Archive | October 6, 2018

From Me to You

We’re heading out to our second funeral of the week. Sad days. Both of them gone too soon.

Definitely sets a damper on the weekend, leaving heartache behind. Both of our friends will be missed.

Not sure what the rest of the weekend will hold, but I’m hoping I can wrap of Finding Faith. It should have been done a good month ago. But I’ve been lazy, not to mention every weekend but one in September had me at a book signing! But I’m determined to get this book done this year.

Then I’m doing something a little different, lol. I have a children’s book I’m going to be doing a serious hunt for an illustrator. I wrote it a few years ago. Even entered it in a contest and had editing done. But a kids book needs pictures! I’m also finishing a book that I started writing about buying an RV and every darn thing that can (and did!) go wrong. I chuckle just thinking about it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the only to find it funny.

Guess we’ll see!

So read, enjoy the weekend. Hopefully it is nice! I want roll the top of the RV to prep the roof against leaks. Kind of a CYA, lol.