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Review- Eyes in the Sky by Viola Grace


Riasa has been working with the resistance to warn talents of the scanning bots flying overhead on schedules. The warning of eyes in the sky saved lives and families.

Rescued before she could be caught, Riasa begins life at Citadel Teklan, but she knows something is very wrong. Confronting her suspicions, she calls in help and destroys the only home she has been offered before getting assigned to a flyer with wings of stone.

Natu was disgruntled to be picking up a farmer’s daughter on Resicor, but once he met Riasa and saw her talent in action, he had to admit that he had been in the right place at the right time.

Cara’s Review

Viola Grace’s newest addition to the Tales of the Citadel series, is a very enjoyable read, though it  feels slightly different from the other Citadel stories, though I can’t pinpoint why.  Riasa is another talent rescued from Resicor, which for a population that abhors talents sure has a lot of extremely powerful ones!  Code named Vision, she has incredible ability to “see” everything…and I do mean everything.  Energy patterns, computer data, communication relays, hidden treasures, and a persons true identity become a literal open book for her to read.

I am fascinated by the hero, and Riasa’s partner, Natu.  He is almost a gargoyle, and probably the only of his species that we will ever see.  What a teaser, as there is a lack of consummation of their relationship, I would have loved to learn about his species courting habits!  They are a truly delightful pair, and I can “see” a bright future for them.

Including a brief retelling of the history of the Citadel, new alien races, spies, and a great ensemble of characters from the past this story is an extremely strong one for the Citadel tales.  I would definitely recommend giving it a read, as I’m sure you will find it as good a read as I did!

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SSLY recommended read