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Review – Jaded by Viola Grace

Jayd has been a judge since the moment she entered the imperium. After her training, she was assigned to travel from world to world, hearing capital cases and watching over the sentences from fines to executions. Her companions include a sentient ship named Harry and whatever executioner is assigned to her. The executioners never last long.

Truanic is her newest executioner and not only is he the man for the job, he is also the man for her. She just has to make the first move.

Cara’s Review
I thoroughly enjoyed the novella, “Jaded,” especially the beginning where we get to see how Jayd Gonzalez (Judge Drex) came to space- not as a Volunteer, but as a medical case. Jayd, or Judge Drex, developed a pretty awesome ability after she went out of her way to save an alien on Earth. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and she is now a mix of Terran and Ontex species.

Judge Drex uses her acquired psychic abilities, as well as her inborn sense of justice, to officiate cases around the Galaxy. She requires an Executioner to accompany her, to mete out justice if necessary. Unfortunately, she seems to burn through them in a rather alarming rate. Her newest Executioner, Truanic or Ex-Hess, appeals to her mind and her body. Of course, she can’t get involved with her Executioner, right? Ah-hem.

This is another excellent installment in the Terran Tales saga. Each book is stand alone, so don’t worry if you haven’t read any others! There is excitement, intrigue, court cases, vacation get aways, Guardians, and a talking ship involved that will keep you greatly entertained. This one will definitely go in my “re-read” pile.
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Review- Courting the Phoenix by Viola Grace

Elly has known she was going to become the phoenix for twelve years. She just didn’t want it to happen quite yet.

When she meets Terric in person for the first time, there is no going back. Her transformation is underway. Her body is becoming fire and there is nothing she can do to stop it.

Terric has been looking for the phoenix since he felt the first stirrings of her power in the world around him. When he meets Elly and they dance, he knows that she is the one he has been waiting for, but his patience is running out.

She demands a proper courtship, and he complies. After all, how long had he already waited?

Cara’s Review
While followers of the Nexus Universe knew that the Phoenix was coming into her own, we were unsure of her identity- as was a very unhappy dragon, Terric. However, in “Courting the Phoenix” the Dragon and Phoenix finally meet. Elilinora Dyanhart was an air mage, living with her mother and sister, trying to make ends meet while her controlling, out of the picture father, kept them under his thumbs by taking their money over and over again. When she first glanced the Black dragon, Terric her Phoenix potential ignited.

Courting the Dragon is a tale of two powerful beings, truly meant for one another coming together. Of course, the world attempted interference- as change is always met with fear and doomsayers. However, when Eli’s ready to embrace who she truly is sparks fly. She is not going to let a whole Society block her from her Happily Ever After!

Familiar faces pop up in the book, characters of the Nexus Universe coming out in droves to see this monumental occasion. It’s nice to see characters from the past, and know they are all doing well! This book is a nice quick read, and I’d recommend it to all who have enjoyed the Nexus Chronicles, and anyone looking to read about the epic meeting of the Phoenix and the Dragon, after all, it only happens once every couple of centuries!
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Book Spotlight – The Right Kind of Love – Roxy Wilson

Roxy1The Right Kind of Love
by Roxy Wilson

New Yorker Sloane Saunders has just about given up on love. She’s thirty-something and very single. A magazine article jolts her from her malaise and motivates her to do something she’s never tried before: online dating, and is the website of choice.
Attending his brother’s bachelor party was the wake-up call Blake Morrison needed. Memories of a passionate relationship from his past drive him to return to claim his woman. Sloane. Despite the sizzling chemistry between them, it’s not as easy as he thought. With a family crisis and Sloane’s preconceived notions about love and relationships getting in the way, can Blake convince Sloane they have the right kind of love and that a love like theirs can last?

“Why am I doing this, again?”
Sloane stared at the matchmaking website. It promised to make falling in love easy. Then why was her chest so tight? Why did she feel like Atlas, with the weight of the heavens on her shoulders? Were these signs that her foray into online dating could turn out to be one of the horror stories she’d heard on the news? With her luck she’d end up meeting a catfish who created a false identity and made a complete fool of her. Not in a million years would she have believed she would resort to this.
Do I really need to do this? Is it worth the risk? No. Maybe I shouldn’t bother. I should just be content living alone, and using my Hitachi Magic Wand when I feel the need for some adventure in the bedroom.
“You know what?” Sloane moved the cursor to the Log Out icon. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.” Just when she was about to click on the icon, Harper’s words came swimming up to the surface of her consciousness—Open yourself up to new possibilities, and maybe, just maybe, you might get your happily-ever-after.
Sloane lifted her eyes toward the ceiling. “Harper, you’re not even here, and you’re messing with my head.” She looked at the monitor and saw she had a million questions to answer before she completed her profile.
She inhaled a deep breath. “Okay, here goes.”
The questionnaire was exasperating. She couldn’t believe it went so far as to ask her to select what she’d do if she won the state lottery. How about all of the above? Sheesh. Sloane used the Eeny meeny miny moe rhyme to choose an answer, since all of the above wasn’t one of the options.
Twenty minutes later, Sloane completed the online form and paid the subscription fee. She took her shower and was just about to wrap the bath towel around her body, when she heard the doorbell. She wasn’t in the mood for visitors. Not when she needed to get ready to head out in a few minutes. The NHL games attracted large crowds, so everyone knew how important it was to arrive there early to get the coveted seats. Whoever was outside continued to press the doorbell, making Sloane more and more irritated by the second.
“Enough already, I’m coming,” Sloane muttered. She dried her skin briskly. Who could possibly be disturbing her peace this early on a Sunday morning? Don’t people understand the concept of weekends? It’s Sunday, for crying out loud. She rushed to her drawer and grabbed some clothing, along with her under-things. It didn’t seem as if Sloane could put her clothes on fast enough for her impatient, unwelcome guest.
By the time Sloane reached the hallway, the shrill sounds of the doorbell seemed to touch the most sensitive part of her nerves. She barely restrained herself from shoving her fist into her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. Sloane opened the door, not too gently. Belatedly, she thought how foolish it was to not check the peephole before opening the door. When she saw the man standing before her, her last-minute fear vanished.
The first thing that caught her attention was the width of his shoulders. It was one of the things about a man’s physique that got her going. Sloane believed only other full-figured women would understand the rare delight she felt in the moment, to be standing next to a man with such broad shoulders. Sloane was sure she would feel protected, and oh-so-delicate, if he wrapped his arms around her. It was a sensation she didn’t often enjoy with the opposite sex. It would feel so good to be an elf, a dainty little thing, needing protection, in his presence. Sloane mentally shook herself out of the fixation on the man’s shoulders, and allowed her eyes to track upwards.
“What the—” Her voice trailed off as she peered into cyan-blue eyes. She felt like her eyes were going to pop out of her head, as she looked into the all-too-familiar crooked, dimpled smile of the man who’d haunted her naughtiest dreams for ages.

Secret Cravings Publishing

Roxy Wilson is a self-professed junkie whose excessive consumption of traditional and electronic books is legendary.
As a graduate with a degree in Education, she writes blogs which help readers to think critically about and appreciate poetry. In July, 2012, however, she decided to delve into the world of writing romance stories.
When she is not reading or writing, she spends her time cooking, listening to music and visiting the various islands of the Caribbean.

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