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Review – Jaded by Viola Grace

Jayd has been a judge since the moment she entered the imperium. After her training, she was assigned to travel from world to world, hearing capital cases and watching over the sentences from fines to executions. Her companions include a sentient ship named Harry and whatever executioner is assigned to her. The executioners never last long.

Truanic is her newest executioner and not only is he the man for the job, he is also the man for her. She just has to make the first move.

Cara’s Review
I thoroughly enjoyed the novella, “Jaded,” especially the beginning where we get to see how Jayd Gonzalez (Judge Drex) came to space- not as a Volunteer, but as a medical case. Jayd, or Judge Drex, developed a pretty awesome ability after she went out of her way to save an alien on Earth. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and she is now a mix of Terran and Ontex species.

Judge Drex uses her acquired psychic abilities, as well as her inborn sense of justice, to officiate cases around the Galaxy. She requires an Executioner to accompany her, to mete out justice if necessary. Unfortunately, she seems to burn through them in a rather alarming rate. Her newest Executioner, Truanic or Ex-Hess, appeals to her mind and her body. Of course, she can’t get involved with her Executioner, right? Ah-hem.

This is another excellent installment in the Terran Tales saga. Each book is stand alone, so don’t worry if you haven’t read any others! There is excitement, intrigue, court cases, vacation get aways, Guardians, and a talking ship involved that will keep you greatly entertained. This one will definitely go in my “re-read” pile.
hearts 4