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Review- Forsaking Truth- Lydia Michaels


When Luke McCullough’s athletic potential is diminished by a field injury, his pride pays the price. Returned to Center County a broken man, the long road to recovery seems dreary and overshadowed by opportunities lost, until he meets Tristan Hughes.

Tristan came to Center County to escape his past and start anew, but nothing prepared him for Luke. Intrigued, Tristan cautiously gets to know this powerful man, only to fall head over heels for the vulnerable soul hiding behind all that intensity and drive.

Luke has never been interested in men, so when he can’t get Tristan out of his head he doubles his efforts to fight the inevitable. Stolen glances lead to heated encounters, followed by punishing regret, but Luke’s inability to face the truth of who he really is may cost him the only happiness he’s ever known.

Tamara’s Review

Forsaking Truth is book 5 in the McCollough Mountain series, and I’ll admit, I’ve really been waiting for this one. Luke was a really tough nut to crack and I wanted to see him get his happily ever after. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy journey. So I was prepared, tissues handy and no one to disturb me while I dived into Luke and Tristan’s story.
What did surprise me was that the majority of the tears I shed (and I did) were happy tears. Don’t let me deceive you. This was a hard emotional book. These two face a lot of challenges and trials. I raged with Tristan at the unfairness he had to deal with from his own partner, I sympathized with Luke and his inability to come to terms with his own sexuality and his small town Catholic background, and I cheered for them both when they finally found their peace.
As with all the McCollough Mountain books, Forsaking Truth is not your typical love story. It is an in depth look at life and society. At the trials and joys that Gay men face today and this couple faced in particular. In my opinion Lydia Michaels is virtuoso of prose, addressing sensitive subjects with intelligence, emotion and empathy. Kudos Lydia, on another shining gem in your tiara!
hearts 51Flames 4
SSLY recommended read

New Release- New Pack Order- Eve Langlais

New Release!
“New Pack Order”
(Pack Series #4)
by Eve Langlais


Blurb: With the death of Roderick, an evil hybrid vampire, Marc and the other freed wolves should have breathed a sigh of relief. Instead, a new menace has arisen. It will take courage and cunning to battle it–or a cold hearted vampire who, despite his loner ways, not only forms a bond with a shewolf and a rogue, but establishes a New Pack Order.
Marc can’t escape the me mories of what he did while under Roderick’s mental control, but he can attempt to atone. He begins his quest by saving a female Lycan who needs guidance—and a mate. The problem is convincing her to accept his help, and his love.
Thaddeus has lived too long to waste his time playing the games the other vampires indulge in. However, when it comes to keeping his kind safe from the notice of humans, he’ll do what it takes to stop a madman intent on starting a war. He embarks on a one man quest to avert disaster, but along the way discovers even a killer can become a hero—and a lover.
Antonia might regret losing her humanity, but with a werewolf and a vampire at her side, she discovers an inner strength and passion to not only live, and fight, but to love, not just one, but two very special men.
Genre:Paranormal/Werewolf Multi Partner Romance (MFM)
“Pack” series order:
Book 1: Defying Pack Law
Book 2: Betraying The Pack
Book 3: Seeking Pack Redemption
Book 4: New Pack Order
*Author’s note: This series is best read in order so that you can understand unfolding events.
Unlike the last time she cried for help, someone answered her call. She managed to stumble in retreat only moments before the door swung open. A tall dark figure bathed in shadows filled the doorway.
Who stood there?
The first thing she noticed was the red eyes. Glowing eyes. She moaned a fearful, “Roderick.”
The menacing shape took a step into the cell and terror melted as she beheld the vampire’s face. Not Roderick, and yet, something about him, something about his presence, his aura, was darkly familiar. The chiseled features of her abductor were anything but evil, though, and she couldn’t help a spurt of happiness he’d answered her call. Her vampire savior back again to the rescue, or her new jailor?
“Don’t fear. It’s me, Thaddeus.”
An interesting name, old fashioned and yet it suited him. “Why am I here? Why have you brought me back? Marc said he burned this place down, how is this possible?”
He arched a brow. “Me? I did nothing. I’ve never visited this dismal location before. I’m afraid this setting is of your doing. You drew me into your dream.”
“So this isn’t real?” He inclined his head, and she heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank God. Once I escaped, I prayed I’d never have to go back.”
“Neither prayer nor God has anything to do with it. My understanding is your will kept you alive until the wolf released you.”
“But who led him to me in the first place?” she sassed back. Look at her, arguing theology with a vampire.
Thaddeus laughed. “A question scholars could debate for centuries and never come to an agreement.”
“Whatever the reason, I’m glad I escaped.”
“As am I.”
“I find that hard to believe. Why would you care?”
Thaddeus stepped further into the cell, a frown knitting his brow as he glanced around the miserable room. “What Roderick did to you was vile, even by vampire standards.”
“How would you know? I haven’t told you anything.” And didn’t plan to. That part of her life was best left in the past, locked away and forgotten.
“You might not have said anything, but I’ve seen glimpses of it in your mind, and from the memories I’ve ingested.”
“Double whoa. What do you mean by seen it and ingested?”
He turned his attention from the cold stone blocks and focused his gaze on her. “Because you were once in thrall to Roderick, your mind is similar to an open book, easy to read for those of us with the power to do so.”
She grimaced. “Great. Nothing like having your worst moments on display.”
“Your secrets are safe with me.”
“I’d prefer you not have them at all. Isn’t there a way of closing the journal of my life?” Before Thaddeus got to the part where she found him attractive. Don’t think of it. Quick, hide that thought. She shoved it behind a door in her mind and locked it. “Isn’t there a mind trick I can learn to prevent you from reading it?”
“I’m afraid the only way you could close yourself off, at least to others, would be to become a thrall once again.”
Not the answer she’d hoped for. Her lips twisted into a moue of displeasure. “You mean become a slave to a vampire.”
“Not all of us treat humans with disdain, some are cherished companions. Friends. Even lovers.” He flashed a seductive smile, one that shot a sizzling heat to her lower belly and curled her toes.
This guy is so dangerous. And sexy. She tried to keep her mind on asking questions, which in retrospect seemed dumb. If she was dreaming, then his answers meant nothing, but it didn’t stop her from having an imaginary conversation. “You said something about ingesting memories. I assume you mean Roderick’s? How and why would you do that?”
“The how is not important, as to the why, simple. With his memories, even if I don’t agree, I can at least understand his actions, and find those he’s weakened.”
“Why would you want to find them? I assure you the asshats he controlled are not worth the effort.” Except for maybe Marc. Unlike the leering and creepy guys who hung around Roderick, Marc seemed to have a decent core.
“They might not be the most preferable of companions, however, they must be located, because if they aren’t, they will either all die or become slaves to those less benign than I.”
There was that dreaded fear again. Like a ball of burning acid, it hurt her chest. “A slave to someone as bad as Roderick?”
“I daresay worse. Roderick might have used you as a peon in his quest to build an army loyal only to him. But my less-compassionate brethren would use you for sick games and torture, and to start a war.”
It hit her in a moment of clarity. “But they wouldn’t go near me if I belonged to you.”
“You think me strong enough to protect you?” His lips curved in a mocking grin.
“Aren’t you?”
Thaddeus laughed. “Yes. But, the better question is, are you asking me to make you mine? To tie your life to mine until we die? Somehow, I think your wolf might object to that.”
“He does.” The growled reply preceded Marc’s entrance into the cell.
Why did it not surprise her that Marc would also make an appearance in her dream?
She tried to articulate her reasoning. “If I let Thaddeus claim me, then the other vampires can’t touch me.”
“We barely know the guy and you’d let him bite you?”
“I barely know you and yet you expect me to mate with you.”
“To protect you.”
“Just like I would protect her,” Thaddeus added. “I actually think it is a brilliant plan. Albeit, without the wolf. Personally, she could probably survive quite well with just me as her guardian.”
“Dream on, bloodsucker.” Marc took an aggressive step forward, but before things could escalate, she stepped between them.
“Both of you, stop it. This is a dream. My dream. And that means I’m the one who gets to decide what happens.”
“Really?” Thaddeus tossed a wicked smile her way. “Then I should be glad your dream has decided I should kiss you.”
“No, it hasn’t—” The rest of her rebuttal was swallowed by lips as Thaddeus, in a blur, closed the gap between them and enveloped her in his arms—and blew all her senses.
Where Marc’s kiss was a soft, sensual exploration, Thaddeus undertook a forceful exploration of her mouth. He didn’t just conquer her lips, he plundered them.
Where Marc’s kiss woke the wolf within her and drew forth a savage need to claim and give as good as she got, Thaddeus evoked a darker sensuality, one that made her want to let him have his way. To have him take charge.
Each different in their style of embrace, yet she couldn’t have said which she preferred more. But apparently, they expected her to choose. She found herself spun from the arms of Thaddeus into those of Marc, who feathered kisses across her cheeks and down her neck, each spot he touched, tingling with awareness. If wolves could purr, she would have, instead she contented herself with gasps and tiny moans of enjoyment.
A blurring motion and she was back in Thaddeus’s grasp, his fingers digging into her hips as his tongue invaded her mouth, sliding along hers and causing her to shudder as her arousal rose in pitch.
Not to be outdone, Marc pressed against her back, his soft lips nipping at her nape. Thaddeus sucked on her tongue. Marc blew against the shell of her ear. Their bodies went from clothed to nude in her dream, the heat and hardness of their erections pressing against her, front and back. With her eyes close, she distinguished them by the touch of their hands, the feel of their bodies and the style of their kiss.
Her body heated. Her arousal spiraled and she panted. Dream or not, she wanted them, wanted them both. And here, where nothing was truly real, she could do it. Have her vampire lover and the werewolf, too, with no one the wiser. She moaned her assent, and their hands tore at her garments, touching her bare skin and…
She woke suddenly, her skin damp with a sheen of perspiration, the towel lost and the sheets twisted around her bare limbs.
Warning:Blood, temptation and violence ahead. Contains lots of nudity as well as some ménage situations. Titillation is advised.
Presented by Amira Press
Cover Artist: Mina Carter

#Review Tour ~ Highway Don’t Care ~ Lani Lynn Vale


Title: Highway Don’t Care
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: May 1, 2014




Snark. Jokes. Attitude.
These were all things I used to disguise the hole in my heart. I’m not a happy person. I don’t live life. I just exist. That is until that beautiful man rides in on his Harley Fat Boy and burns rubber on the way into my heart.


My life’s been no hayride either. Everyone I’ve ever loved in life has died or betrayed me. So I stay back and watch. Unless you’re one of my brothers, you get nothing from me. I don’t participate. I ride. I eat. I sleep. I work. And I repeat. That is until Ember stomps into my life with her bad attitude. She’s all piss and vinegar, and makes me want to share my bike seat for the first time.

They fight like cats and dogs. Don’t see eye to eye on a single thing. They rant, rave, and yell.
They bring out the best in each other. They heal each other’s hearts and souls. They find what they were missing, even the things they never even knew they had.



Everything is perfect. If you didn’t count a gang, one of the biggest in the South, gunning for Ember. That, or the pure evilness that is Gabe’s ex-girlfriend. Gabe will have to put his life on the line to save the one woman he loves, but will it be enough?

One thing is constant in life. It’s about the journey, not about the destination.

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 From the opening to the end  Highway Don’t Care is an entertaining read. Ember was a hoot, a wild and  lovable woman.  Gabriel  was hotter than hot,  and meaner than mean to those who messed with the ones he loved.  He definitely had his hands full with Ember.  Highway don’t Care hooked me from beginning to end. I started it before work,  read it during lunch, and finished it as soon I got home.
 The characters were well written and entertaining.  The storyline fast-paced and and filled with nonstop action. The love scenes between Gabe and Ember steamy and well-written.  The supporting cast  were just as entertaining  as our hero and his Ember. You never knew what was going to come out of their mouths or what was going to happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed  the story  and went out and grabbed the first one  just to see what I had missed.
hearts 51Flames 4

SSLY recommended readexcerpt



I am a married mom of three perfectly crazy children (They get it from their father.) I’m in school for my BSN. I’m an avid reader and go through books like candy. Romance books are my vice, and you will never catch me not reading something. I’ve had Boomtown’s story floating around in my brain for some time, and finally decided to just go ahead and write it.


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