Seriously, it’s Saturday?

I don’t work Saturday’s at the day job, but this has been a crazy one! I was in two different times for various things. Training, audits, and a dreaded accident. Everyone was fine, the vehicles were mostly fine, but 3 hours later and the paperwork was almost done!

So, I didn’t have a chance to post until now.

In between I was putting the last touches on the desk I bought and refinished. Made by Yield House, I bought if for $30 and the prices on line run over $500! Holy smokes did I score a deal!

I sanded it down, chalk painted it turquoise, and stained the writing area an ebony color to match the knobs. Super cute!

Google’s being a pain! I’ll post finished pics when it lets me!

So, obviously no writing other than reports have been done today! Maybe later tonight. After shopping, lol. I’m on my way to Target.

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