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Review ~ Night of the Loving Dead by Persephone Jones

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by Persephone Jones

Zombie apocalypse survivor Melina Benson is just trying to survive the night when she meets hot, take-charge special-ops soldier Brock Sweet in a cemetery.

Melina Benson is a survivor. She lives in a pawn shop, patrols for zombies at night, and reads romance novels in her downtime. Then she meets Sergeant Brock Sweet. Sweet is bossy, arrogant, and gorgeous. He gets on Melina’s nerves and under her skin. But will she let him into her heart? She’s already caught the eye of local crime lord Edwin Suzerain, who holds her cousin Mario under a powerful spell of influence and charm. She could ask Sergeant Sweet for help, but will she?

Sergeant Brock Sweet is just doing his job when he stumbles upon vigilante zombie killer Melina Benson in a cemetery in the middle of the night. It’s lust at first sight—at least until one of his men accidentally shoots her. Then all bets are off. She’s as stubborn as she is beautiful, and he can tell right away she isn’t going to surrender to just any man. Brock wants Melina to trust him, but the secret of what he really is may sabotage any chance of winning her heart.

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Cara’s Review:
Got my hands on Persephone Jones’ book, “Night of the Loving Dead,” and finished it in one sitting! I really enjoyed reading Melina’s story, set in a world where a virus decimated the population- and then turned the dead into Zombies. Sergeant Brook Sweet and his Necros soldiers are an awesome idea of fighting fire vs. fire….and I’ll leave it at that!

Melina is a strong kick butt heroine, refusing to live in the “safe” havens available to her- Suzerain’s amoral palace of pleasure, or the government quarantine areas. Instead, she has decided to go her own way, practicing a little bit of vigilantism on the side (which is also illegal). One night out, she runs across the Necros soldiers performing a routine sweep. One chance meeting turns life as she knows it on end!

The books ending also leaves the door wide open for future installments…and I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that subject. The book was incredibly fast paced, and I’m sure some readers may find the abruptness of some choices to be a bit disconcerting, but remember the circumstances that these choices are made under- one must literally seize the moment, because there is an incredible chance you could die in the next. I must admit, that it did bother me somewhat, so I decided to change my rating from 4 stars to 3.5 stars.

So, I would recommend this book to fellow lovers of all things Zombies, with the warning that some may not be happy with the fast changes and choices in the book. In my opinion, it was definitely worth the read.

Hearts 3Heart half1Flames 4