From Me to You – How are you holding up? #pandemic2020

How’s your quarantine going? I’ve been out in the car for drive thru coffee and a meal in the last I don’t know how many days! Over a week in the house. My daughter and husband still work so they’ve been stopping at the store when we run out of stuff on their way home. My husband is security for a manufacturing plant that is considered essential and my daughter is a nurse. Neither has a choice to stay home.

I’m happy to say the toilet paper freak out seems to be done! We can find it on the shelves again. In large part that is due to the stores putting their foot down and imposing limits. The only item I’ve seen totally gone was milk and baby wipes. So that the people that need them, you know, BABIES, weren’t able to get them. It seems weird. Schools are closed. Bars, restaurants, hair salons, gyms and all non essential businesses closed. It’s like a ghost town where I live. That’s hard to say in a town of 16,000 people. It’s a testament to our county that we were one of the last counties in southern eastern Wisconsin to actually have a case of Covid-19. We now have 3 in the county. For once people weren’t trying to get out of Dodge! LOL, I live in Dodge county.

So, since I’ve been stuck at home, we’ve been doing puzzles, playing games, cooking new recipes, babysitting and writing. I just put out Saving Grace (if you missed my posts, lol) and am already working on the next in the series. I’m working on trying to give it a name, but not having any luck with it!I

‘ve been having some of my books on sale, but the Zon will only let me put my books in KU on sale for free and only for 5 days. So, instead, check out my website, I’m going to put the first book of A Dragon’s Fated Heart series up for free. And the prequel. If it will let me. If it won’t I’ll put it down to .01. I’ll do that after I get this posted, so give me an hour! I’m no longer as techy as I used to be! Look for Rise of the Dragons (prequel) and Stealing Hope (book1). It should be under my shop tab. You should be able to download mobi (for kindle) copies and epub (tablets, nook, ipad) copies from there. Hopefully by noon central time, I’ll have it done. If it works, they should be either free or on sale (depending on what it lets me do!) for a week.




So tell me, what are you doing during the pandemic? Give me ideas!


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I’ve two free books, but only on my website since it’s easier to do on there. Available both in mobi (kindle) and epub (apple, kobo, tablets)!
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From Me to You – Charity Anthologies

Love Me Still – Coming July 18 2020! Part of Take Two! Isn’t this an awesome cover? And the writers taking part! You won’t believe the names involved! We are all more than willing to help out Thistle Farms. The stories are heartbreaking but the end result is triumphant. Find out more about Thistle Farms:

Their products are awesome. I’ve bought a wide array of products. You can help support in other ways. You can support them on Amazon Smile. Part of any purchase you make will go to them. Purchase products directly. BUY OUR BOOK! Paperback copies will be available at Writers on the River July 18, 2020, but you can get your pre order anytime before July 18!

Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories
Writers On The River Charity Anthology
Genre: Second Chance

Release Date: July 18, 2020
Cover Designer:J M Walker with Just Write. Creation and Services.
Image Donated By: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography
Model: Jon Salvador

Pre order today!


Watch the Writers On the River Facebook Group ( for more details or Watch the Take Two Anthology Facebook Page ( for more details.

This is the newest charity anthology I’m in. Thistle Farms is so needed and all proceeds from Take Two go directly there. Cover art and photo donated. We’re not keeping a darn thing! Pre order available until July 18 2020 when it releases. Just click above.

The other ones I’m in are Destiny Whispers which supports Homeless Veterans and We Know the Truth, Do You? which also goes towards assisting Veterans. Just click on the titles to order and enjoy!


I’m just reiterating my charity books because I’m in edits with two different books! Love Me Still is in second round of edits and I’m going over the suggestions from my beta readers for Saving Grace. Saving Grace heads to my editor on Monday. Sometime. When I finally have the time to work on it.

I’ve been juggling babysitting and writing due to my daughters new job. She just passed her Nursing exam!!! Yay!!! She started a new job at a hospital. Now she’s going to school for her BSN. So she’s busy. Which means so am I, lol.

But, I’ve got a lot I want to do this year. Two new shorts for sure. One of which will continue to become a full length book. Two more novels. One which is Saving Grace. The other is China Fleet Club, which I’ve worked on last year and stopped to do the stories for the anthologies.

So, enough! I’m heading back to Saving Grace to get this puppy out in March. I need to finish polishing the blurb, let the cover artist know the title to get it out for a reveal. AND get the edits done!

Have a great Saturday! I’ll have Sales tomorrow. I was hit with a nasty stomach bug last week. The porcelain throne and I spent Saturday and Sunday together last week. Wasn’t about to get my computer involved in a messy threesome, lol.

From Me to You

Guess where I am? Arizona!

I couldn’t stand the gloom of home, and face it, I’ve traveled every month since I retired. My last trip was in November! So almost 3 months at home was too much, lol. Especially in winter. So, here I am, getting up to sunshine. Perks my soul right up!

I’m going to see my parents. They winter out there. And my brother and sister in law and hopefully my nephews. Plus my brother in law and sister in law. Not to mention, I’m finally meeting one of my Facebook friends. She’s also beta read a few of my books and has asked me “What the hell did I just read?” lol. That version never saw the light of day, that’s for sure. But I’m excited to finally meet Diana in person!

Then another friend winters out there and I can’t wait to see them. It’s been a couple of years since I saw her. Once she retired, her and her husband spend more time in Arizona than Wisconsin any more.

Plus – Sunshine!

I need the sun. My favorite season is summer. Winter just gives me the blahs. So, being in Arizona for even just a week is a something I’m looking forward to.

I’m at the end of Love Me Still. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write in Arizona. But I brought it with just in case. Plus, I’ll have Saving Grace back from all my beta readers when I get back and have to go over it. So far, they’ve found one double scene and a bunch of grammatical errors. Not surprising in the first couple of drafts!

I’ll go one by one through their suggestions and corrections, then read it again and see if I see anything else before sending it to my editor.

I’m working on the blurb. Ugh. So I can get the cover out.

Back to the sunshine! Have a good week.


From me to you

Ahhh! Saturday! My husband is outside clearing snow. We got about 6 to 8 inches last night. I’m snuggling inside with the granddaughter. Playing games and watching TV.

I’m also a chapter away from finishing Rog’s story! Book 3 of A Dragon’s Fated Heart series will be out the end of March. Once my daughter gets out of bed and takes over watching her daughter, I’ll hide away and finish it. Then read it over. Then fix any obvious issues then send it off to be beta read. Get their opinions, fix issues they found THEN send it to my editor. Who is already ready for it.

Gah. And we’ll probably find a misspelling still. When it’s done. It never fails, lol. Or a missing word. Or a word spelled right, but wrong for the context, Like in one book I read. Used the word course instead of coarse. All in the context.

Here is just a screen shot from part of it. Unedited and it clearly needs it. Hope your Saturday is wonderful.

From Me to You

Well, it’s Saturday. I’ve had to take a couple days hiatus from writing due to my daughter graduating Nursing School. Yay! I watched her little one while she went to play at the Dells. Plus today is her birthday! So I’m taking a quick break, popped in enchiladas and got her cake, to do a quick post.

Rog’s story is coming along great. I’m looking at having it done around the New Year. Then sent off to beta readers and on to my editor in February. So it will be out in March (keeping my fingers-I was going to say crossed but that wouldn’t help-typing!)

The world before the apocalypse and post apocalypse is meeting in this book. Hopefully it won’t change their world!

But then again, isn’t the world always changing?

Enjoy your Saturday! I’m cooking and celebrating the long ago (lol) birth of my baby. The weather is a balmy 42 degrees here in Wisconsin. I even see a neighbor having a bonfire!

My baby and her baby!

Having fun in Kentucky!

We arrived in Louisville Wednesday night. Got to the hotel and found out my reservation had been cancelled! By the company that had already taken my money. They had a phone number to call. Found out it was to Turkey. I called anyhow but calls could not be made to that number.

So… I called my credit card company and put it up for dispute. Explained the whole situation. They credited my card back while the process began. I’m canceling my card but I needed it to pay for my hotel.

Finally we got a room. A nice king suite! After a good nights rest we grabbed the complimentary breakfast and headed out to the Louisville Slugger museum.

Both of us are baseball fanatics, lol. So we enjoyed ourselves. The tour was wonderful. We did the regular tour and for only $9.00 more added on the bat vault! We held so many famous players bats! The vault holds the original model for players requests since the first made bat for Jackie Robinson until sometime in the 80’s when it all became digitalized. Here’s some photos!

During WW1 they stopped making bats and made rifle stocks! But everyone did their part in the great war.

Then I went and set up my table at the Imaginarium. It looks to be a wonderful time. If you’re in Lower Indiana or Kentucky, hope you can make it either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

From Me to You ~ Check out my new cover!

We know the TRUTH, Do you?

This is the anthology cover. Only .99 cents for preorder and first week. It will go up after that. So grab it now! Below is the cover I’ll be using once I have it back in six months.


Check out the cover for The Road to Eden! Isn’t it awesome? The inset cover will be the cover for the anthology. When I print just my story (it’s a short story) I’ll use the big cover. I think it’s out of this world! *snicker*

If you haven’t noticed, I like dumb simple jokes and puns.

We know the truth, do you?

What’s in Area 51? Is the government hiding aliens? Elvis? Maybe the set of the Apollo moon landing? Do you know?

We do.

Join this multi-genre group as they explore the hidden recesses of Area 51 which up until now have only been whispered conspiracies. Don’t bother with the raid. Stay home, read these awesome stories and learn all you need to know.

The truth is just a page-flip away.

* All proceeds will benefit US veterans. 

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