Archive | November 23, 2019

From me to you

Nothing to report today! Other than my 7:00 am mammogram appointment. Have you had yours yet?


I’m writing and Rog’s story is coming along great. I already have the cover as I’ve said. But since I’ve no title it’s a no show for now!

I’m aiming for Rog’s story to come out in March. Then I’ll have it in print for my first signing in Ann Arbor Michigan.

I’m busy using a bunch of Thesaurus’ to help. A couple of post apocalyptic books to help. Lots of research!

I’m working on my Christmas cards. I’ve got a surprise going inside each one! I should have them all sent by the first week of December. Sooner if I finish what’s inside.

Shopping for the granddaughter is done. I’m paying for dog training for my son and DIL, and my daughters state nursing exam. At least they will all get what they want!


Are any of you black Friday shopping? Do you do it in person or online?

I do a bit of both, usually. It’s when I normally grab my virus protection for the year.  But this year I’m spending Thanksgiving at my parents and am planning on spending the night before and after, so not sure how much shopping I’ll be able to do. Not to mention Illinois has that nasty 11% tax rate. I much prefer the 5 1/2% in Wisconsin to that!


Have a happy turkey day! (my turkey from last year!) Since I’ll be gone, I’ll make a turkey the weekend after.



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