From me to you #apeekatmylife

Ever feel overwhelmed? Me too! Especially this time of year. Add in the fact my daughter had to have her 4th covid test this year. Yikes! She’s a nurse, so yeah. Exciting times!

We moved our furniture into our new house about a week ago. Ordered new appliances but they are back ordered until January! Thank goodness we do have a stove, refrigerator and washer drier already here. Just not what we really wanted or needed, but they will do!

I suppose with all of that going on, it shouldn’t be a surprise I woke up sick this morning, headache and sore throat, so I’m babying myself. Tea and laying down. Used the slow cooker to make dinner for tonight since my energy levels are low.

But, on the good side, I got my closet organizer in! And my clothes are hung, bed frame put together and I’m working on putting clothes away in my dresser. Soon enough it will feel like home!

Now it is stuffed to the gills, lol. And this is just my side of the closet. My husband already has his clothes hung up. (I did it, lol or they’d still be in boxes)

I don’t have time to be sick, but I’m taking today off to try to feel better.

Next week I’m in part of Holiday Sale! Here’s the link.

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