Rise of the Dragons ~ beverly ovalle

Just in case you got fed up reading a bit at a time, here is Rise of the Dragons in its entirety!


Rise of the Dragons

The sky began to darken. The rumbles beneath the earth began, slowly. Awakening the dragons one by one. They had hibernated for years. The world had become too dangerous, man taking over the skies where once the dragons ruled.

Dax and his mate Jasima felt the change in the world. Attuned to the earth, they woke when the volcanoes began once again to speak to the sky. Each wound of the earth was felt, the pain pouring out in lava and smoke.

The hatchlings stirred; the rumbles of their volcano making the ground thrum. One hatchling, Ari, stirred, blinking one sleepy eye. The movement of the molten lava through the cave warmed the air. He sniffed the light breeze. The occasional spitting of the lava brought heat, but no harm.

His sire and dam circled the nest, checking out their hatchlings. Humans had grown more sophisticated over the years and it had gotten too dangerous to be out in the world. The dragons retreated to remote spots, seeking the heat that the earth provided, and nesting in long forgotten volcanoes. But something was happening.

Dax could tell a change was coming. The scent of the world was changing. Maybe this change would signal a new era for them, an era where dragons once again ruled the skies.

“Come, let us explore.”

Jasima followed Dax, both curious at the changes they could scent. Leaving their hatchlings behind, they went out to explore.

Only one followed, their little warrior, Crag. Ever mindful of the shadow that flew along behind them, they explored nearby. Evening approached and Dax called Crag to him.

“It’s time to return to the weyr.”

“But I want to explore the world again.” Crag looked around. “There’s so much to see.”

“Go home and protect your siblings. We will make sure the world is safe for us all.”

“You know we are not hatchlings. We’re centuries old.”

“You know you’ll always be hatchlings to me.” Jasima laughed, a tinkling sound that echoed through the mountains.

“Babes to us. Much of that time was spent away from the human world.”

Crag scrunched his nose as much as a dragon could.

“Go home.” Dax’s voice was stern. Stern enough to send their warrior home.

Jasima chuckled at the dejected droop of Crag’s tail as he turned around and flew back the way they had come.

“Will he stay behind now?” Dax looked toward the weyr. “I don’t want him exploring until we find out what is happening in the world.”

“He will. He can’t help but want to explore. We’ve all been cooped up for a long time.” Jasima affectionately rubbed her face against Dax’s neck.

“Then let’s see what is happening. We need to make sure it’s safe. You know our hatchlings will find trouble even if it has to come to them.” Dax chuckled and pumped higher into the sky. “Come my love, let’s see what the humans have done to the world.”

The haze of fire and smoke from volcanoes filled the sky. Dax and Jasima drifted through the haze of the eruptions. They could fly in the smoke and lava flung into the air. They stayed hidden in the smoke as they watched a long silver plane go down, spitting fire as it met the earth.

They spread their wings in joy as fewer and fewer planes were in the sky. They flew, once again without fear, searching for the reason for the Earth’s change.

The Rocky Mountains had spouted long dormant volcanoes, belching reluctantly into the sky, Earth rejecting the abuse of man.

Needing to learn more, they circled a human town. They landed in what was now an obviously deserted town. Up close, the scent of death infiltrated the air.

“Do you want to explore?” Dax rumbled.

“Yes. I think we have to. One day soon our dragonets will need to know.”

“They hate being called that, you know.” His deep chuckle rang out.

“Yes I do.” Jasima smiled at him, the twinkle in her eye making him adore her more than he thought possible.

Dax pulled her close, enjoying the supple firmness of her body against his. Rumbling, he skated his lips against her skin, her scent enough to shake the smell of death from his nostrils. His hands cupping her rear and sliding upward, intent on exploring his mate.

Jasima slipped from his arms, laughing. “Come, we need to finish exploring.”

Dax grumbled, but grabbed her hand and let her pull him in the direction she wanted to go.

Slipping into a deserted store front, they gathered clothes and quickly dressed. Heading out, they saw small signs of life. Dogs ran loose, barking in confusion, anger and hunger, knowing instinctively to avoid the larger predators in their midst. Of the humans, they saw nothing.

Walking, they found what could only be a pub, though the sign said ‘Sports Bar & Grill’.

“A pub? The smells are similar.”

“Lead the way.” Jasima gestured and Dax entered.

The scent of alcohol assured him he was correct. Televisions were on though the pub appeared empty. They sat down and watched the news as it poured forth from the television. The development of the technology that they watched must have been rapid. Dax remembered the pictures being fuzzy and in black and white. Perhaps the rapid development was part of the problem of man.

The news coverage wasn’t encouraging. FEMA declared natural disasters up and down the pacific coast, in states that ran along the eastern spine of the Rocky Mountains. The Northern Continent from Canada to Mexico crumbled into isolated communities.

The government blamed the mid-east. Missiles launched in the dead of night hit targets at random, until the consequences became clear. It was believed that one such strike sparked the initiating factor. A missile fired into the San Andreas Fault line, another into the quieted Mount Saint Helen’s, strikes up and down the Rockies.

The strike had targeted not only the mountain range, but also random targets across the United States. Large cities were devastated in an instant. Tiny insignificant towns, except to those who lived there, were hit. Insignificant until the sickness started.

“Do you think we’ll be susceptible to the sickness?”

“I don’t know. Dragons survived the plague. We’ve lived through many of the diseases that have killed man before.”

“So our children should be all right.”

“We need to learn more though.” Dax gestured to television.

None of it was encouraging. Dax watched the folly of man but wasn’t surprised. The smell of the decay emanating from many of the buildings in town gave its own silent tale.

The United States didn’t research biological weapons, or so they said, until the missiles hit labs releasing the diseases that had once been worked on in secret. Then the truth came out, too late to stop the spread of disease.

The militant groups of Middle Eastern rebels rejoiced at their success until the diseases spread across the world. Their own lack of knowledge wiping them out.

Airports were shut down indefinitely once it was realized that the spread of disease was being carried by hosts unaware, but it was too late as it spread across the globe. No one knew what the incubation period was of the multiple diseases that spread.

Not everyone died. Some had natural immunities. Those doctors and researchers that could, that were left, went to work to find a cure.

“It was bound to happen. Humans have such a large capacity to hate anyone or anything different from them.” Dax shook his head as he watched. Jasima slid next to him, wrapping her arms around him. He pulled her close, settling her warm weight onto his lap.

“So not everyone is affected.” Jasima sounded relieved. “Our hatchlings should be safe.”

“We can’t be sure. The humans have no idea of how any of their people survived.”

“You know, deep in your heart that we will survive.”

Dax looked down at his mate, the woman he had snatched from a field when dragons were feared, and hugged her tighter. Her scent had told him she was his. A peasant dependent upon her overlord for survival, and he swooped in and stole her away. She soon succumbed to fate, accepting him and all that he was.

“Yes. Survive and perhaps once again rule the world.”

He chuckled as Jasima rolled her eyes and settled as the touch of her lips against his stirred his dragon into preening.

“Let’s finish watching.”


Her low laugh and the wiggle of her hips assured him that she wasn’t going to argue that.

The news continued to blare. The dragons sat and watched, learning as much as they could. A few well-placed missiles had taken out the seat of the government. The military commanders had, as they were trained to do, stepped into the breach. Their first orders had been the evacuation of all posts around the globe.

The only saving grace, the only blessing to come out of it, was that the troops were called home. Quarantines went up around the world. The military began transporting their own back home. By air and sea, no one was left behind. Embassies emptied, bases abandoned. The United States was ruthless in abandoning the world to look after their own.

Dax nodded in approval. Families needed to be together in times of tragedy.

No airspace was too hot to fly in, refueling done at gunpoint if no cooperation was to be had. They met resistance at first until hatred was suppressed by the shear effort of survival.

“They did as they should.” Dax felt satisfaction at their actions. Strong men bred strong children. Many dragons sought mates from humans to keep their lines strengthened. Those surviving this would create even stronger bloodlines.

“Yes. I hope they all made it home. No family should be separated in times like these.”

They both nodded in agreement.

Dragons were family oriented and nothing superseded protecting each other. Family, then race, were a dragon’s priorities. In the dawn of history, dragons could trace their heritage back to one family. No matter the variations or where they lived, dragons were all ultimately one family.

Every dragon would stand together against an enemy of dragonkind. Whereas humans did their best to erase each other, a deep seated hatred based on beliefs they could not substantiate.

Dax changed the channel, looking for more information. None was to be found, just the snow of an obviously unattended station left behind. Obviously not all had shut down, the world hadn’t ended for the humans, but the report they listened to said that less than twenty five percent of the population of this country had survived. When the same report they had watched started over again, Dax realized it was on a loop. There would be no more to learn.

“It’s time to go.” Dax rose as Jasima slid out of his arms, heading outside. He followed her outside. “We need to make sure no one is left alive, then burn the town.”

Jasima tugged on his hand, pulling him to a stop.

“Why? Explain this to me.”

Dax sighed and enfolded her once again in his arms. Jasima hadn’t lived as long as he had. He had lived through the black plague and knew sterilization was needed to take down any unknown disease. They had no idea of what they were dealing with and fire would cleanse the area.

“Sometimes you have to eradicate everything the disease has come in contact with. Not to mention, the smell of the dead will attract predators and they could spread the disease even more.” He nuzzled the top of her head. “Fire will cleanse the land.”

Jasima nodded at his words. His mate made him proud. A delicious armful that accepted him and all that he was. Their first mating had resulted in their first batch of hatchlings.

Dax couldn’t help but puff up in pride at his prowess. A half dozen hatchlings had resulted. Proving that he deserved every bit of boasting and swagger that he knew made him a leader in his weyr. Every couple of hundred years, when Jasima was in heat, they had added to their family. He eyed her, noting how beautiful she was in her human form, just as beautiful as she was in her dragon skin. His chest swelled and the desire to mate swelled over him, distracting him from his thoughts.

“Stop it.” The small hand swatted him in his stomach, distracting him from his desire. “There is no time for that. If it truly is dangerous to leave the towns so close to our weyr intact, we need to eradicate them.” Jasima stepped forward. “Nothing will harm my dragonets.”

Dax rumbled in laughter. His hatchlings hated when their dam referred to them that way, even more than calling them hatchlings. They thought they were too old to be called either. He just gave them the look until they settled down and Jasima went on, unaware of their dislike of how she affectionately referred to them. If it made her happy, she could call them whatever she wanted.

“I don’t know for sure, but I’d rather they were safe.”

“What should we do if we find any humans alive?”

Dax sighed, thinking.

“Let’s see if we can find any alive first. We’ll search the town then torch it.”

So their search began. The town was empty except of death. Humans and animals alike had succumbed. Dax was unclear whether or not the animals had died of starvation, locked up without food available or they too had died of disease. Those animals still alive, they released into the wild. When their search was complete Dax and Jasima shifted, flying low over the town. With a rumble to ignite his fire Dax drew a deep breath and aimed it along the edge of the buildings.

Jasima emulated him moving in the opposite direction. The two of them circled the town until it was alight with flames.

“It’s time to go.”

Jasima nodded and they moved on, exploring each town they came across. They flew when the sky was dark or when the air was too thick for humans to see. Most of the towns were deserted, death everywhere. They used their dragon fire to eradicate any trace of the towns, leaving behind blackened earth and no trace of man.

Dax realized that the humans were barely surviving on their own. They found individuals and the occasional small group of humans still alive. Under the cover of darkness they shifted and brought those they found alive together. They then dumped them in a remote farming town that wasn’t overwhelmed by the smell of death. Dax made sure that they were never seen, stealing them away as they slept, leaving them to band together to live.

They changed their form and walked among them, to make sure they were not diseased or dying. The ones they found were young. Adults in human terms, young and strong. They found no elderly, and no children, the diseases had obviously taken the most vulnerable as they always did. Bringing them together, Dax knew it was now up to them to survive. He only hoped they would find a way.

They left at night making sure they were not seen.

“It’s time to head home. But I want to make sure we don’t bring any of the diseases back with us.”

“I thought you said we were immune.” Jasima narrowed her eyes at her mate.

Dax shrugged and gave her a crooked smile. The one she had once told him melted her knees. “Probably, but I’d rather not take any chances.”

“So how do we do that?”

“Dragon fire.”

Jasima smirked and rolled her eyes. “If you wanted to gleam you could have just asked.”

Dax swatted at her ass, growling.

Jasima jumped out of the way, laughing. “Come on old dragon. Let’s make sure.” She leaped into the air shifting instantly, trumpeting out her amusement.

Dax followed swiftly overtaking her.

Jasima rolled, shooting fire along his length. Dax turned into her fire, letting it wash over him. The fire flowed across his scales, erasing any trace of dirt or disease, leaving them gleaming in the moonlight.

“Your turn.” Dax let out his own stream, bathing Jasima in his fire. His flame surrounded her, splashing against her scales, polishing them to a blinding glow as she preened, dancing in the heat of his flame. Dax flew to her, entwining his neck with hers. “I want you.”

“You can have me.”

The slide of her scales against him, the undulation of her body against him heated him from the inside out. Jasima shifted in his claws, trusting him to not let her fall. Dax held tight to his most precious cargo, landing safely and laying her down in the soft field where he landed.

Dax took a moment to admire his mate. Her soft gleaming skin, the rosy tips of her breasts and the teasing glimpse of her glistening pussy as she shifted her legs, a naughty smile on her face.

“What are you waiting for?”

Dax smiled and shifted. “Not a damn thing.” He stalked forward, smiling as Jasima’s eyes locked on his straining erection. He slid his hand around his cock, feeling it grow larger as he pumped it.

Jasima, watched, licking her lips, her hips shifting restlessly. Dax knelt between Jasima’s legs, spreading her out in front of him. He swirled his tip along her petal soft lips, dipping in the hole they hid, swirling his cock in her silky juices. Teasing but not entering her.

“Dax.” Jasima panted reaching toward him.

“Is this what you want?” He loved the way she reacted to him. He nudged forward, entering her only to pull back, moving deeper with excruciating slow push.


Jasima wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling herself toward him. She caressed his forearms, then flicked her fingers teasingly on his dick then slid up her own stomach to caress her breasts, rolling each nipple until they stood hard and begging for his mouth.

Dax surged forward, impaling her on his length. He swooped down, engulfing a nipple and suckling until Jasima cried out.

Her nails pierced his buttocks.

His muscles tightened and he hardened even more, thrusting wildly at the delicious pain. Dax grunted and released her nipple. Nuzzling Jasima’s neck Dax bit down, holding her in place. Sliding a hand between them, Dax circled her clit, teasing it until he felt her passage tighten on him. Pressing harder, Dax groaned in pleasure as Jasima’s pussy clamped down and she undulated beneath him shouting out her release, her nails drawing blood. Dax groaned. The sting and the milking of his cock had him moving faster, pounding into Jasima until he cried out, and unloading his seed into her welcome heat.

He rested his forehead against her neck. He slid his tongue out, tasting the saltiness of her sweat.

“Vicious little dragon. I think you drew blood.”

She chuckled, the rumbles vibrating his body.

He felt himself stir again, still cozily buried inside her.

“Time to go.”

Dax growled and shifted his hips, enjoying each slide inside his mate.

Jasima growled back.

Dax felt nails pierce his skin again. Without the endorphins of sexual satisfaction they just stung. He grunted. His mate dug a little deeper.

“Fine. But how often do we finally find ourselves alone?”

Jasima chuckled. “Not often. But we’ve been gone a long time and though they are adults they’ll always be my children. I feel the need to go home.” She kissed his neck and ear. The soft dampness of her lips sent a shiver down his back.

“No fair.” Dax rolled away and grinned at her. “If you insist on going you have to quit encouraging this fellow.” A wave at his awakening erection had a giggle slipping out of her.

Dax stood up, reaching out a hand and pulling Jasima up.

Jasima caressed his chest, flicking his nipples as she slid into his arms. “We can continue this later.”

Dax reached down between her legs, his fingers tracing the edges of her lips, feeling her petals swell with each caress of his fingertips.

Jasima leaned against him, soft and warm and curvy. She exhaled, her legs spreading to make room for his hand.

Dax dipped inside, sliding his finger into her warmth. Scalding hot against his digit, Dax slid in and out of her. His thumb caressed her clit, teasing her tiny erection. His nostrils flared at the sweet scent of her. Her shiver and breathy exhalation had him speeding up forcing her to ride his hand.

Dax felt her spasm on his finger, warm cream dripping down his hand as Jasima cried out. Dax pumped into her until he felt her contractions slow. He pulled his finger from her and licked it clean.


Dax chuckled. She still sounded scandalized each time he showed how much he enjoyed the taste of her.

“I guess we need to go. You wanted to head home.” Dax straightened, his erection bobbing and showing just how much he needed his mate.

He chuckled as Jasima swore and slid to her knees before him. He felt his balls tighten in anticipation.

Her soft wet tongue teased him. Her hands held his thighs, her thumbs caressing the creases near his groin.

Dax swelled. A bead of cum pearled on the tip his cock.

Jasima leaned forward, engulfing the tip in her mouth.

Dax groaned and thrust forward, sliding deeper into her throat.

Jasima’s suckling sent a jolt up his spine. Her hot mouth pulling him deeper.

Dax tunneled his fingers through her hair holding her still and thrusting faster into her mouth. The scrape of her teeth along his length made him shiver.

Jasima wrapped an arm around his leg holding him to her as her other hand squeezed and teased his balls.

“Jasima.” Dax held her head, his balls tight in anticipation, pumping in and out of her mouth until he spurted down her throat. He held her to him, each swallow pulling more seed from his cock.

Jasima sat back, his flaccid member sliding from her mouth. She leaned forward to nip at him.

His balls shrank back.

“Damn it.”

Jasima snickered.

Dax rolled his eyes. He should be used to her teasing, but she always seemed to do the unexpected. Jasima said it was to keep him on his toes.

“I suppose it is time to return.”

Jasima stood up and they both shifted, leaving their temporary trysting spot and heading home.

“We’ll have to keep checking before they can go out and explore the world again.”

Jasima nodded in agreement.

“I think with our survival, we’ve proved we are immune.”

“As are some of the humans.”

Dax sighed knowing that they would have to monitor the humans they had brought together to see if they survived.

Arriving back at their weyr, their hatchlings had settled back into a restless hibernation. Ari stretched out with Crag laying protectively next to him. Hark and Rog, Belisa and Juevatorj were nestled together, all intertwined in a pile.

They had done as much as they could to keep them safe.

Dax and Jasima periodically checked on the humans they had brought together. They appeared to be thriving, the population sparse but beginning to grow. A strong foundation for his children’s future mates.

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