drinking? But I’m trying to stop. It’s not easy either.

Are you happy with the profession your author chose for you or would you rather be working at something totally different and why?

I had no choice! She’s as bad as mi familia. But I didn’t have any plans on a profession. I was happy partying. But I am enjoying the Navy, just don’t tell her!

Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel? If not are you unhappy about that?

Well, I’m sure you’ll hear about me and Izzy in Alejandro’s story. Especially as I insisted my story be told before his.

Now for a personal question. Is there enough sex in the book for you? Would you have liked more?

I like sex! But I didn’t really want to share Izzy with anyone. So, no, it was enough.

Did your author listen to you when you tried to redirect her?

Oh yes. She was ready to go on and on and on. I like to get to the meat of things so we had to compromise on what is hopefully a happy medium.

Did your story end too soon?

No, I don’t think so. I think the ending, which is just the beginning for Izzy and me was perfect.

Were you happy with your wardrobe?

It was okay. I wasn’t happy about putting on a uniform but learned to live with it. Thank God I was able to get back in civvies.













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Character Interview ~ Nick ~ A Saint’s Salvation

ASaintsSalvation_fullresA Saint’s Salvation (the Santiago’s book 1)

Corporal Nicholas ‘Saint’ Santiago needs to go home to reclaim the man he used to be. To be the man he was before Operation Enduring Freedom slowly hardened his heart. He needs to reconnect to the values and the reasons he is doing what he does. Saint also needs to try to forget the courageous woman he fell in love with.

Petty Officer Angelina Jones’ life changed the moment Saint saved her life. She survived the blast but now has to deal with the fact that she will never be whole. She can’t believe that anyone would want her the way she is now. Digging up her courage, Angelina moves forward hoping against hope that she can live a full life again.

Crossing paths again brings their emotions to a full boil. A coincidence that will have them both reaching for their dreams.



Character Interview: Nicholas ‘Saint’ Santiago

Are you upset your name is not in the title?

Well, my nickname is, so that’s okay. I truly am a Saint you know! *winks*

Is your love interest the way you pictured him or her? Or would you have preferred someone with a different hair color.

Angel is perfect. It’s not so much her looks as her beautiful personality. Not that she’s not hot! She is sizzling.

Do you have any annoying habits your author did not share with us in your book?

Moi? Annoying habits? Of course not. *smirks*

Do you have siblings? Are you close to them?

I have a little sister, mi hermana. We were close when we were younger but the years since I’ve been away have been hard.

Any hobbies we might be interested in knowing about?

I like to work with my hands. Gardening is one I enjoy. But don’t let that out! You’ll ruin my machismo!

Are you happy with the profession your author chose for you or would you rather be working at something totally different and why?

I love what I do. Being a Marine is what I was born to do. It’s hard, but someone has to do it. I know I have my whole family behind me to support me. And now I have my Angel. I would never have met her if I hadn’t become a Marine.

Are you planning to make an appearance in a sequel? If not are you unhappy about that?

I’m sure that even if you don’t see me again, you’ll hear about me. Mi familia is close and just wait until you see what mi primos (my cousins) are getting up to! Jandro always had it in him to be a hero, and Lee, well he creates his own problems. I might just have to step in to help straighten him out.

Now for a personal question. Is there enough sex in the book for you? Would you have liked more?

*chuckles* You can never have enough sex. But Angelina was hungry. I just looked on it as foreplay.

Did you author handle your “love” scenes the way you like or was she too explicit or not explicit enough?

I thought it was perfect. I’m not exactly shy!

How many re-writes did you have to live through?

Way too many! I think she changed it at least ten times if not more. Not to mention the total rewrite where she finally let my Angel tell her side of the story!

Did your story end too soon?

That’s hard to say. Angel is a bit shyer than me. We were heading back to bed. That was my plan at least. *winks* My story isn’t over though, you’ll hear more about us.

Were you happy with your wardrobe?

How could I not be? I was either in uniform, one that is totally awesome by the way, in board shorts or naked. I like naked. Oh yeah, I did have to wear a monkey suit, but it was worth it. Especially with Angel helping to take it off.

Available $2.99 at:







Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-saints-salvation-beverly-ovalle/1118637570

Apple iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1093363669

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/a-saint-s-salvation-2

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/book/304510024

24Symbols https://www.24symbols.com/book/x/x/x?id=1195333

Inktera http://www.inktera.com/store/title/842a4b52-3e99-4107-8fcf-91b8b08188e3




Maiden Claimed ~ Ravyn Rayne

maiden claimed - release day blitz banner

Maiden Claimed by Ravyn Rayne

Series: Palace Secrets Book 2

Publisher: Blushing Books

Released: August 6, 2015



It was supposed to be a simple trip to the market in Paris.

Nothing for Lady Hannah is ever simple.

One secret after another.

The lies are mounting up.

Lady Hannah has made a deal with the devil. Worse she’s falling in love with him. There’s no turning back.

A steamy medieval romance filled with spankings and erotic pleasures.


Amazon | Blushing Books

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A Character Interview with Hannah


Do you ever feel jealous of the queen, your former mistress and friend?

She’s still very much my friend. Sometimes late at night I’m jealous of the romance between Ella and Alexander, but I’ve come to accept my position at court. As for Ella being queen, that’s a job I would never want.


How hard is it for you to keep a secret?

Lies mounting up will get you caught. The goal is to weave a tale of truths into the secret so that you remember every detail. There are times I wish I didn’t have to keep secrets, but my life and those I love depend on it. I know how to keep my mouth shut. It’s not easy but I’m careful.


You travel to Paris quite a bit. Do you like it there?

It’s absolutely beautiful. There’s a wealth of silk, jewels, and other fine goods at the market that I can’t easily get elsewhere.


What about the men in Paris?

I avoid most of them as best I can. If I brought a gentleman back to the palace, Ella or Alexander would likely have my head.




Waiting outside the bathhouse, a gentleman, with honey-golden hair and eyes as green as the blades of grass on a summer’s day, stops in front of me. He looks me over and smiles. His face is covered in scruff and dirt licks his skin. “I approve.”

There’s an arrogance surrounding this man, and I have the urge to silence him.

“You approve of what?” I ask and cross my arms defensively. My eyes narrow, unpleased.

“I approve of you joining me in the bathhouse. Though I admit you look pretty clean already. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” He reaches out to touch a strand of my blonde hair and I swat his fingers away and force his arm down to his side.

“You’ve lost your mind.” My grip on his wrist is forceful, showing him who’s boss.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asks, glancing down at my hand still holding his wrist.

Three Questions with the author, Ravyn Rayne


All your romance novels tend to be novella length, can you tell us why that is?

Sure! I find I prefer reading and writing shorter romance novels, especially when it comes to romantic erotica. I want my readers to enjoy the novel, the romance, and the sex without feeling boggled down by too many plot details that aren’t necessary. (Have you ever read a book and thought, wow this scene was totally unnecessary?) If I want to write a subplot or have a specific direction I desire the story to go in, then I will continue the series in another book. Some of my favorite romantic erotica novels are 22k-30k words, which tend to be the length I’m writing. This also gives me the opportunity to write a lot and publish often. So readers will be able to pick up a new Ravyn Rayne title every month and sometimes two per month!


Is there going to be a third book in the Palace Secrets series?

Yes! Grave Misfortune has already been written. It’s scheduled for release September 24th.


Where can readers find out information on your upcoming novels?

I have a page on my website Ravyn’s Books, that exclusively details the books, blurb, release date (if available). It also includes information on the current books I’m working on. Sometimes there’s changes to the page if a book hasn’t been released yet (title, slight blurb change), but for the most part it’s fairly accurate. It’s also the most up to date place I keep information.


Snag the first book, Palace Secrets



Love comes in many forms and always at a price.

At twenty-three, Princess Isabella must settle down for the sake of her kingdom. Caught up in a secret affair with her lady-in-waiting, Hannah, the princess knows it can only last for so long.

When Prince Alexander arrives to court her, he confides that his father is on his death bed, and he will be crowned king soon. Isabella hastily agrees to the proposal, desiring to be queen, knowing little about her soon to be husband.

Murder, secrets, and lies combine with menage, spanking, and erotic encounters in this steamy medieval romance.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Blushing Books


Ravyn Rayne Titles


Want more from Ravyn? Check out her magazine featuring author and character interviews, excerpts, and more great content!


About the Author

Ravyn RayneRavyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation,
Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.wherever it might be.
Currently on schedule to publish two books a month through Blushing Books, Ravyn is incredibly prolific. Her series include: Federal Agent Chronicles, Palace Secrets, and Gem Apocalypse. She is also writing a spin-off series to Gem Apocalypse, titled Courtesan Slave Trade. Her goal is to write two romance novels per month. She has been published professionally since 2013. You can find her young adult books here.


Chalvaren Rising ~ Paula Millhouse ~ Character Interview with Magnus the Dragon.

Character Interview


Introduce yourself.  What book are you from? Are you the hero, heroine, villain?

My name is Magnus, and I am a sentient dragon from the Kingdom of Chalvaren. I flew into fiction first in Dragonstone, but I really earn my wings in the fantasy romance novel Chalvaren Rising by my author, Paula Millhouse.

Of course, I am the one they will call hero. Some Readers may think of Elf Prince Kort Elias as the hero of Chalvaren Rising, but I’m afraid that’s not so. My Mia, my rider, is definitely the heroine. She loves Kort, so I tolerate him.


How did you come to your author’s attention?

She has had this affinity for my kind, for dragons, since she was a child. Paula needed to write a fantasy romance where dragons are allies, keepers of the castle if you will, so I auditioned for the role. She keeps this idea in her heart that love is worth fighting for. I helped her get that notion of valiance across on the page.


Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

Of course, well, I do not exactly fit in to the wing of dragons on Chalvaren yet. I have eaten two people, and one of them was an elf. I did not know any better at the time. Because I have the gift of speech, like my sire Garnet the Red, the other dragons on Chalvaren give me a wide berth. And when I attacked Queen Elissabet for being mean to Mia that caused all sorts of problems.


What do you do for a living?

I fly with the wing of mighty dragons who protect the elves of Castle Elias in Chalvaren. I am still learning to get my landing maneuvers down – the ground is not my friend – but I am learning. We are like watch-dogs, but we fly, and every dragon has a unique weapon. I have not discovered mine yet, but I suppose our story will reveal all.


Who is the love of your life?

My rider, Mia Ansgar. She’s more than a mother figure, she’s my imprinted rider. She saved my life, and helped Kort return me to the Kingdom of Chalvaren. I would willingly give my last claw to see my Mia happy.


What was the first thing you noticed about him/her?

Mia is beauty incarnate, with long tresses of golden hair, and pointed elven ears. She’s the guardian of the Dragonstone, an ancient artifact nonpareil, and she’s protecting it for me. When I reach maturity I am destined to use the fist-sized amethyst to unite the dragons of Chalvaren. I noticed her courage first.


What’s your greatest fear?

In Chalvaren Rising, my greatest fear is that Isa Ansgar, an embittered wizard and the last of Mia’s kin will kill her and enslave me to serve her lover Malachai. This simply cannot happen, I tell you, and I will give my life before I let the witch win.


What’s your motto in life?

Love is worth fighting for. That concept drew me to my author.


How do the other characters in your book view you?

I am afraid they find me odd and threatening. As the one and only Spirit Dragon, an Aurora Class Dragon, I have an affinity for magic. I suspect the elves and dragons in my book are afraid of me.


What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

That Mia and I share an affinity for magic, but of course, the Readers will most likely find it interesting that I cannot roar yet. I try, but all that comes out are embarrassing croaks. They will probably find it humorous that I have trouble landing. Kort is terrified I might break Mia’s neck before I perfect the skill, and he yells about it a lot.


What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

I have not learned to do kinky things yet, but because I can read I suppose I could learn. I’ll check King Lachlan’s Library for sacred texts, and get back to you when I grow up.


Will we be seeing you in future books?

Absolutely. My author thinks a Christmas story is on the horizon, and we are working on what happens next after the climax in Chalvaren Rising.


 What makes you happy?

Eating fresh fish on the seashore below Castle Elias. Flying with the wing of mighty dragons who protect the Elves of the Kingdom of Chalvaren. Watching and learning from my sire, Garnet the Red, the castle’s resident Fire Dragon.


What makes you mad?

Wizards who use magic for anything that does not sustain life. Everyone is given certain gifts that can and should be used for good. I think humans call that nastiness hatred and bullying. When they corrupt that sort of valiant magic and use it to hurt others, that seriously ruffles my last scale.

3D digital render of a little blue dragon isolated on white background


Chalvaren Rising_FINALKeynote (blurb):

With the love of Kort, Chalvaren’s warrior-prince heir, Mia Ansgar will seize her birthright and become the great dragon-riding wizardess prophesied to free that elven kingdom from her embittered sorceress kin.


PaulaMillhouse 2015Paula Millhouse.com
Where Fantasy, Romance, & Suspense collide.



Innocence ~ Character Interview ~ Holly J. Gill

Good Morning. Please introduce yourself.  What book are you from? Are you the hero, heroine, villain?

Hello there and thank you so kindly for having me visiting you today. My name is Calvin Edwards I am from the Innocence series I’m the hero and heroine, due to having this series written from both myself and Kacey Richards.

How did you come to your author’s attention?

It was my parents hall, land and the river that brought Holly’s attention to me, due to her using the exact same location for another book and loved the hall so much she wished to use it in another book. And also Holly became compelled to a song that filled her imagination and helped create such a powerful story, Return To Innocence by Enigma.

Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

No, no, I would never do that (chuckles). No honestly, I think once reader start reading the series they will see I am nothing but a kind hearted man who…well let’s say turned up in the wrong place at the wrong time…even I never saw what was coming!

What do you do for a living?

I work with my father running the families Real Estate Company based up and down England. I am actually based in London, running the establishment, the company basically buys properties do them up to the highest standard and sell.

Who is the love of your life?

Oh gosh, this is a very difficult questions for my as my heart has only ever belonged to one woman, and now…well she’s back in my life, only it’s not as simple as telling her how I feel it’s more about being there for her and making sure she stays safe.

What do you want more than anything?

To love someone who will love me back, without seeing the luxuries in my life.

What’s your greatest fear?

Not being there for Kacey!

What’s your motto in life?

Don’t take anything for granted, because one day it will come bite you on the bum.

How do the other characters in your book view you?

Sincere, dedicated, passionate, but I also have my very professional side due to my line of work.

What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

My strength to stay and help Kacey through her troubled times. I know I was a fool for not calling the police when I managed to finally get her of the bridge, but I honestly saw a young woman who was distraught and needed someone to care and offer her help.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Saved Kacey. Saved her unborn baby. Made sure she had somewhere for the first time in years she had somewhere safe, warm and clean to stay. The stories she told me broke my heart.

Will we be seeing you in future books?

Yes, three more Innocence of Love, Breaking Innocence and Return To Innocence.

What makes you happy?

Seeing Kacey smile, that is priceless!

What makes you mad?

Wow, this is a tough questions, right now I have a few matters that make me mad I won’t mention them all but firstly I do not tolerate bullying, that really gets me mad, and I will resolve the issues. However, one person who makes me mad and I struggle to be anywhere near is Rosalind Kacey’s mum, I resent the fact she wasn’t there for Kacey when she most needed her.

Do you think you and Kacey will get together?

I have no idea. I like her. I like her a lot, but we have many issues we need to untangle and get through before we could even consider walking down that road.

What is your current state of mind?

Mixed up, I have no idea which direction to head, as either way would be wrong!

If you could do anything in the world right now what would you do?

Turn the clock back!


Book 1

Calvin Edwards has everything he could dream about— perfect lifestyle, running the family real-estate company back in London. He takes a holiday up north to visit his parents only to find a young pregnant woman attempting to take her life. Wishing to help, Calvin becomes a friend to her, only fears he’s out of his depth. Just when he thinks he can do this his past resurfaces, sending his life crashing.

Kacey is pregnant and her life is out of control with nowhere left to go. She descends on her mum for one last chance for help, only to have the door slammed in her face. At her wits end, she is alone, scared, and helpless until Calvin comes along. He becomes a dear friend giving her kindness, something she thought no longer existed in the world. Only she finds what she’d pushed to the back of her mind through selfish pain is back. Her past with all its mistakes has come back to life!


SCP:  http://store.sweetcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=4&products_id=273

Author Holly J. Gill

A wife and a mum to three grown up children, and lives in the UK. Holly J. Gill is a romance writer, her main genre being erotic, romance and has recently been exploring new channels, paranormal and contemporary. Holly has been writing since being a young girl, having characters talking to her, and longing to get their stories written. Finally, her dream came true two years ago, when getting her first contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for her Desires series. In Holly’s spare time she loves spending quality time with her family, seeing friends for lunches and sharing her new potential ideas for books. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies and travelling around England visiting the beautiful countryside.

Writing is where Holly’s heart is…

Where to find Holly

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/hollyjgillauthor?ref=hl

Erotic Holly :http://hollyjgill.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=b9ccabad8f15e367

Romance Holly : http://hollyjodygill.blogspot.co.uk/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HollyJGill

Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/107879443337932231480/posts

Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6860426.Holly_J_Gill

Pinterest : http://uk.pinterest.com/gill0839/

Tsu : http://www.tsu.co/hollyjgill


Where to find Holly’s books


SCP : http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=products_all&filter_author=174&zenid=2unavehb55185g8ffp99l1oe15


Amazon UK : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Innocence-Book-Holly-J-Gill-ebook/dp/B00Y5OSHS4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1432456496&sr=8-3&keywords=holly+j+gill


Amazon US : http://www.amazon.com/Innocence-Book-Holly-J-Gill-ebook/dp/B00Y5OSHS4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1432456537&sr=8-2&keywords=holly+j+gill


Smashwords : https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/545028


All Romance : https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-innocence-1814352-149.html


Barnes and Noble : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/innocence-holly-j-gill/1121989627?ean=2940151564076

Granted Wishes – Character Interview


A decision that will change her life forever.
After the loss of her husband, Gracelynn Calhoun has struggled with her life and career. Forced to take a four week vacation or be fired from her job, she surprises everyone including herself and agrees to the vacation.
The owner of Antonetti Suites, Giovanni works hard and doesn’t have time for relationships or love. That is until he literally crashes into Gracelynn. She brings back all the feelings he thought he would never feel again.
With the odds stacked against them in every way possible, will they forge ahead together or will this be the end of the road for their newfound love? Will the whispers from above bring them together or will misunderstandings ruin what could be an amazing second chance at love?
Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (PB) | B&N

Interview with Anne

I walk into the homelike shop and am floored. Anne’s place is exquisite. Just as I walk in, a bubbly woman approaches me.

Anne: (I watch as the older woman extends her hand out to me). Hello, dear. I’m Anne.

Me: Hello. Thank you so much for allowing me to speak with you today.

Anne: (As she leads me away from the front door she talks). Oh, it’s my pleasure dear. Let’s go back to my table and sit, shall we? (I walk with her and inspect the amazing décor and handmade items of this precious shop)

Anne: Would you like a drink before we start? I have tea, if you would like some?

Me: Yes, that would be lovely, thank you. (I wait a few moments as she returns to the gorgeous handcrafted table with two teacups and sits opposite of me. I take a sip and enjoy the lemon tea she graciously has offered me).

Me: Thanks for the tea. Shall we begin? (I watch as she nods her head in agreement)
Me: You are an inspiration, did you know that? (I watch her baffled by my statement)

Anne: Me, an inspiration? I’ve never thought of myself as one… I just lead my life with positivity and kindness.

Me: (I watch her stir her spoon in her tea. She seems shocked still by my statement. She’s so sweet). Yes, you are, but you are also an inspiration to more people than you realize.

Anne: (She smiles) Well, that’s nice if I can inspire someone else…then I have lived a good life.

Me: Where do you get all your positivity?

Anne: (I watch as she smiles and glances away from me) I grew up with strong morals and values. My late husband, too lived a kind life… and well, he completed me.

Me: It must be hard without him now.

Anne: (She nods at me). My husband was an incredible man. Just incredible.

Me: Speaking of incredible men, what do you have to say about your Giovanni?

Anne: (Her eyes no longer are filled with pain, but now shine with happiness). Oh my Gio—he’s a wonderful man. You would love him. All the ladies love him, but he doesn’t date anymore.

Me: Is that so?

Anne: (Looks at me funny) Yes, he’s met a new girl, Gracelynn I believe… but he’s cautious that one. I wish he would live again and remember life is too short to live in the past.

Me: (I glance at my watch and realize I’m running late for my next appointment). Anne, it was so nice to meet you today. I am sorry, but I must go. I am running late for another appointment. Can I ask one more question before I leave? (She nods in agreement again, smiling)

Me: What would you like to tell the readers?

Anne: That’s simple: Believe. Believe all things happen for a reason. You never know what could be waiting for you.

Me: I smile and am happy to have met this wonderful woman. She’s definitely a positive and kind woman. I shake her hand, thank her and leave her wonderful shop. I smile to myself as I walk to my next appointment happy to have met the wonderful Anne from Granted Wishes.

tanyavoughtAuthor Bio
Tanya Vought is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading, writing, singing and doing crafts with her children. What started as a lifelong dream became reality. She’s overjoyed that readers will get to read her debut, Granted Wishes. She loves her characters sexy and sassy. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two amazing and imaginative children.
Website: http://www.thebookobsessedmomma.blogspot.be/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TanyaTheBookObsessedMomma
Also on Twitter: @Tanya_TBOM
Instagram: @writer2015
Book Excerpts
Excerpts for Granted Wishes
By Tanya Vought

Excerpt One
© Tanya Vought

“I can tell you I’ve never wanted anyone as badly as I want you.” He leans forward and places his forehead on hers. He takes her right hand and places it over his heart. “You have my heart. You’ve had it since the night I banged into your car.”

Excerpt Two
© Tanya Vought

“I will fight for you. I’ll always prove to you that you’re what I want.”

Excerpt Three
© Tanya Vought

“Pay me for staying at my place? Are you trying to sound like a prostitute? Because you sure sound like one when you talk like that. Besides, is that what you say to a man who went out of his way to rescue you?”

Excerpt Four
This Excerpt is part of Chapter 1
© Tanya Vought

Chapter 1
The dark, somber sky matches Gracelynn Calhoun’s disposition. Her heart beats rapidly in her chest as she grips the steering wheel of her Hyundai Accent. From her windshield, she notices the barren trees that once held her favorite fall foliage. Looking at them makes her feel just as empty as the trees in the Layton Hills Cemetery. She releases her right hand from the steering wheel, and clutches her angel necklace as tears pour down her cheeks. She closes her eyes, continuing to hold the necklace, remembering the day her beloved gave it to her. She lets go of her necklace, opens her green-grey eyes and wipes her cheeks.
While walking to her beloved’s tomb, leaves crinkle under her favorite pair of black, high-heeled shoes. As she reaches the stone, tears trickle down her face and she drops to her knees. She immediately starts cleaning around his grave, removing all debris.
She stares at the gravestone, and drags her fingers over the intricately carved angel wings. She reads aloud, even though she doesn’t need to. “Angelo Grant Calhoun. 11/28/1980 – 11/30/2012. “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” More tears stream down her face. She reaches up and touches the top of the stone, resting her hand in the middle of the stone, like she’d be touching Angelo’s heart. “I miss you so much, Angelo. How can I move on with my life…move on without you?” she cries to the gravestone. “I love you so much. I wore your favorite dress and shoes, hoping that you’d see me today. How crazy is that?” She laughs through tears, wipes her cheeks with her hand and grabs her necklace. “I still remember the day you gave me this,” she expresses to the gravestone. “How can I move on when you were my whole life? I’ll love you forever and always.” The wind picks up suddenly and all the leaves that she had just cleaned up go flying around her. She looks around now, with the leaves in her hair, and hears disembodied laughing. She tries to pick the leaves out of her hair, now full of dead foliage. She looks around the stones, but spots no one else. “I’m losing it. No one is here, Gracelynn. Get a grip,” she tells herself as she stands back up, and continues to clean herself off.
She bends down to wipe her beloved’s stone again, and her phone rings. Startled, she falls down and lands on her butt. “Good grief,” she shrieks. Her phone rings again, and she opens her small purse to take out the phone. It’s Ben calling. She stands up and looks around, hoping there isn’t anyone around who witnessed the entire ordeal. “Hello, Ben. What can I do for you?” she asks as she brushes the back of her behind, wondering what he wants.
“Hello, Gracie,” he purrs into the phone. Oh boy. This must be a doozy for him to talk like this on the phone. “Cassie and I have some things we’d like to go over with you. When are you coming in?” This time around, he sounds monotone, neutral. She glances at her watch, and realizes she’s late for work. “Oh man, Ben, I’m sorry I’m late. I didn’t realize the time. I’m at the cemetery and I’ll be there as soon as I can,” she tells him while wiping her right hand down her dress in a nervous gesture.
“Oh, Gracelynn. I’m such an ass,” Ben says through the phone. “I forgot you were going there this morning. Take all the time you need and I’ll see you in say, a half hour?” he asks her and hangs up, leaving Gracelynn more confused than before.