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Review – A Mating Dance – Lia Davis

Senior enforcer, Cameron Nickels has found her perfect mate. Blaine Andrews, leopard Pack Marshal, is strong, dominate, loyal, and passionate. He knows all her strengths and weaknesses–not to mention her pleasure points. Cam’s known Blaine most her life, but she’s always felt like something was missing and her jaguar refuses to fully accept him. Yet, she can’t walk away from him. When architect and sexy mountain lion shifter, Graham Griffin, comes to town to design the new den nursery and school, Cameron finds herself in a mating dance that throws her and her jaguar into flight mode while Blaine must decide if he cannot only share his mate, but welcome another.

After his lover walked out on him a year ago, Graham has no intentions of entering another relationship any time soon. But he realizes that the fates have other plans for him when he meets Blaine and Cameron. When his ex-lover’s children are chased into Ashwood territory by a group of rogues, he discovers the male he shared a life with had died freeing the kids from the Onyx Pack. Graham must work side-by-side with the two enforcers to uncover lies from the past while his heart opens to his true mates.

Warning: Contains one-hot headed leopard, a man who thought he’d lost it all, and a woman who is about to rub up against both in the best possible ways.

Crystal’s Review
I have been wanting to read this book for awhile and I was happy when I finally had the chance to get it and read it. I have read several books by this author and I have really gotten into reading stories that have menages in them.

Cameron Nickels is the senior enforcer in the pack. She knows how to get the job done. She has been in the mating dance with Blaine Andrews who is the leopard pack marshall. Her jaguar still feels like there is still something missing and she can’t seem to commit to him. She is also trying to get over the lose of her baby. She feels like she will never be able to carry a cub to full term. Everything changes when Graham Griffin comes to the pack.

Graham has never been in a relationship with a female and can’t understand what it is about Cam that calls to him. He also wants Blaine and that doesn’t surprise him. He is just here to help out his brother until his ex lovers children are found and he has to find out what happened. Graham seems to have a lot of things going on.

This was a really hot and sexy book. It had a great storyline and to help it out it was about shifters and a threesome. There is nothing better than getting to read a book like this one. I couldn’t put it down and wanted it to keep going. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens next. I will warn you that this book contains scenes with M/F/M, M/M, and M/F. It is a great story and the author did a wonderful job working with all three characters.

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Book Blitz ~ Schooled ~ Michelle Lowhorn


The Teacher Series Book # 1

By- Michelle Lowhorn

Genre- Romantic Suspense

Publication Date- October 16, 2013

Published By- Rebel Ink Press

Feisty fourth grade teacher, Emmelynne Johnson, is fiercely independent and has a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush. While hiking at an area national park, she finds herself lost and alone. Just when she thinks she’s found her way, she unknowingly witnesses a brutal murder sanctioned by a local crime boss.

Colt Christianson, homicide detective for the Fort Worth Police Department, is known for his dedication and willingness to do whatever necessary to solve the crime. Still grieving for his late partner, Colt is called to investigate a murder that has connections to his partner’s death.

When the killers attempt to silence the only witness, the detective switches roles to become her protector. Together they will be forced to fight two battles, one against the killers and one against their burgeoning mutual attraction.

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Book Spotlight ~ Can’t Go Home ~ Angelisa Stone

Can't Go Home COVER

Can’t Go Home

By: Angelisa Stone

 “A beautiful, steamy, love story that you think about for days after…wishing you could read it all over again for the first time. The kind of book that will make you want to finish in one sitting while it tugs at your heartstrings.”  Christine Zolendz (Author of Mad World Series)

“Angelisa Stone will bring you home with her quick humor, unforeseen twists and a sincerity that makes Can’t Go Home a top read.” Denise (Flirty and Dirty Book Blog)

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Everyone has secrets; secrets meant to be kept—hidden away where nobody can discover the truth.  Adrian O’Donnell (aka: Dre Donley) is no exception.  Dre spins tales and half-truths like it’s his job, keeping the reality of his past buried deep within each lie he fabricates.  On the other hand, Kathryn Howell is the exception to the rule.  She’s a straight-shooter, a tell-it-like-it-is, no filter kind of girl.

Kathryn’s honesty and straightforwardness is the ultimate turn on for a guy like Dre.  He’s never met someone so sincere, so full of truth and innocence.  Their chemistry is unavoidable, their connection, magnetic.  When Dre sets out to make Kathryn fall for him, he doesn’t realize the grave mistake he’s making.  Kathryn’s strength and convictions do not falter, even for an irresistible man like Dre. When his past resurfaces, and the lies come tumbling forth, Kathryn must decide if his deceit and betrayal can be forgiven or if the damage is irreparable. Will the truth ultimately destroy the relationship that neither one of them could deny or even attempt to resist?

This novel is for mature readers only, due to language and sexual content.

Book Trailer for Can’t Go Home

CGH Teaser Excerpt:

“Little late getting back from lunch, eh?” I ask as Kathryn gets out of her car.

“I didn’t realize my stalker was keeping track of the time clock,” she says, uncapping her lip-gloss.

Fuck.  She is not going to put that on in front of me.  Don’t do it.  Don’t.  Don’t. Aww fuck, she is.  The stick thing glides over her bottom lip, layering her lip in a thick, wet shine.  Holy shit.  I can think of quite few other things that I’d want to trail over those sexy lips.

“Hey Dre, cat got your tongue?” Kathryn asks, winking at me.  Well, well, well, what do we have here? Kathryn Howell is flirting with me.  This is a strange turn of events.

“No Ma’am, the cat most certainly does not have my tongue.  I can do anything you’d like me to with my tongue…anything,” I say, seeing her sexual innuendo, and doubling and raising anything she may add.

Fanning herself, she says, “It’s getting too hot for my blood; I fold,” she announces, walking to the office door.  “Seriously though, what brings ya back to the Agency?” she asks coyly.

“I wanted to see if a certain literary agent wanted to have dinner tonight,” I admit.

“If she’s an agent, then she’s probably ‘booked’ for the night,” she says, cracking herself up.  I groan at her cheesy joke.  “Ba-dump-ba! I’m here all night, folks.”

Kathryn Howell is adorable.  She’s corny, quirky, and sexy too.  I can’t take my eyes off of her.  Smiling, Kathryn says, “Well, what’s her name?  I’ll ask her when I get inside.”

“Katie something or other.  Just tell her I’ll be out here tonight at 5:30,” I say, starting to walk away.  I stop, turn around, and add, “If she’s not here by 5:45, then I’m hitting up that waitress, ‘Allie with i.’ I hear she’s got crabs, but I’ll take my chances.”

Laughing, she says, “I’ll let her know. Wouldn’t want those all-you-can-eat-crabs spreading all over town.”  Kathryn waves, turns to leave, but stops, and then looks back at me to add, “Oh…and Dre, please don’t call me ‘Katie.’ I hate it.”

“Then you’ll never hear me say it again,” I promise her.  A grin travels all the way across her face; you can even see the smile in her eyes.  I thought she might be a little hard to get, but this was going smoothly—very smoothly.

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Who is Angelisa Stone?

Angelisa Stone is a typical Midwestern wife and mom, frazzled by parenting and housework, and overwhelmed with sports schedules, doctor appointments, and three-dimensional creative projects due “tomorrow morning.”  Angelisa dreams of white sandy beaches, clear-blue waters, and Midori coladas in hand, but realizes that her loving husband and four not-so-perfect children are her real dreams-come-true.  Writing and reading are her passions, and she hopes (and prays with her fingers tightly crossed) that readers will find enjoyment and escape through her words and characters.

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 20 Fun Facts


Angelisa Denise Stone

1. The first time I kissed a boy with tongue in fifth grade, I bit his lip and drew blood.  No boys would kiss me for two more years after that elementary school debacle.

 2. I auditioned and got a part in a drinking and driving documentary when I was in high school.  I was 14 at the time.  During the filming, the movie production people allowed all the kids to drink to make it “seem real.”  I freaked out, cried, and called my mom to come get me.  She went off “Old School Italian” style on those people.

3. My friend invited me to a DEF LEPPARD concert when I was in 9th grade; her parents had a suite.  I didn’t know who Def Leppard was, but I was certain my outfit was perfect for a concert:  white ruffle skirt, white turtleneck, red cardigan, white bobby socks, and boat shoes.  Needless to say, I did not fit in AT ALL.

4. In 10th grade, a boy I worked with showed up at work and told me that he bought me two tickets to see New Kids on the Block.  I was ecstatic, jumped up and down, freaking out.  I took the tickets and called my best friend to tell her all about how we were going to the concert.  It was months later when another co-worker told me that the guy intended to take me AS A DATE. I had no idea. Instead, I took the tickets and took my friend to the concert.

5. In fifth grade, I almost got suspended for biting a boy’s butt.  In my defense, he pushed me down in the snow and sat on my head.   {Ps.  I have a problem with biting things.}

6. When I was in college, my suitemates and I decided that we were going to “make our mark” on our campus.  They were putting in new concrete outside of one of the buildings.  We dressed all in black and went out in the middle of the night to “stamp” our footprints and initials in the pavement.  We were so excited, counted to three to all do it together, only to discover that it was already dry.  Who the hell knew concrete dried that quickly?

7. When I was in seventh grade, I spent the night at my best friend’s house.  In the middle of the night, I went to the bathroom and realized that I started my period for the very first time.  Since everyone was asleep, I sat there crying, not having any idea what to do, staring at my ruined underwear.  Suddenly, her dad walked in completely NAKED!!!  Mortifying.  I couldn’t go back to her house for at least another year.

8. I was on a skyline that travels the length of an amusement park and one of the cars fell to the ground.  (Not the one I was on.)  We had to jump off to the ground at the lowest point.

9. I love to go water-skiing.  However, I’ve never actually gotten up on skis.  I just love trying.  I can’t keep my legs together.  (“That’s what she said.”)

10. I went snow skiing once and got a concussion and never went again.  My friends convinced me that I didn’t need those silly lessons, so I skipped them.  The first time down the hill, I was heading straight for the ski-lift pole.  I didn’t know how to turn.  I figured it must be like roller-skating and to turn when roller-skating you just cross one leg over the other.  It is NOT like roller-skating and crossing your legs/skis is not a good idea…said the paramedic in the ambulance.

11. I don’t like zoos.  I don’t want to look at anything. They’re so boring.  I want to ride the animals.  Whenever a zoo opens up that lets me ride around in the pouch of a kangaroo or slide down a giraffe’s neck, I am there!

12. I do not understand the hype of the following things:  French fries, pizza, and coffee.  I could live 1000 years without any of them.

13. I don’t understand when to punt and when not to punt in football.

14. I was student council president in high school and won unanimously.  Actually, everyone forgot there was a meeting that day, and only five of my friends and I showed up to the meeting, so I won.

15. The second I step foot in a hospital I find a box of latex gloves and wear a pair the whole time I’m there.  Germs are disgusting.

16. I’m a terrible driver.  I’ve wrecked every side of my car—always my fault—usually hitting a stationery object.

17. I have three tattoos.

18. I’ve had NINE surgeries.

19. I’ve been in TEN weddings—counting my own.   It really doesn’t pay to be everyone’s “best friend.”  Actually, you’re the one who ends up paying—for a lot of damn hideous-looking dresses.

20.  I won a creative writing contest in 1987.  I didn’t pick up writing again until a few years ago.