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BlackMailed by A. Gorman


Their Sins #1.5
By- A. Gorman
Genre- Romantic Suspense
Publication Date- April 19th

Chet Boston has everything he wants—except love.
Raised as an affluent only child, Chet used his popularity and status to his advantage. While attending Indiana University Bloomington, he falls into the party scene. His drugs of choice? Alcohol, cocaine—and women. He is honest with his agenda. That way no one gets hurt, and he gets what he wants.
His playboy lifestyle comes to an end when he meets Alexis Cross.
Although he enjoys his revolving door of women, when he meets Alexis at a charity dinner, all of that changes. But when she leaves him for a co-worker in California, he trashes any future possibility for romance and vows to get on with his life.
Blood is thicker than water—or so they say.
When Chet discovers he has an older half-sister, Chantelle, life changes yet again. She wasn’t raised with his silver spoon, and it soon becomes clear she is after one thing—money. Chantelle digs up dirt to blackmail him into being a puppet master, and forces him to help her land a billionaire husband.
What he didn’t expect was to meet Jesse McCoy—the billionaire’s daughter.
Chet and Jesse’s fast and furious romance leaves him pinned, and it isn’t long before his life spirals out of control. But there’s one more curveball he didn’t see coming…
 And it will change his life forever.

My parents bought me a sweet blue Corvette when I graduated, and they are helping me buy a condo right on Ohio Street in downtown Indy. That was what my parents were so excited to give me at graduation.

The condo is just a few blocks from where I’m working. The place was supposed to be for Alexis and I, but that dream went all to hell. The money I had been saving for her ring bought me a nice little stash of coke. Screw women. I should have known better than to fall for one after Delaney. I will stay single for the rest of my life.

Three days after moving into the condo, my father called me and dropped a huge bomb in my lap and revealed a huge family secret…




About the Author-
A. Gorman was born and raised in a small community in Central Indiana. She left the slow moving life of the country for the fast-paced city life. After spending twelve years in the city and becoming a mother to two wild and crazy kids, she chose to move back to the peace and quiet of the country after marrying the man of her dreams and gaining three more children.
As an avid reader, A. never set out to be an author since she’s a full-time editor for several incredible authors. However, after editing one day, a voice started talking to her and talking and talking. She decided to sit down and write what she had to say, and it turned out she had a lot to say. Then that one voice turned to two, and another story came to life. Not believing that anything she was writing was publishable, she asked a few friends to critique her manuscript…and now she’s the proud author of the Their Sins series, with several more series and standalones planned.
When she’s not corralling their five kids and two dogs or out in their garden, you can find her at her desk editing or writing her next novel with a cup of coffee and classical music cranked up on her iPad. While she loves reading, A. is addicted to all things British, coffee, and gummy bears—in no particular order.
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The Silent Violent Few: Noir

The Silent Violent Few: Noir
The Silent Violent Few # 3
By- Grayer Vaughan
Genre- Romance, Fiction, 16+
“How will he still want me once he finds out what I’ve done?”
Alabama Crowne thought she had finally secured her freedom when the life she was destined to live came to a halt. Despite everything she left behind, there was one constant she would never be rid of as death claimed who she was in order to become who she was meant to be all along:  Cash Zachary Calloway.
 Leaving one life to create another didn’t seem so bad until Finn Haines, the man she thought she knew, begins to become unhinged when secrets, lies and betrayal tempt them both into an epic end game of “name that Submissive”.
Thinking she chose the right Calloway, Alabama takes a chance to build a life worth living as she is set to give birth to the next Calloway heir until facts about Finn’s past lead her down a dangerous path filled with devious deviants of epic proportions.  
Unsure of who the father of her unborn child is, Alabama begins to struggle with her sanity, keeping her pregnancy hidden while she soon realizes that the only way out of the mess she created might be to return to the life she left behind as visions of her dead best friend Frankie lead her down a dangerous path of becoming the one thing she never thought she would: Mrs. Calloway.
Will the darkness she created claim the life she must live to be free or will her static inspiration become the dominant Noir she will need to save her from the violent death Goddess has planned?


Book 1-
Book 2-

Character Bios:

Full Name: Alabama Anne Crowne

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Bam, Bama, Pony, Unicorn, Caley Crowne Marlow-Haines

Age: 27

Birth date: October 30

Personality: Extrovert/Analyst (ENTJ type) – Alabama is very strong willed, ambitious and steadfast. Leads from the front and always gets what she wants. She is powerful.

Likes: Classic Rock, Red Sox, Gardenias, Orange Gummy bears, the color Blue

Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Secrets, Berries, Birds- parrots,

Fears: Losing herself.

Weaknesses: Cash Calloway

Height: 5’8

Weight: 135 lbs.

Body Type: Hour Glass

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: 70 lash scars from a bullwhip- placed there by Goddess (Book 1); C-Section scar (Book 2); Bullet wound scar (Left leg- Book 3)

Quirks: Raises eyebrows before laughing; Booming Cackle with snorting when she laughs;

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brunette

Complexion: Alabaster perfection

Relationship Status: Separated

Spouse/Mate: Finn Haines

Children: Daniella Celeste Haines-Calloway, Fielding Finland Haines-Calloway

Parents: Fielding Tyler Crowne; Carolina Crowne

Parent’s Statuses: Carolina- Deceased. (Cancer) ; Fielding (Living)

Best friend(s): Francesca “Frankie” Holden

Assistants: Sherry Caldwell; Lorne Matthews-Ripley

Main Enemy(ies): Stella “Goddess” McWarren; Finn Haines
Stories that this character appears in: “The Silent Violent Few” Series. Main Character.

Place of Birth: Carolina Grove. New York, New York.

Past Living Quarters: One 70 East. Marlow Beach Estate on Nantucket.

Current and Future Homes: Carolina Grove ; Cypress Crowne Downs Island.

Native Language(s): English

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian.

Former Occupation/Job: PR Agent for Pierce Publicity

Current Occupation: Executive Grants Officer at Mint Lingley & Co. (New Owner)

Boss: was Samuel Kurt Lingley before Finn purchased the business for her.

Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.): MS in Economics- Princeton University; BA in Public Relations- BU; BA in Accounting- BU.
Full Name: Cash Zachary Calloway

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Master; Cash Zachary; Big Nickels;

Age: 30

Birth date: July 7
Likes: Classic Rock, Red Sox, Royals, Control in all aspects of his life.

Dislikes: Disobedience, Secrets, betrayal.

Weaknesses: Alabama Crowne

Height: 6’2

Weight: 198 lbs. of pure muscle. 4% body fat

Body Type: Athletic

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: Scars from edge play on his back. Two Bullet wound scars (Right peck)

Quirks: Mischievous smirk; Raises right eyebrow when interest is piqued. Must be in control or he loses his chill.

Eyes: grayish-blue

Hair: Russet Brunette with natural gold highlights

Complexion: perfect shade of tan.

Relationship Status: taken

Spouse/Mate: Alabama Crowne.

Children: Daniella Celeste Haines-Calloway, Fielding Finland Haines-Calloway

Parents: Cash Zachary Calloway Sr & Meryl Lancaster-Calloway

Parent’s Statuses: Senior: Living; Meryl: Deceased

Best friend(s): Nolan Andrew Calloway.

Main Enemy(ies): Stella “Goddess” McWarren; Finn Haines; Meryl Lancaster-Calloway.
Stories that this character appears in: “The Silent Violent Few” Series. Main Character.

Place of Birth: Calloway Downs, New Orleans, Louisiana

Past Living Quarters: Calloway Downs; Bowery Triton

Current and Future Homes: Bowery Triton; Carolina Grove ;

Native Language(s): English

Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian.

Occupation/Job: Owner of Dover Flaxton & Bowery Triton; Owner of Paradise Canyon.

Current standing: Billionaire.

Level of Education(graduated from high school, college, extra university work, etc.): Master of Liberal Arts, Finance-Harvard University; BA in Accounting; BA in Foreign Languages.

About the Author-
Grayer Vaughan is the author of “The Vaughan Chronicles” series: Magnolia Like the Flower, Burning Blossom, Starshine; The Cathedral Saga: The Receiver, and The Silent Violent Few series: The Silent Violent Few, Risen, Noir.

Beginning at 11 years old, Vaughan began training in sport Karate as her parents wanted her to be able to defend herself against bullying in school. She began studying under the late 10th Dan Master Richard Dixon, learning Japanese Goju, which is Taekwondo, Kempo, and Kungfu combined. Over the next 7 years, she earned her blackbelt degree and fought all over the United States defending her regional, and divisional titles as well her right to fight for the State of Texas for her division. She received her first state title at 11 and her first world title at 14, fighting her way up to earn her titles. She is still undefeated and is now a retired World Champion. After making the decision to retire, she continued the family tradition in joining the Armed forces once they became of age. Upon discussing an opportunity to fight in the All-Army karate team, Vaughan decided to join the Army to follow in her father’s footsteps. serving 6 years in service, Vaughan returned home to Texas where she entered college to study as an artist. In an effort to keep a promise she made to her grandfather, Daniel, to write about her extraordinary life, she penned “The Vaughan Chronicles”, basing the story off her life experiences.                   

“There is always an opportunity to continue to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. They may have tried to push me back, but they will never succeed. I can always get better. Never give up.” ~Grayer Vaughan.

According to Grayer, she never intended to become an author. “It happened by answering a “what if” question, and a promise. I was blessed enough to be with my grandfather, Daniel in his last hour here on Earth. He asked what I would do in the next ten years as he wouldn’t be around to experience it with me. I said, “I have no idea, Grampy…I guess I will sell my art- have a show or write a book? I have no idea!” He replied, “you should do it. I believe in you. Promise me you will do whatever it takes to get it out there.”

With the promise made, he passed away a few seconds later. It took 6 months for Grayer to honor that promise, and with each book produced, she continues to keep her accord intact.

Social Media Links-

Instagram- @Vaughanland


Turn of the Moon ~ L.P. Dover

Turn of the Moon
Royal Shifters Standalone Series
Genre- Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Publication  Date-  August 25th, 2015

One girl. Two wolves. Promised to one. Destined for the other.

To escape the cruel, overbearing, Kade, the Yukon Pack alpha she’s been promised to, Bailey Whitehill flees her home in search of a new life, one of freedom where she can make her own choices. However, Kade will stop at nothing to make her his and begins the hunt.


As Bailey starts her new life, everything she’s known to be true, is not. Time is of the essence and choices have to be made or consequences suffered. Not only does Bailey fear Kade, but another danger lurks deep in the recesses of the forest. Unbeknownst to her, that danger is what she’s been searching for all along. At the turn of the moon, her fate hangs in the balance . . . and it’s up to her to make the right choice.



Amazon —> http://amzn.to/1LsEb33

iBooks —> http://apple.co/1Mac6zj

Smaswords —> http://bit.ly/1JvYD3D

Amazon UK —> http://amzn.to/1Jg4R6t

Amazon CA —> http://amzn.to/1KfEVdp

Amazon AU —> http://bit.ly/1V4FFoI


About the Author-
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a southern belle residing in North Carolina along with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she even began her literary journey she worked in Periodontics enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.
Not only does she love to write, but she loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes, white water rafting, and you can’t forget the passion for singing. Her two number one fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime and those songs usually consist of Christmas carols.
Aside from being a wife and mother, L.P. Dover has written over twenty novels including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read is romantic suspense and she also loves writing it. However, if she had to choose a setting to live in it would have to be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

Warm Springs Trilogy ~ Christina Kirby

Safe at Home
Warm Springs Trilogy #1
By- Christina Kirby
Genre- Romantic Suspense

Driven by fear and desperate to protect her family, Samantha is forced to leave Chicago and everything she’s worked to achieve, only to start over by tossing a dart-at-the-map. The Georgia townsfolk’s true Southern charm is the unexpected prescription needed to heal her soul, and the sexy carpenter who touches her heart are distractions she didn’t plan on, but they might offer her a chance at a new life, if she can let go of her past.

Town heartbreaker, Spencer Malloy, isn’t looking for anything serious. His days are perfect working as a contractor, attending his nephew’s baseball games or taking him fishing. He never expects to fall for the big city girl, Samantha. She’s not his type, timid and closed off, but in her unguarded moments, he’s intrigued by the woman he can’t get out of his mind. The urge to get closer to her grows stronger each day, and when the shadow of evil resurfaces, he vows to protect Samantha, even if it means abandoning his home and joining her on the run.


When confronted by the man who’s bent on revenge, Samantha must choose between running again to save the people she loves, or if she has the strength, to stay and fight for her new life.
 ExcerptJenny met his eyes and smiled. He’d only have to lean in a few inches and her perfect pink lips could be his. His eyes rested on her mouth and a rush of desire flooded his senses. He tore his gaze away and scribbled his name where directed. He needed to get out of the hot room.

“Now, if you’ll pass the pen to Jenny, she can be our witness.”

He held his hand out and Jenny’s fingers brushed his as she reached for the pen. Her eyes flicked up to his and held a moment longer than necessary. The room’s temperature shot higher.

The lady at the end of the table cleared her throat. Jenny nipped the pen from his hand, signed her name with a flourish, and slid the paperwork to the end of the table.

“I’ll just run and make a copy of all of this. Hang tight for one minute.” The title agent left them alone in palpable silence.

“So–” Jenny started.

“How–” He grinned. “Sorry. You go.”

“I was just going to ask you how you’ve been.” She laced her fingers and leaned her elbows on the mahogany table. “Is Avery still around?”

“Yeah. She’ll be here another few weeks.” He drummed his knuckles in quick succession and glanced over his shoulder. There was still no sign of the title company worker. “We’ve spent the last week painting Honey’s house. It needed it. And, my parents are coming for a visit in a couple weeks.”

“You better buy some furniture.”

“I’ll get right on it.” Another awkward silence descended over the room.

“I hope you like the house. You only saw it once.” Jenny squinted as if waiting for it to occur to him how insane the entire situation was. “I mean, it’s beautiful and there’s so much potential–”

He held up his hand. “It’s great, really. I knew you’d pick the best house. I wasn’t worried.”

“Well, that makes one of us.”

“You should have more confidence in your abilities.”

“It isn’t a lack of confidence,” a hint of temper flared in her voice. “We’re talking about your home. What if I’d picked one you didn’t like?”

“It’s just a house.”

“It’s not.” She looked at him with wide eyes. “It’s where you’ll spend your time and make a life.”

“It’s a house. The people who live in it make it a home.” He dropped his gaze and watched the reflection of his fingers in the table. “Besides, it doesn’t matter much anymore.”


Running Home
Warm Springs Trilogy #2
By- Christina Kirby
Genre- Romantic Suspense
Small town beauty queen, Jenny Fillmore, is a survivor. In the wake of having been kidnapped by a madman, she’s managed to put her life back together, complete with a successful career and a serious boyfriend. But, when her first love returns and hires her as his real estate agent, old wounds are torn open, making Jenny question whether or not she has the life she wants. It turns out broken hearts don’t heal so easily and old desires don’t always fade with time.
Professional baseball player, Adam Hamilton, didn’t expect a career ending shoulder injury. Thrown a curveball in his prime, he returns home to Warm Springs and the one woman whose heart he broke to pursue his sports dream. But, earning Jenny’s forgiveness won’t be easy. What he and Jenny once shared was real, but she’s moved on. With the new man in her life, time isn’t on Adam’s side.
About the Author-
Christina Kirby holds a degree in Public Relations from Auburn University. She worked in banking for four and a half years before deciding to become a stay at home mom to her two sons. Moving every couple of years because of her husband’s job, Christina has had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and live in many different states. Fortunately, writing is something she can take with her no matter where she lives. Christina is an avid reader of romance, young adult and anything having to do with pop culture. She also knows a copy of Entertainment Weekly and a chocolate chip cookie can cure anything.
Twitter: @CKirbyWriter
Sign up for her newsletter on her website: www.ChristinaKirbyBooks.com

Taming Evangeline ~ C.L. Matthews

Taming Evangeline TourBook Info-

Taming Evangeline EbookTitle- Taming Evangeline

Series- Shattered Souls #1

By- C.L. Matthews

Genre- Erotic Romance

Expected Publication Date- July 21st, 2015



Love, hate, and death lurk in the darkness; Evangeline gets tangled into a web of lust, lies, and deception that she wasn’t prepared for.


When she discovers the grim truth; the lives of innocents may be in danger including her loved ones.


The answer to her problems may lie in the past but can Gideon Blackwell, be “the fixer” that she needs or will Marcus Cagel uncover the underground organization of CK-21 and change everything?


One will be her undoing while the other will protect her above all else. When everything is on the line, the real question becomes; who will survive Evangeline Carpenter?



Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24301167-taming-evangeline?from_search=true&search_version=service_impr


C.L. MatthewsAbout the Author-

C.L. Matthews resides in Utah, the state with the best snow on earth. She is not a fan of the snow but loves her state just the same. She is known for her swag business and creative pieces. C.L. Matthews is a college student, swag maker, and new author, it isn’t an easy task but she wants to succeed in many things. Her hobbies consist of crafting, drinking coffee until she can’t consume any more, and reading until she falls asleep with books in her lap. C.L. Matthews is married to her childhood best friend, she got her happily ever after.



Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/CL-Matthews/482558545218327?ref=br_tf

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/10784774.C_L_Matthews

Website- http://www.clmatthewsbooks.com/

Buddy Carruthers: Wide Receiver – Jean Joacim – Book Tour

First and Ten

Book Info-
Title- Griff Montgomery, Quarterback
Series- First & Ten # 1
By- Jean C. Joachim
Genre- Sports Romance

He wants to find a wife. She doesn’t want to marry again –ever. Not exactly a match made in heaven. Ten years ago, Griff Montgomery, star quarterback of the Kings and womanizer, became a stand-in father for his widowed sister’s kids. His happy family life collapsed when she and her new husband moved to California. Griff wants his own family. But where does a “player” go to find his ideal mate?
Having sworn off marriage forever, Lauren Farraday barely kept her life together after her divorce. With her career shaky and depression closing in, the last thing she needed was a courtroom battle with a sexy athlete.
Forced, by a judge, into an uneasy truce, the pair denied their growing chemistry. Wary of Griff’s reputation with women, and hiding a secret, Lauren keeps him at arm’s length. Determined, Griff marches toward his goal. Can the quarterback handle the truth or will he walk away, like he always has in the past?


Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24835543-griff-montgomery-quarterback?from_search=true
Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/Griff-Montgomery-Quarterback-First-Book-ebook/dp/B00T751A58/
Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Griff-Montgomery-Quarterback-First-Book-ebook/dp/B00T751A58/
B&N- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/griff-montgomery-quarterback-jean-joachim/1121169106?ean=2940149981663
ARE- https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-griffmontgomeryquarterback-1739340-149.html
iTunes- https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/griff-montgomery-quarterback/id966737535?mt=11
Kobo- https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/griff-montgomery-quarterback

Book Info-
Title- Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver
Series- First & Ten #2
By- Jean C. Joachim
Genre- Sports Romance


Known for his record-breaking stats and womanizing ways, wide receiver, Buddy Carruthers, would give it all up for one chance to win the only woman he ever wanted, Emmy Meacham. Hard-won games, and traveling half the season kept Buddy from pursuing his secret passion. Even if he managed to corner her for a moment, would she still care?
Now a rock star known as Emerald, Emmy lived her life on the road with no time for love. In her dreams, she longed to turn back the clock and spend another night with Buddy. But lies and deceit had kept them apart for five years. Would a chance meeting wash away those years or cause old wounds to resurface? Could two lives traveling in opposite directions make room for love or would they continue to spin, out of sync, and always alone?

Jean C Joachim

About the Author-
Jean Joachim is a best-selling romance fiction author, with books hitting the Amazon Top 100 list since 2012. The Renovated Heart won Best Novel of the Year from Love Romances Café. Lovers & Liars was a RomCon finalist in 2013. And The Marriage List tied for third place as Best Contemporary Romance from the Gulf Coast RWA. To Love or Not to Love is a finalist in a 2014 contest held by the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America. She was chosen Author of the Year in 2012 by the New York City chapter of Romance Writers of America.
Married and the mother of two sons, Jean lives in New York City. Early in the morning, you’ll find her at her computer, writing, with a cup of tea, her rescued put, Homer, by her side and a secret stash of black licorice.

Social Media Links-
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jean-Joachim-Author/221092234568929?fref=ts
Website- http://www.jeanjoachimbooks.com
Amazon Author Page- http://www.amazon.com/Jean-C.-Joachim/e/B001ITRQKY/
Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/334810.Jean_C_Joachim
Pinterest- http://www.pinterest.com/jeanjoachim/
Google + – https://plus.google.com/u/0/

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Exposing the Flesh ~ J.A. Howell

Exposing the Flesh Tour


Exposing the Flesh FrontTitle- Exposing the Flesh

Series- Love & Ink # 3

By- J.A. Howell

Genre- Erotica

Published By- SideStreet Cookie Publishing

Expected Publication Date- February 12th, 2015


*Warning: Intended for 18+ only. Contains graphic language and sex, as well as depictions of violence and sexual assault that may be disturbing to some readers.*

Niall Donovan is a talented photographer. When it comes to women, he can have his pick and has. But beneath the flirtatious, joking smiles he’s hiding long buried pain and traumatic memories. Memories that are breaking the surface once more. Memories that he’ll do anything to shut up. When suicide doesn’t work for him, he indulges in pills, drugs, and physical pain. They seem to help some, but they barely take the edge off.

London Black has been put through the wringer. Between a car accident that nearly killed her, months of physical therapy, and finding out the boyfriend she moved to Midtown for has been cheating all along, she’s done being the sweet wholesome girl everyone thinks she is. A one night stand with the sexy photographer she meets at a club is just the thing she needs to boost her ego. It does more than that when the explicit photos of them are the main exhibit at the local art gallery. Embarrassed, angry, and now without a prospective job, she confronts him on opening night. But when he offers her a generous deal with room and board in return for more photos, she accepts. Taking naked photos with him for a large sum of cash doesn’t seem like that horrible of an option, and besides they both intend to keep things completely professional.

When the shutter starts snapping, however, it’s hard for either to deny what’s developing between them. Neither are in a good place and prefer those desires stay hidden in the dark, but the camera doesn’t lie. Baring it all may expose more than their bodies. But exposing their hearts may be more than Niall or London bargained for.


Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24507118-exposing-the-flesh?from_search=true


“Christ, Niall! Ye got a big set of bollocks, don’t ye?” Grant laughed as soon as I grumbled a half-hearted “yeah” into the phone

I grunted, sitting up in bed and looking around my bedroom. What time was it?

“The feck are ya talkin’ about, arsehole?”

“I’m talking about the exhibit tonight.”

“What about it?”

He wasn’t making any sense. As far as my work went, the collection of candid shots I’d taken were the tamest I’d done in a while.

“I just went tae get coffee and saw a nice big poster for it in the window of The Pump & Grind. Ye got yer head buried in some brunette’s snatch.”


“Here I’ll send ye a pic.”

I heard the snap of his camera phone and a second later my phone buzzed. Sure enough a picture of me going down on London filled the screen. At least they’d covered her breasts with the title of the exhibit.

“Oh feck! Oh feck, she grabbed the wrong negatives!”

I was out of bed and charging down the hall to my dark room as Grant broke into snorting laughter on the other end. Sure enough, when I tore the other negatives from their clip, they were the candid photos I’d meant for Hayley to grab. Not that I really needed confirmation of this given Grant’s picture.


Grant managed to calm his laughter just a little, still snorting randomly as he asked, “So I take it the lovely brunette doesnae have a clue aboot this, does she?”

“Nope.” I sighed, already pulling on a pair of jeans and sneakers. “Can ya come get me? I need ta talk to the gallery as soon as possible.”

“Um, ye kin they’re no’ openin’ until tonight tae prepare fir the openin’, aye?”

“God. Feckin’. Dammit.” I growled, pressing my forehead against the doorjamb. “They cannot show those pictures! Who the hell even gave them the go-ahead with what we were doing in those?”

“I’m goin’ tae see yir bollocks tonicht, aren’t I?”

“Ya were the one sayin’ they were big.”

“Aye! Noo they’ll be huge all blown up for the exhibit!”  He erupted into another fit of laughter. I sighed.

“It’s not funny, Grant. This chicks goin’ ta skin me alive if she sees these.”

“Aye, probably…but think positive. Maybe she won’t see them?”

“Ya think so?”

“Feck nae! Unless she was just visitin’ she’d be blind not to see these. They’ve plastered ye two all over town.”


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Scratches Down My Back

Book Info-

Title- Scratches Down My Back

Series- Love & Ink # 2

By- J.A. Howell

Published By- SideStreet Cookie Publishing

Genre- Erotica



**Not for readers under the age of 18+. Contains language, explicit sex, and adult situations.** 

Liam Donovan can’t connect with women. The only woman he thought he had something with was his best friend Shayne, but she chose his younger brother over him. Single, bitter, and with a non-existent sex life, he’s accepted the only good things he’s got going in his life are his tattoo shop and fighting in the cage.

When Lucy Stevens walks into his shop for a tattoo, he dismisses her like so many of the beautiful but vapid girls he’s met over and over. Unfortunately for him, this five foot blonde bombshell is more than capable of going a few rounds, easily putting Liam in his place. He finds her ability to keep him on his toes both intriguing and annoying. But he isn’t just afraid of being able to keep up with her verbal jests. Despite nothing being medically wrong with him, Liam hasn’t been able to “perform” on that front in years… 

But Lucy isn’t one to back down from a challenge. When she gets this man in a compromising position and it seems once again his body won’t cooperate, Lucy takes control of the situation. A little tough love never hurt anybody, and it seems with Liam, that’s just what he needed. 

For someone that’s spent the last decade having to be in charge, Liam finds complete release in handing it over to her. But Lucy is keeping a few secrets from Liam. Secrets that have previously destroyed her life and her past relationships. As she falls for Liam, she knows she needs to tell him. But will he still want to submit to her once he finds out the truth? Or will this be the one fight he walks away from? 


Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22467263-scratches-down-my-back

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Love-Ink-Scratches-Down-Back-ebook/dp/B00M8VDRFO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415819926&sr=8-1&keywords=Scratches+Down+My+Back+by+J.A.+Howell

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Marks on my SkinBook Info-

Title- Marks on my Skin

Series- Love & Ink # 1

By- J.A. Howell

Genre- Erotica

Publication Date- March 15th, 2014

Published By- SideStreet Cookie Publishing



**Not for readers under the age of 18+. Contains language, explicit sex, and adult situations.** 

Kieran Donovan has always been a doormat to the women in his life. Begging his wife not to leave after finding her in bed with not one—but five men—only provides further proof of that. 

In need of an escape from an empty house and a broken heart, Kieran heads to Midtown to see his estranged brother, Liam. There he meets Shayne Wickham, Liam’s best friend. Shayne’s dark and sexy with a wild streak a mile long and a sexual appetite for things Kieran’s never even dreamed of doing. But after an intense, and all too brief encounter, he’s more than willing to learn. Despite the usual safeguards Shayne keeps around herself and her own wounded heart, she finds herself more than willing to show him the ropes…and the floggers…and the paddles. 

Kieran’s never seen himself as dominant in any aspect of his life. But when Shayne submits herself to him, it ignites an inner strength and hunger he never knew he had—and feelings Shayne didn’t know she could have. So used to keeping others at an arm’s length, the ease with which she finds herself trusting Kieran is both exciting and unsettling. Could Kieran be someone she could finally trust her heart to—or will he leave her scarred like everyone else? 

Just another mark on her skin. 


Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21479437-love-ink?ac=1

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Love-Ink-Marks-My-Skin-ebook/dp/B00J1QAY8W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398390412&sr=8-1&keywords=Marks+on+my+skin

J.A. HowellAbout the Author-

J.A Howell is an office drone by day, and a writer by night. Her love of writing took off when she was eleven years old and decided to fill a composition notebook with stories to read to her friends. Many years (and notebooks) later, not much has changed. She still loves writing and sharing her works with others. When she isn’t writing, she can often be found trying her hand at whatever artistic pursuit strikes her fancy. J.A. Howell resides in Apopka, FL with her husband and their menagerie of animal children.








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