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Review- Her Uniform Cowboy – Donna Michaels

Harland County Series/Book 3: Kade
85,000 words
Heat Index: Hot

Desperate for change after a verbally abusive relationship, Brandi Wyne leaves a symphony career, her family, and the Poconos to fall back on a designing degree and a chance to renovate a restaurant/pub in Texas. Even though part of a National Guard family, she’d sworn off military men when the last one proved less than supportive of her thyroid condition and subsequent weight gain. Too bad her body seems to forget that fact whenever she’s near the very hot, very military local sheriff.

Texas Army National Guard First Sergeant Kade Dalton never planned on becoming Harland County Sheriff or the attraction to a curvy, military-hating designer from Pennsylvania. Heavy with guilt from the death of a soldier under his command during a recent deployment, and dealing with his co-owned horse ranch and a bungling young deputy, it’s hard most days just to keep his sanity. But it’s the Yankee bombshell who threatens not only his sanity, but tempts his body…and his heart.

Fighting their attraction becomes a losing battle, and Kade soon finds sanctuary in the arms of the beautiful designer. But their changing relationship only brings more pressure to his guilt-ridden life…does he really have the right to saddle Brandi with his stress issues? And if so, can he take a chance on the town’s newest resident not abandoning him like others in his past?


Tamara’s Review
Do love a hot cowboy for a hero? A military man? A Sheriff? Her Uniform Hero gives you all three rolled into one sexy hunk of man. Kade Dalton is a First Sargent in the Texas National Guard, the newly elected sheriff of Harland County and a ranch owning, horse rescuing hero. While these many atributes maymake the man sound too perfect, he also suffered from PTSD. He lost a soldier on his last mission and the guilt is eating him alive. His past, which includes abandonment issues, compounds his guilt at leaving a child without a father and woman without her man.

Kade wants everyone to believe he is JFF(Just Fu**ing Fine), but Kade doesn’t think he deserves to be happy.

Brandi escaped a military family in Pennsylvania and moved to Harland Texas to start over. She loves her overbearing family, but of lifetime of taking orders has taken it’s toll on her. The last straw, an emotionally abusive Military Ex- who used her and abused her trust. Brandi has made some wonderful new friends in her new home and met a men who lights her fire, but damn the man has to wear a uniform.
With her self-esteem at an all-time low, she isn’t willing to take a chance again on love, but… somehow she just can’t seem to keep the sexy cowboy/sheriff/Sargent out of her head or her heart.

Donna Michael’s writes real characters, with strengths and flaws and heart. I love visiting Harland County and it was great to get re-acquainted with the Cole and Jordan, Kerrie and Connor and all the McCall and Master’s family.

Her Uniform Cowboy was a wonderful heartwarming story with moments of laughter and tears and more then one “awe” moment. I can’t wait for the Casanova Cowboy to finally find his girl in Her Forever Cowboy!

Donna Michael’s is a MUST buy author for me and I highly recommend Her Uniform Cowboy and the whole Harland County series.
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SSLY recommended read