Sorry I’ve been MIA!

I can’t remember the last time I went three days without a post! We’ve been packing and painting and all sorts of stuff and I spaced. Wednesday the movers come for the furniture. We’ve been ferrying boxes back and forth each time we come out here.

I had to come out on Friday for the carpet cleaner. Today I’m here for the cleaners. I hired out getting the house cleaned before we moved in. I’ve been too busy painting to clean. And I hate cleaning.

The one room we painted Brandied Pear and Cactus Flower. Basically an ivory and pink, lol. The other room is oak leaf and ginger. So, yellow and reddish brown. With the trim done in Brandied Pear semi gloss in both rooms.

Here are the pics so far. Ignore the troll in the one room, lol. My daughter is helping me and she takes such charming pictures!

I have to do another coat over the door. If you see it in person, it has darker splotches. Both the closet door and this one need it, so I left the paint on.

This is from late last week. We were still doing the basic colors. Those are all done now and I’m just finishing up the trim as you can see below. With the sun coming thru the window, I couldn’t get a good picture with the ginger wall.

I’ve got to get back to work. Not painting since this needs to dry, but maybe Nano. I’m doing it not to win, though that would be awesome, but to get back into the habit of writing every day.

Hope your week goes swimmingly!

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