Archive | November 24, 2018

From Me to You

Another month closer to Christmas.

It’s a commercial mad house! Yes, I went out once again on Black Friday. It wasn’t as crazy as expected. Mainly due to the fact that so many stores were actually opened on Thanksgiving.

We went to a store at midnight between Thursday and Friday. Low key and they were moving the displays around and putting the place back together.

I’m not even sure they were mobbed in the first place.

I didn’t mind standing in line at Menard’s on Friday. I was glad they were closed on Thursday against the maddness.

So, who else joined in the maddness?

I’m finding less and less items I feel I can’t live without. I’d been shopping for gifts for my granddaughter since October. There have been lots of sales to take advantage of. Some even better than I found on Black Friday. Go figure!

Hope your day of Thanks was wonderful.