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This is only a test! From Me to You Friday (Okay, late Friday, but still…)

I’m trying out something new. Bare with me. hehe

I’m trying out a scrolling bar that * ***** ***** was kind enough to demonstrate. Well, never mind, but you can still bare away!!! It either doesn’t like wordpress or I did something wrong. Take a guess which one it is!

Oh yeah this is From Me to You Friday and I’ve once again been sharing my day with other authors. Hopefully this is not a post that will chase anyone away! I’ve been busy working. Not writing. Well, writing too. But mainly at the day job.


MAIL NOW! LOL! My alternate ego is a Postmaster. Try to mail your Christmas Cards early. We have some awesome stamps out this year. My Favorite is the gingerbread houses.home_holidaystore2013-715x182
Isn’t it cute??? And the wreath? Awesome. That is the international Christmas Stamp. They are also Forever Stamps now too! If it wasn’t $1.10 I’d put them on my cards here in the US!

The Post Office is trying something new. Check out your local Post Office if you’ve got kids. To teach children how to address a letter or postcard the Post Office has teamed up with Nickelodeon and we have Sponge Bob Square Pants in the lobby. He is holding postcards and kids can take one and fill it out, address it and drop it in the mail. It is already to go with a Sponge Bob stamp on it!

Looking for a picture of Sponge Bob, I found out we also sell Christmas cards. Who knew? LOL! But still no picture of Sponge Bob.

Well DH is going to sleep so I’m going to get off and let him sleep! (Good thing reading is quiet!)

Happy Friday to all of those like me who think bedtime on a Friday is 2am!