Archive | June 15, 2019

I’m back!

Hey, I made it! Last weekend was quiet on here. I was in South Dakota for Wild Deadwood Reads. I never even cracked open my computer! I had a fun time. The whole family went, well except for our son because he lives on his own. Or at least where the Marines tell him too!

Finding Faith was available for the first time in print! Exciting! I ran a special where if you bought both Stealing Hope and Finding Faith you could get them for only $20.00 and autographed. Add shipping and I’d be willing to do the same for anyone interested. I’d just have to find out shipping costs. It all depends on what country!

Well, we camped for our trip and had a great time. Nothing blew up, fell off or broke body parts this time! Thank Goodness!

On the flip side, I’m heading out to South Carolina again, but the RV’s brake light came on, so I have it going to the shop. They’ll take a look at that and also the gas gauge that isn’t working. Then from there, I have to take it to get a new refrigerator installed. I’m hoping they can put in the backup camera at the same time. I’ll just have to wait and see.

The fun, the fun!

If you’re not interested in the paperback, grab your ecopy!

Finding Faith

The apocalypse had been and gone.

Those left banded together for survival, creating safety from the chaos.

They succeeded.


Faith wanted more, she wanted to live, to love, fly free. More than survival, Faith craved adventure. Leaving home, seeking a new life, all that ceased when she witnessed her sister being abducted-by dragons, creatures shrouded in myth. Determined to rescue her, Faith begins an adventure she never wants to end.

Dragon shifter Crag follows his heart, hunting for his fated mate. Once he finds her, Crag is determined to keep her safe, from all threats. Admitting he is a dragon shifter and involved in her sister’s kidnapping may be the end of them.

Until the interference of a race of dragons desperate for survival grasps their only chance, stealing Faith and drawing Crag along to save her.


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