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The Silent Violent Few: Noir

The Silent Violent Few: Noir
The Silent Violent Few # 3
By- Grayer Vaughan
Genre- Romance, Fiction, 16+
“How will he still want me once he finds out what I’ve done?”
Alabama Crowne thought she had finally secured her freedom when the life she was destined to live came to a halt. Despite everything she left behind, there was one constant she would never be rid of as death claimed who she was in order to become who she was meant to be all along:  Cash Zachary Calloway.
 Leaving one life to create another didn’t seem so bad until Finn Haines, the man she thought she knew, begins to become unhinged when secrets, lies and betrayal tempt them both into an epic end game of “name that Submissive”.
Thinking she chose the right Calloway, Alabama takes a chance to build a life worth living as she is set to give birth to the next Calloway heir until facts about Finn’s past lead her down a dangerous path filled with devious deviants of epic proportions.  
Unsure of who the father of her unborn child is, Alabama begins to struggle with her sanity, keeping her pregnancy hidden while she soon realizes that the only way out of the mess she created might be to return to the life she left behind as visions of her dead best friend Frankie lead her down a dangerous path of becoming the one thing she never thought she would: Mrs. Calloway.
Will the darkness she created claim the life she must live to be free or will her static inspiration become the dominant Noir she will need to save her from the violent death Goddess has planned?


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Character Bios:

Full Name: Alabama Anne Crowne

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Bam, Bama, Pony, Unicorn, Caley Crowne Marlow-Haines

Age: 27

Birth date: October 30

Personality: Extrovert/Analyst (ENTJ type) – Alabama is very strong willed, ambitious and steadfast. Leads from the front and always gets what she wants. She is powerful.

Likes: Classic Rock, Red Sox, Gardenias, Orange Gummy bears, the color Blue

Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Secrets, Berries, Birds- parrots,

Fears: Losing herself.

Weaknesses: Cash Calloway

Height: 5’8

Weight: 135 lbs.

Body Type: Hour Glass

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: 70 lash scars from a bullwhip- placed there by Goddess (Book 1); C-Section scar (Book 2); Bullet wound scar (Left leg- Book 3)

Quirks: Raises eyebrows before laughing; Booming Cackle with snorting when she laughs;

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brunette

Complexion: Alabaster perfection

Relationship Status: Separated

Spouse/Mate: Finn Haines

Children: Daniella Celeste Haines-Calloway, Fielding Finland Haines-Calloway

Parents: Fielding Tyler Crowne; Carolina Crowne

Parent’s Statuses: Carolina- Deceased. (Cancer) ; Fielding (Living)

Best friend(s): Francesca “Frankie” Holden

Assistants: Sherry Caldwell; Lorne Matthews-Ripley

Main Enemy(ies): Stella “Goddess” McWarren; Finn Haines
Stories that this character appears in: “The Silent Violent Few” Series. Main Character.

Place of Birth: Carolina Grove. New York, New York.

Past Living Quarters: One 70 East. Marlow Beach Estate on Nantucket.

Current and Future Homes: Carolina Grove ; Cypress Crowne Downs Island.

Native Language(s): English

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

Former Occupation/Job: PR Agent for Pierce Publicity

Current Occupation: Executive Grants Officer at Mint Lingley & Co. (New Owner)

Boss: was Samuel Kurt Lingley before Finn purchased the business for her.

Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.): MS in Economics- Princeton University; BA in Public Relations- BU; BA in Accounting- BU.
Full Name: Cash Zachary Calloway

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Master; Cash Zachary; Big Nickels;

Age: 30

Birth date: July 7
Likes: Classic Rock, Red Sox, Royals, Control in all aspects of his life.

Dislikes: Disobedience, Secrets, betrayal.

Weaknesses: Alabama Crowne

Height: 6’2

Weight: 198 lbs. of pure muscle. 4% body fat

Body Type: Athletic

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: Scars from edge play on his back. Two Bullet wound scars (Right peck)

Quirks: Mischievous smirk; Raises right eyebrow when interest is piqued. Must be in control or he loses his chill.

Eyes: grayish-blue

Hair: Russet Brunette with natural gold highlights

Complexion: perfect shade of tan.

Relationship Status: taken

Spouse/Mate: Alabama Crowne.

Children: Daniella Celeste Haines-Calloway, Fielding Finland Haines-Calloway

Parents: Cash Zachary Calloway Sr & Meryl Lancaster-Calloway

Parent’s Statuses: Senior: Living; Meryl: Deceased

Best friend(s): Nolan Andrew Calloway.

Main Enemy(ies): Stella “Goddess” McWarren; Finn Haines; Meryl Lancaster-Calloway.
Stories that this character appears in: “The Silent Violent Few” Series. Main Character.

Place of Birth: Calloway Downs, New Orleans, Louisiana

Past Living Quarters: Calloway Downs; Bowery Triton

Current and Future Homes: Bowery Triton; Carolina Grove ;

Native Language(s): English

Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian.

Occupation/Job: Owner of Dover Flaxton & Bowery Triton; Owner of Paradise Canyon.

Current standing: Billionaire.

Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.): Master of Liberal Arts, Finance-Harvard University; BA in Accounting; BA in Foreign Languages.

About the Author-
Grayer Vaughan is the author of “The Vaughan Chronicles” series: Magnolia Like the Flower, Burning Blossom, Starshine; The Cathedral Saga: The Receiver, and The Silent Violent Few series: The Silent Violent Few, Risen, Noir.

Beginning at 11 years old, Vaughan began training in sport Karate as her parents wanted her to be able to defend herself against bullying in school. She began studying under the late 10th Dan Master Richard Dixon, learning Japanese Goju, which is Taekwondo, Kempo, and Kungfu combined. Over the next 7 years, she earned her blackbelt degree and fought all over the United States defending her regional, and divisional titles as well her right to fight for the State of Texas for her division. She received her first state title at 11 and her first world title at 14, fighting her way up to earn her titles. She is still undefeated and is now a retired World Champion. After making the decision to retire, she continued the family tradition in joining the Armed forces once they became of age. Upon discussing an opportunity to fight in the All-Army karate team, Vaughan decided to join the Army to follow in her father’s footsteps. serving 6 years in service, Vaughan returned home to Texas where she entered college to study as an artist. In an effort to keep a promise she made to her grandfather, Daniel, to write about her extraordinary life, she penned “The Vaughan Chronicles”, basing the story off her life experiences.                   

“There is always an opportunity to continue to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. They may have tried to push me back, but they will never succeed. I can always get better. Never give up.” ~Grayer Vaughan.

According to Grayer, she never intended to become an author. “It happened by answering a “what if” question, and a promise. I was blessed enough to be with my grandfather, Daniel in his last hour here on Earth. He asked what I would do in the next ten years as he wouldn’t be around to experience it with me. I said, “I have no idea, Grampy…I guess I will sell my art- have a show or write a book? I have no idea!” He replied, “you should do it. I believe in you. Promise me you will do whatever it takes to get it out there.”

With the promise made, he passed away a few seconds later. It took 6 months for Grayer to honor that promise, and with each book produced, she continues to keep her accord intact.

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